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NEWS RELEASE · 17th July 2012
On July 16th, 2012 at 1:30 pm, Terrace RCMP were advised by Orica Canada Inc. that a freight truck delivering packaged explosives had three boxes of the high explosive Power Pro™(dynamite) inadvertently fall off the truck on the West Kalum Forest Service Road near Terrace B.C.

“One of the three boxes was recovered on the roadway and police are making every effort in locating the remaining two boxes.” Stated Cst. Lesley Smith, North District Media Relations “RCMP believe the boxes fell out of the truck during transportation and are hoping anyone who may have come across these clearly marked boxes, will contact police right away.”

The boxes are sealed with PowerPro™ printed in large white labels. Power Pro is nitroglycerin sensitized, extra gelatin dynamite formulated for use in surface and underground mining applications. It can be initiated by extreme instances of shock, friction or mechanical impact and therefore, extremely dangerous and should be handled with care.

If the public comes across any boxes marked as described above, they are asked to leave the boxes where they are and immediately call the Terrace RCMP Detachment at 1-250-638-7400.

Ess...cuse me?!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 19th July 2012
Who are the numb skulls responsible for this dangerous loss of explosives? Weren't the boxes tied down and securely enclosed?

Tons of pine mushrooms, garbage, grub and booze have been transported back and forth, by us, on these roads for years.....A loss of three baskets of pines, or three totes of food has been unheard of. Indeed...lose three baskets of pine mushrooms, and the driver would be fired. For sure, and forever fired.

Have the other two boxes of dynamite been found yet? And is the loser back on the road? (Crazy us, for wondering!)
if terrace daily
Comment by Terry on 18th July 2012
cannot have the police report . then why are you posting anything from them . seems very selective on their part . as far as newspapers go censorship is a two edged sword . we don't read the standard so how do we know this story is credible or not ?
Good thing
Comment by Dave on 18th July 2012
Good thing they weren't sensitive enough to blow up when they fell off the truck or there'd be no truck!
I thought vehicles transporting explosives had to have contained adequate storage particularly so no one could help themselves to the load when the driver has to go for a wizz.