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COMMENTARY · 23rd July 2012
Merv Ritchie
The Penn State sex abuse scandal is finally getting the type of outrage and disgust so lacking in Canada. Not only is Football’s Athletic Association sanctioning Penn State for allowing this sex abuse scandal to exist, they are even stripping all the awards from the books. It will be as if the Football Team never won a season, never even existed.

The University tore down the statue of their previously celebrated football coach this weekend but the real tearing down was of the entire organization. While others from Penn State, those who lived and breathed football in Pennsylvania, attempt to find some way to justify continuing on, the real men and women, those who separate reality from fantasy, those who do not suffer from cognitive dissonance, take hard action to ensure such despicable activities get their just rewards.

No-one and nothing will be left untouched or excused. Computers, files, records of all types, everything and anything they can find will be found. Honours stripped, team closed, scholorships banned and sworn Court testimony and more charges are sure follow.

This while in Canada the RCMP permit sexual sadists, perverts, masochists and misogynists to work unimpeded in their ranks. Those who protected the sexual deviant Judge in Prince George, Ramsey, are also still within the forces. Dozens and dozens; hundreds of murdered women, native and non-native have their lives and deaths investigated by a man, Wally Opal, who was in charge of the original investigations and forces when the women were killed. This is as horrific as having Penn States’ Sandusky investigating Sandusky. Wally has excluded testimony and forbid even more.

But it is far worse than this. What about the Churches with their dead and murdered Indian Children? It is not a mystery; it is factual with documentation galore.

And these people, the clergy, Catholics especially, were the sexual deviants of high note; more despicable than Sandusky could ever aspire to be. They protected their deviants, transferred them to other regions to let them ruin children’s lives everywhere. Some even killed with impunity. A hundred years of impunity.

And just like in Pennsylvania, some Catholics today suffer from cognitive dissonance worse than a pathological psychotic like Luka Rocco Magnotta. He knows what he has done and brags about it, Catholics pretend it didn’t happen, and if it did, well it wasn’t their church, wasn’t their faith.

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) would burn them all at the stake. They at least have decency in the blood that runs through their veins.

The right and correct action would be the Governments of Canada, BC and even municipalities denying Tax exemption status to all of these institutions of depravity. Seizure of all their property and assets should be at the very top of all of these governmental bodies’ agenda.

But what are Canadians to expect when even their entire Supreme Court system is lousy with pedophiles and perverts, murderers and deviants. Judges and lawyers across Canada have been exposed for being exposed. Law enforcement officers in all jurisdictions; private, municipal, provincial and federal, City officers and RCMP are discovered to be corrupt, cruel, sadists and rapists.

A young man or women gets abused at home and turns to their school for help. The teacher or councillor abuses them again so they go to their minister at the church only to find the freak behind the pulpit is worse than their home and school combined. So they turn to the RCMP or their local police officer who threatens them with beatings and jail if they don’t bend over and take it. They finally determine to go to Court, to sue the bastards, and discover the Judges and lawyers looking at them, sneering, with the same perverted stares they received from everyone else.

So in Indian Country we find leaders in every Nation doing exactly what was done to them in their reserve communities. The women are afraid to speak out as they know only to well no one will help them, they must suffer in silence as there is no help from any level of government or court.

Why is this happening? Because no one in Canada has ever taken action like what is happening in College Football today.

BC had the blind audacity to bring in an international forensics team to dig up the dead sled dogs in Whistler BC in a cuddly attempt to show themselves as a compassionate caring people.

Nothing could be father from the truth.

There is no justice in Canada. There never has been. All of the perverts, deviants and pedophiles know this only to well. The justice system for them is their very own “Just Us” system. I know this is true because I was raised by a member of the “Just Us” system.

It will only change when Canadians tear down their system one brick at a time. We must start with the churches. Any person walking into a Catholic Church today must be a stone cold heartless deviant themselves. Attending this structure of pedophile horror is allowing their activities to be sanctified by each person attending.

Worship God, by all means, but attending any Anglican, Catholic or Pope led dogmatic institution is disrespecting everything Jesus and God teaches.

Until we take the firm stand, erasing all the awards for their good work, virtually spitting on the memory of anything the Catholics represent, we are complicit in their loathsome, accursed, abhorrent actions. Today many First Nations men and women are attempting to be sanctified by the very Church who destroyed everything sacred in their culture. Many want to be just like them. Many are.

"No price the NCAA can levy will repair the grievous damage inflicted by Jerry Sandusky on his victims," stated NCAA’s Mark Emmert "However, we can make clear that the culture, actions and inactions that allowed them to be victimized will not be tolerated in collegiate athletics."

In Canada we are talking about at least 50,000 dead Indian children and hundreds of dead and missing women, on top of the hundreds of thousands of destroyed lives. Canadians appear to be content to accept one retarded farmer, Pickton, was responsible for it all. Oh yeah, and that one Judge, what was his name, yeah Ramsey, like the condom. Glad he’s dead. Now we can all go back to our happy lives pretending all is good.

Where is Canadians NCAA? Where is our leadership? Who dares to be moral and just?

