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COMMENTARY · 15th July 2012
Merv Ritchie
It may just be history repeating itself; an excuse for a war to resolve a potentially impossible public relations obstacle. All political scientists know this. When a plan faces massive public opposition a strategic program must be implemented such that the public is completely unaware of the intent. The rising conflict in Syria may be just what the worlds industrialists have ordered.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, along with the Mainstream Media in Canada, has jointly determined to stop talking about China’s support of Syria. Prior to two weeks ago it was a regular feature of the headline news, Russia and China refusing to support sanctions and actions against Syria. China is a significant player and, along with Alberta’s Tar Sands, may be the main player behind all of this conflict.

Besides the Syrian rebels being provided an enormous stockpile of arms, ammunition and heavy weaponry, the most significant development was how the country of Turkey sent a fighter jet into Syrian airspace so it could be shot down. A fighter jet does not simply stray off course into a hostile war zone. This must be seen for what it was, a deliberate provocation to force every NATO country into the conflict. Being a member of NATO requires the understanding if one NATO member Country is attacked all member Countries have been attacked. Turkey is a member of NATO. This deliberate provocation has drawn Canada deeply into this conflict.

China, of course, is on the other side, with Russia and Iran. Minister Baird, along with US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have been shaking their fingers at Russia in condemnation. The rhetoric has increased dramatically with language not heard between sovereign governments at this level since before the Second World War. Canada has just ordered the Iranian diplomats out of Canada and the major Banks are seizing accounts. Britain, another NATO country, has just instituted a no fly zone over London while using the Olympic Games to bring the highest level of military presence at an Olympic event since, once again, the Second World War. The excuse provided is the failure of the security contractor to properly prepare. It is difficult to imagine how a security contractor could bring in an aircraft carrier and a missile defence system. The public is expected to believe these events are not connected and are just coincidental.

The majority of Canadians are incredibly naive. The same applies to Americans and Britons. As a rule most citizens believe their governments are looking after their best interests, believing the world is generally peaceful and foreign governments; respectful.

We accept all challenges to this theory, yet the circumstantial evidence points to a deliberate global conflict to circumvent substantial opposition to the resource sector.

Almost all wars embody the control of natural resources. Whether it be diamond mines, coal fields, gold mines or oil; when a war is concluded the control of these resource sectors lay in the hands of the victorious party. The Croatia/Serbian conflict is one of the more recent examples. Bosnia and Herzegovina, those communities most prominent in the news during the conflict, is the location of that regions coal reserves.

Canada has substantial reserves the world community, particularly China, want desperately. The difficulty they face today is the enormous opposition to the export of the raw bitumen through BC’s West Coast waters and the First Nations lands. And this is what the entire conflagration is about to resolve.

China has more new refining capacity than any country on the planet with an estimated annual refining capacity of 5 billion barrels by 2015. They have been constructing new VLCC tankers at an astounding rate; more than 12 new tankers in the past three years. With China’s significant investment in the Northern Alberta Bitumen and Natural Gas resources the growing opposition requires a solution.

The solution is basic to all global industrialists; war. It is a tried and true method.

The conflict may be a short one but at the end a treaty will have to be signed like the Treaty of Versailles after the last Great War. If the conflict is so overwhelming some Countries may be flying a new flag.

In this impending calamity, where the Syrian conflict draws both Russia and China into direct hostilities with the USA, Canada and Britain, it is a foregone conclusion the NATO forces will lose. This is a set up. We will see this as a horrific event no one could foresee, however it was all planned well in advance.

Whether Canada loses their democracy altogether or not we cannot tell. What we can be certain of is the First Nations and environmental opposition to a pipeline through BC along with tankers plying the West Coast waters will be completely stopped.

The National Energy Board’s Enbridge Joint Review Panel has identified almost every single individual opposed to the proposal. Every radical has been catalogued and a file has been opened on their behalf.

The conflict will likely be short, similar to the Israeli six day war in 1967 where the surrender was almost immediate. China would only have to take out the GPS satellites of the US Military and the entire force would be defeated. As Canada would be a complicit party to the War, by their participation in NATO, Canadians would be required to provide at least some concessions.

How could the Indians of British Columbia take action in the Canadian Supreme Court to stop the pipeline when the Canadian Courts no longer had jurisdiction over lands now belonging to China? This result is a certainty.

War has always been used to solve a problem and today all systems are in place.

North Americans are being fed a never ending diet of horror stories regarding Syria and the international outrage. When the action begins, when we hear of a full scale engagement, remember, you read about it well in advance, right here. One would do well to learn a Chinese dialect and express support for the export of crude.

