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CONTRIBUTION · 30th July 2012
John Disney
To the Editor,

The competition has been tight, but I think Christy Clark has finally won the prize for the Canadian Leader most out of touch with her Constituents.

On her new 5-point criteria regarding the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, she strikes out on 4 out of the 5 points.

First, Clark says we must wait for approval from the Enbridge Joint Review Panel (the federal review process currently underway, and in limbo with Harper’s Bill C-38). Well that’s the one she got right-at least she didn’t join the likes of Harper and publicly state her support for the proposal before the process plays out.

Second, Clark indicates that more money would seal the deal for the Provincial government! Excuse me; hasn’t our illustrious Premier heard anything at all this year? When did the 130 First Nations unequivocally opposed to the Northern Gateway, in addition to a majority of British Columbians, ever say “we’re against the project, unless we get more money out of the deal?” Money has NEVER been the issue, and for Clark to think that’s what the people of this province value then she’s had her head in the sand for the past 10 months or she’s been preoccupied strategizing her latest publicity stunts and secret rendezvous (personally, I think it’s the latter).

Third, Clark insists we must have ‘world-leading marine oil spill response, prevention and recovery systems for B.C.’s coastline’. I have to wonder, does she mean like the ones at Kalamazoo, or maybe the BP ones in the Gulf, or how about the 800+ spills in the Enbridge system in the last 10 years? Exactly where does Clark figure this new ‘world-leading… spill prevention and recovery’ will come from? To clean up more than 15% of a spill is impossible and to clean up bitumen is harder and has many unknowns. Pretending that there is a ‘recovery system’ out there that will suddenly solve this issue is why she wins the competition-she’s the only one who thinks this is a reality. If there were ever an oil spill in Hecate Strait there is no clean up system. I repeat, there would be no recovery system in place. The only one you’re impressing with this rhetoric is Enbridge-I’m sure she’s won their support with the provincial government’s token requirements.

Fourth, Clark wants to ensure the ‘Legal and Treaty Rights of FN are addressed’. If you hadn’t noticed there are over 130 First Nations standing together that are adamantly against this project and most of what they’re saying is about the land, sea and environment and not some legal point that must be ‘addressed’.

Finally, ‘Enbridge must make every effort to engage First Nations to provide them with opportunities’. And, we’re back to the money again. The loud and clear message I’ve been hearing is that there isn’t enough money that could offset the risk of an oil spill on our ecosystems and the natural environment that sustains us. Does Clark figure the people of Kalamazoo would be fine now if only they’d loaded up on the benefits earlier in the decade?

No means no. Fortunately for British Columbians, the Liberals aren’t fairing well in recent polls. Clark should have taken a lesson from Dix, who took a firm stance against the Northern Gateway a while back.

John Disney lives near Old Masset Village on Haida Gwaii
Truth is people have had enough!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 4th August 2012
It is always fun to read comments about "the majority" and Christy's attempt to improve her popularity after reading the latest polling results. You can find them here:

I don't think anyone believes that her position is anything but politically motivated. She can see the end of her "rule" and Cummins is sitting there like a vulture waiting to pounce on the dead carcass. The universe is unfolding as it was once "folded" by the ruling class. It is poetry and even the bleating of a few BC Liberal loyalists won't change the outcome.

Go Christy
Comment by James Ippel on 31st July 2012
More power to you. I agree that BC should get more of a share of revenue of the Enbridge pipeline, but not at the expense of Alberta's royalties; these revenues should come out of the transfer payments that would normally go to Quebec. Where do you get Daycare at $7.00 aday? Quebec-paid for by Alberta, Where are University Fees less than half of elsewhere in Canada-Quebec, again paid for by taxes from Alberta, and transferred to Quebec.
I disagree whith Christy kowtowing to the Natives. Why should 4% of the population dictate as to what is going to happen in this Province. I was under the 'IMPRESSION' that majority rules, but I guess I was misled. If I made the statements and threats that the Natives are making I would find my sorry a$$ in jail.
I think the time has come that the powers to be, the Gov't, the Native Leaders, and the liberal polititians in this province wake up. There is a ground roots swell against discrimination of the majority by the minority, the minority taking the law into their own hands, and being allowed to do so by the left wing courts.
Accept the fact that pipelines will be built, and tankers will ply the waters of the west coast.
To those who don't want this, please quit driving anything powered by an internal combustion engine. I am sure the Mayor of Vancouver will welcome you to his city as a bicycle riding person(if you can afford a home at $750,000.000. At least you will be out of our hair.
No means no!
Comment by Jules on 31st July 2012
No worries. She's toast sooner than later and long before Enbridge ever gets it's hands on our land or tankers in our waters.
Comment by Dave on 30th July 2012
Some people agree with Clark's plan. Thanks for your opinion though.
Comment by Dave McRae on 30th July 2012
Well said Mr. Disney! I can not agree more. It would appear that "OLD CRUSTY" will never get it. That the West Coast of Canada is NOT for sale at any price! As far as I can see it, she stands alone on her now, higher priced street corner! We here in B.C. will not tolerate any more " Dilbit Deceit".