Pedophiles and rapists are murderers.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 30th July 2012
Historically, Tsimshian engaged the death penalty when it came to rape. Yes, we did have a functional justice system before Europeans "discovered" us. (We failed to realize that we were lost!)

When raped, victims suffer death. Death of their innocence, trust, perception(s), and death of their life potential. They lose their zest and sparkle. They often lose their belief, and trust in the Creator. They start their physical deaths from the inside...out. Without intervention, and THE MIRACLE OF A REBIRTH, victims of rape may take decades to die. They die from suicide, murder, addictions, eating disorders, self-hate and self-neglect.

Tsimshian understood it this way, and meted out justice to convicted rapists accordingly. A swift and merciful blow to the offender's head with a halibut club, wielded by a Simoighet, followed by a quick burial in an unmarked hole in the ground. There used to be justice in this territory...

Now, we/I engage convicted rapists in therapuetic, and educational programs.....and do our best to identify the psychopaths among them.
Outrageous but honest
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 23rd July 2012
I wrote a story not so long ago called "I'm sorry, it must be the punches I took to the head"

Find it in the provocative section, it'll explain much.

I have nothing against any faith, just the uncompromised support of an institution involved in the crimes discussed.

A man who worked for me spouted off some vile hatred against the Indians. I never let him enter my door again. I was in a woman’s truck in the Tim Hortons drive through lineup when she issued a vile slur against another race; I opened the door and got out, never to associate with her again. I quit jobs, refuse to associate with, and adamantly stand for truth and real justice.

Yes I have done many things wrong, and I am also full of forgiveness and compassion where it is deserved and sincere. The Father of the Catholic Church, the Pope, is clearly not deserving, and those who attend his institution deserve our scorn. Their attendance in these institutions of depravity only serve to justify the perverts and deviants. I stand by my words completely, without reservation.

Maybe I'll stand out front with a picket sign next Sunday in an attempt to embarrass those suffering from Cognitive dissonance.

Do good work, serve humanity but never let an institution of such crimes continue as if nothing happened. An apology just doesn't cut it. It must be disembowelled.

I am not attacking anyone personally but I am exposing those who feel it to what they are truly justifying. In their hearts they know, they are simply too involved sometimes to see.

Amazing Grace, listen to the words. Some people sing without thinking. Wretched souls.

And as for Gods plan, I am part of that plan, I am writing too. Am I writing without God? Are my words not devinely inspired? Who's to say, who's to judge? You do not know and nor do I but my outrage at the justification of the deviants as is pure as your defence of the church.

To my last breath I will fight those who damage the innocents. And the Catholic Church is on the top of my list.
Insulting rant.
Comment by Dave on 23rd July 2012
I am going to quote the following from your insulting rant:

"Any person walking into a Catholic Church today must be a stone cold heartless deviant themselves. Attending this structure of pedophile horror is allowing their activities to be sanctified by each person attending.

Worship God, by all means, but attending any Anglican, Catholic or Pope led dogmatic institution is disrespecting everything Jesus and God teaches."

I know some Catholics, I don't think they are "stone cold heartless deviants" and no more so for just walking into a building. The same could be said for Anglicans. My grandmother was Anglican, I don't know if she has been called a "deviant" before. She was a sweet lady and also made good pie.

Merv, could you truly walk up to people on Sunday who are going into a Church and say to their faces that they are "stone cold heartless deviants"? I think if you could judge someone you don't know then you yourself are heartless. Your writting is "disrespecting everything Jesus and God teaches" because Jesus taught the following things:

Jesus said the following things:
Matthew 12:36: But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.

Merv, are all your words pure, and full of knowlege, or are some of them empty and hurtful? I know I have said some bad things myself so I don't imply that I am better than you.

Luke 6:37 Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

Matthew 7:2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Merv are you perfect? Have you made mistakes or done wrong to people? I know I have made mistakes and should not be judging others. Did you know many of the first nations people that have been harmed in the past have learned to forgive by the Grace of God those who wronged them? But you will stand in judgement over those who harmed them while those who have been harmed have forgiven. Jesus teaches that we are to forgive and will be forgiven with the same measure we forgive others. I know many first nations who through the love of God have forgiven those who harmed them long ago. God teaches that he will forgive many things to the one who has much forgiven much.

There is a man in the Bible named Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers and in the end became a leader in Egypt saving many lives. The evil done to him was horrible but here is what he said to his brothers when he saw what God did in the end: Gen 50:20: But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.

We can not question God's plan dispite what some evil men did wrongly in the name of God. God did not create or cause evil, but His Plan will be accomplished dispite the evil done. Also dispite what you may think God uses the Churches around the world and the people in them to much of His work in this world. I think we can't forget the evil done long ago, but we can't assume God has "left the building (ie Church building)." Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
a small point
Comment by Steve on 23rd July 2012
The 60 million $$ fine levied on Penn State, while seemingly huge, represnts the profits from one (1) season of football for Penn State.
More punishing will be the loss of scholarships and lucrative "Bowl" games for the next few years.

Hopefully the stain cast upon this organization will be enough to cripple the University's sports program for a very long time to come.

The legacy of Joe Paterno will not be the on field successes and the number of young men that succeded in life because of his efforts with the football program, but one of shame and cowardice and anything to win.