China did not spend billions rebuilding old refineries and building a dozen new ones, they didn’t increase their VLCC fleet from three to twenty, they wouldn’t have invested billions in the Northern Alberta reserves, to let a few environmentalists and Indians get in their way.

How the full war will eventually begin is anyone’s guess. As for Bosnia, Canada’s Ambassador to Yugoslavia at the time, James Bisset, recently described in full detail on CTV how that war actually began. It was not how most people believe or how it is portrayed in the movies or the Main Stream Press. Bisset lived in Belgrade, directly across the street from the USA ambassador, Warren Zimmerman.

He places the blame for the war directly at the hands of Zimmerman. He describes how, after a peaceful settlement of an issue after a referendum Zimmerman left his residence for Sarajevo and ordered Muslim leader Izetbegovic to issue a unilateral declaration of independence. He describes how this single action set off all the following military events.

“Those who start the war should be held responsible. And in my view the people that started the war, the government that started the war, was the United States.” stated Bisset.

It was a predetermined setup by parties with other interests, financial industrial interests. We were duped then and will be duped again. China will get the oil. We either stand aside or lose our country completely. My bet is on war and many being arrested and killed.

Anyone who believes Canada is too sacred a country to have this transpire has likely grown up being educated by television, music videos or the public school system. Those who were educated in the 50’s and 60’s, when education meant critical thinking skills, will understand this is not just a flippant thought. Those who fought in the Second World War and those who study all wars know the truth behind this scenario. It is purely a matter of history repeating itself. Hitler used the Olympics too.

As for Harper, he might be the biggest dupe of all. He likely doesn't even know the rules to softball while he is engaged in a game of hardball.

Watch James Bisset describe the Serbian conflict by opening the video attached below.
either way...
Comment by AScott on 17th July 2012
"China" (the people of China concerned) would be silly to want resources so valuable to them going through the proposed Northern Gateway route. With avalanches, remoteness and rough waters around there, they would be smart to have it coming to them safely along the same line as the existing trans mountain right of way... or another way.

So with a different spin, anyone opposed could say it is a stupid idea for the pipeline to go the Northern Gateway route with respect to making the most profits rather than focusing on the environmental tear jerker stories.

I personally dont care if a pipeline goes through here. Because, if we still want the more novelty items oil and bitumen produces then war and negative impacts on all life (including us)... is pretty much a given. The "too rich" and people seemingly in power are so because we buy what they sell. The only way to stop oil and resource wars is to render most of what it produces as useless, until then...

Manufacturing Plants
Comment by Jeff Brydges on 15th July 2012
I believe this argument is strengthened when you consider that many corporations have already moved their manufacturing plants from the wealthier NATO countries to the poorer BRICS countries.
Bang ON
Comment by fbreker on 15th July 2012
It truly is time for Canadians to wake up and smell the coffee. You are very correct when you say Harper is likely the biggest dupe of all. He's heading us into a gunslinging match while armed with a wet noodle. No doubt China wants this oil, and they will not stop until they obtain it. By the way, anyone who thinks that they cannot take out Canada and the U.S. in minutes is seriously delusional. The states has an incompetent bumbling fool running the place and they are in serious doodoo as well. Hilary Clinton's bellicose and bombastic empty threats directed towards Russia and China are truly laughable!
Canada's Resources: Secure for Whom?
Comment by Sanchou Panda on 15th July 2012
This was an interesting, insightful article on the unfolding Syrian debacle, and its portents for regional (and perhaps global) war.

Merv Ritchie's analysis and speculation that the Canadian government's posturing on energy links with China is intriguing; but I don't believe China will hold that much geopolitical clout in the immediate future, although its current economic hand is very strong indeed.

I believe the Harper government is hedging its bets with increasingly unpredictable Washington administrations by trying to diversify energy markets. At the same time, being a suspicious type myself, I wonder whether China is merely being used as a convenient patsy in a game by the Americans to ultimately consolidate control over “their” Canadian energy assets. Even if Washington's house of cards tumbles following imperial over-reach in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia, Canada remains their energy trump card. Short of entirely possible catastrophic global warfare, fortress North America could still hunker down in the long-term, thanks to Canada's resources. I don't think US planners could ever overlook that fact. It is them, rather than the Chinese that we have to watch, and our own intractible role in American manifest destiny as well (like it or not).

In the meantime, the developing political “perfect storm” over oil sands delivery and trans-shipment (whether to Asia or America) is probably the best opportunity to consolidate environmental, First Nations, and other popular activism that Canada has ever had. It is rare for such a strong political fulcrum to present itself and one would hope incumbent opposition politicians (or aspirants) are able to seize themselves of the opportunity.

I really enjoyed this op-ed piece and continue to regard the Terrace Daily as a real northern diamond.