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CONTRIBUTION · 28th July 2012
Canada's Enbridge Inc. said an oil spill in Wisconsin had forced it to shut down part of the main pipeline system delivering Canadian crude to U.S. refiners on Friday, a fresh blow for a firm already facing fierce criticism from regulators.

Almost two years to the day after a major spill on a different part of its network, Enbridge shut down Line 14 after a leak that it estimated at around 1,200 barrels of oil. The 318,000 barrel per day (bpd) line, part of the Lakehead system, carries light crude oil to Chicago-area refineries.

"Enbridge is treating this situation as a top priority," said Richard Adams, vice president of U.S. Operations at Enbridge. "We are bringing all necessary resources to bear."

The cause of Friday's spill was undetermined and Enbridge Energy Partners said it had no estimate on when flows would resume. Line 14 is one of four lines that ship mainly Canadian crude via Lakehead, a 2.5 million bpd network that is the principle route for Canadian exports.

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How Old
Comment by Steve C on 30th July 2012
How old are these lines they are having problems with?
The environment is suffering.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 30th July 2012
Citizens who support such a project as this Enbridge pipeline, for monetary gain, bitterness, or to maintain respect from husbands and friends are perpetrating an immoral act.

I am proud of First Nations peoples, and their organizations, for standing up for Mother Earth during these dark days. At the recent JRP hearings I noticed many white brothers and sisters standing with us, as put forward our case against this proposal. I felt good that we finally found something that genuinely brings us together.
Enbridge "suffers"??
Comment by gemlog on 29th July 2012
Suffers? How exactly does Enbridge "suffer"? Only their PR image. Why are headlines written this way? Enbridge is not the victim. Enbridge is the aggressor!!

The ecology suffers, not Enbridge. Enbridge keeps raking in the dough no matter what.

Next time try words like 'commits', 'inflicts', 'perpetrates' et al.

Sadly, I'm sure you won't have to wait long for the next opportunity.
Comment by Kdl on 28th July 2012
Embridge is having spills every couple months, why are we even considering pushing a pipeline thru our promise land?