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CONTRIBUTION · 25th July 2012
Chief Kitsilano
Dear Mr. Administrator and Madam Mayor and respected members of the New Hazelton Council:

Further to our personal meeting with Administrator Mr van Dyk at New Hazelton town office and subsequest emails forwarded to you or some of you inviting your response to our notice and invitation, we hereby formally provide this second Notice and second invitation to you and, or to any of you, to immediately proceed as required by the Constitution of Canada and the established common law regarding Indian Title and rights, for the single purpose of completing terms of relationship with you personally and officially which terms are to be based on the Indian right in the land that is presently deemed to be under jurisdiction you share and rely on but which jurisdiction remains subject to the sovereign Indian Title and right in all land in the Province of British Columbia, as defined by Chief Kitsilano on behalf of all Indians in the Province.

Chief Kitsilano introduces you to the Kitsilano Indian Band which Institution is the official body within which Chief Kitsilano acts in this process. You may respond to Chief Kitsilano or to the Kitsilano Indian Band with the same legal affect.

You are instructed that Chief Kitsilano is competent to complete all discussions and answer all questions and finalize all terms and conditions in respect of the title and claim without further involvement of any other Indians. You are instructed that other claims on our lands by various "First Nations" or indigenous titleholders do not represent or claim to represent all Indians in this Province but only advance claims to uncertain and ill-defined parts of the Province under invented or non-mandated or Federally instituted authorities. No other claim by any aboriginals or Tribes or Bands or alleged First Nations offers you this opportunity to be involved in the completion of our claims to all the Indian interests and rights in the land on behalf of ourselves and on behalf of all of the other Indians in the Province in respect of all the lands comprising the entire Province of British Columbia.

This Notice and invitation offers you the means by which your rights and titles and any particular claims to lands or properties or rights can be reconciled with this Indian title. As we stated to Mr. van Dyk in the meeting with him, we intend to complete our plans to resolve the issues raised by preparing documents and applications to the Land Title Registrar which will certify and register the terms determined by us in the mandatory consultation process, and you may be comfortable in knowing that those terms will not depreciate or diminish any of the rights you presently enjoy while increasing some rights and decreasing some of your burdens because we are competent to grant to you certain benefits and powers in and over your properties and lands which rights and benefits you do not present enjoy and do not yet understand, nor can you without consulting us.

We reiterate that this Notice and invitation requests formal responses setting out your positions and any questions you have.

We are entitled to be informed by you of the position you decide to take.

We remind you of the words spoken today by Premier Clark to the Premier of Alberta and PM Harper regarding similar notices and invitations which are being rebuffed and disparaged. Ms. Clark presumes to advance and defend the Indian right and interest without possessing any formal terms or authority from us to do so.

You can be certain that we will declare to all the world what our interests are in the lands whether or not you or any of you respond lawfully to this email. We will intervene where it pleases us to do so and intend to take the lead in welcoming or not welcoming others to our lands in this Province.

Kindly and respectfully remember that we are guaranteed our rights as we set them out to you and that we have the right to seek orders from courts requiring your responses to this Notice. It is proper that this option be avoided.

Thanks you each and all.

778 2020 124
Chief Kitsilano