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NEWS RELEASE · 19th July 2012
Foreign Affairs and Intl Trade
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today announced that Canada and China have signed a supplementary protocol to the long-standing Canada-China Nuclear Cooperation Agreement that will help Canadian uranium companies increase their exports to China. Baird made the announcement during a signing ceremony with Liu Tienan, head of China’s National Energy Administration, in Beijing.

“Canada is committed to building stronger trade and investment ties with China, our second-largest trading partner,” said Baird. “Increased collaboration with China’s civil nuclear-energy market will give Canadian companies greater access to one of the world’s largest and fastest-expanding economies, creating new jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.”

Since 1994, when the Canada-China Nuclear Cooperation Agreement was signed, Canada and China have enjoyed highly successful cooperation in the civil nuclear sector. The agreement’s supplementary protocol will govern and facilitate the export of Canadian uranium to China, supporting China’s energy needs and Canada’s long-term economic interests and nuclear non-proliferation policy.

“Our government’s objective is to expand this mutually beneficial cooperation while respecting Canada’s long-standing nuclear non-proliferation policies and obligations,” said Baird. “Energy is a key pillar of our strong bilateral ties with China and a major opportunity for Canadians. This arrangement marries prosperity with safety and security.”

Nuclear energy production in Canada generates about $5 billion in annual revenues. Canada’s nuclear industry is responsible for 21,000 direct jobs and a billion dollars a year in uranium exports. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the successful completion of negotiations towards this protocol during his trip to China in February 2012.

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Comment by Dreams_Of_A_Better_World on 22nd October 2012
MORE than 4 out of 5 Canadians are AGAINST selling of our natural resorces to a foreign gov'ment according to a recent pole & it doesn't matter which foreign government. So, Mr. Harper, I do not think you care what the Canadians are saying OR what Canadians think . This is obvious. If you did you would not go ahead with the massive sale of oil sands to China. Period! Actions speak better than words. Has anyone figured out who will pay for clean up of Canadian lands after a Foreign government is finished and leaves??? It is very odd that in our democracy we the people seem to have NO SAY and when we do say, Mr. Harper YOU do not listen OR do not care what we the people of Canada say to you. And ramming this through the house of commons without any debate is sinful, and against our democracy ideals. Mr Harper "We the people" are tired of your playing with Canada's resorces. This is a direct result of Canadians NOT VOTING in federal elections. In a healthy democracy which we did DID have, problems were debated about and then a decision was made FOR the people. Government should be FOR THE CANADIAN PEOPLE, sharing wealth with ordinary Canadians, encouraging small Canadian
business, not taxed to death! NOT changing environmental laws which WILL destroy eco-systems. Mr. Harper, you do not care about posioning our lands, our people, our air,drinking water etc.
IF you did care, I mean really care about Canada you SHOULD listen to what most Canadians are saying. You sir, are out of touch. Signed Most Canadians
Comment by Terry on 19th July 2012
Not long ago chairman mao said " the capitalist will sell us the rope with which we shall hang them " . Patsy harper. what a disgrace.
Oh the irony of it all!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 19th July 2012
Today I was listening to the CBC and the news story was that China and Russia vetoed another UN resolution on the Syrian conflict. Somehow sharing a toast with the Chinese leaders seems a bit odd when you consider the humanitarian issues in Syria. I guess business interests trump humanitarin issues - at least to some folks.