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COMMENTARY · 1st August 2012
Merv Ritchie
As International industrialists direct the governments to do their bidding, these industrialists also control the opposition, environmentalists and First Nations.

It was a game played in the sixties when the FBI and CIA infiltrated the protest groups. Undercover operatives would become close knit friends and would even assist in providing publicity and direction to the groups. In this way they knew exactly what the groups were intending to do well in advance, sometimes even planning the entire protest event.

Today the very same thing is happening regarding the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal. Exactly how and who is not as important as the effect the infiltration is having. The focus of all the protest is identical from all opposition groups. None offer anything other than staunch and full opposition. Whether it be about the source of the product; the Oil/Tar sands themselves or the pipeline and the ocean tankers, it is all no, no, no, over my dead body. Those in favour are just as radical. They act as if they are prepared to move ahead with the project regardless of any findings, any opposition, any hazards.

This is a tired old game of black against white, right against wrong, winners and losers. The problem however is how the general human citizen, families and communities are always the real losers.

There are better ways of doing almost anything. There are better ways of mining, logging, farming, building, teaching, treating and living. In the world of finance, politics and democracy however the concept of considering alternatives, engaging in honest open debate, is all but forbidden.

Energy is today’s gold. Electrical energy or resource energy, oil, gas, coal etc, the ownership of, along with the control of the distribution of this energy, is the only game internationalists are playing. This along with the control of the discussion (the media) and the protesters make the game rigged like a casino in Vegas; 'heads they win tails we lose'.

Environmentalists in BC protested “run of river” hydro electric projects claiming they were bad for fish stocks and the environment. None of their claims were even close to being true but their message was pre-packaged for them to deliver. The industrialists knew to keep their ownership of these plants off of the media and public discussion/debate tables. There actually is no power production better, more environmentally friendly, cleaner or purer, nothing. The only debate should have been the ownership. All of this hydro electric power from BC’s rivers should be owned by the citizens of BC. The environmentalists were used to sidetrack the debate. It worked. Even solar electricity is dirtier. The production of the silicon photovoltaic cells produces environmentally hazardous waste. Emotion conquered knowledge and facts.

The protest over smart meters was primarily focused on the secretive costs associated and the manner in which they could invade the privacy of the homeowner. The emotions were focused on the "radiation" exposure. This was all pre-packaged as well. The real issue is how the electrical energy distribution system is being designed to deliver all the communications systems. Once completed the power cable coming from the grid will deliver everything, TV, internet, telephone, etc. all handled through the “Smart Meter”, all controlled by one industrialist organization. This is not something the general public needs to know so the debate is skewed.

The Gitxsan First Nation is being manipulated by their Treaty Society, the GTS (Gitxsan Treaty Society). The internationalists infiltrated the organization years ago and have played and manipulated the leadership with precision. They taught the directors how to write and prepare news releases prior to events even happening, having them distributed through the mainstream media ensuring the only message discussed is the one they want discussed. All treaty societies share the same manner of controlling the discussion issues. Real debate is stiffled at all costs.

Today the pipeline protesters and the media are not debating the real issues; the ownership, the refining, the politics or the alternatives. The pre-packaged debate is only on the tar/oil sands, pipelines and tankers. The publicity revolves and circulates through these topics ad-nauseam and scant attention is being paid to anything of substance.

Even the government initiated National Energy Board (NEB) Joint Review Panel (JRP) evaluating the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal is designed to not engage in any debate. The panel refuses to answer even a single question. Chairperson Sheila Legget repeats every time the panel is asked anything, “We’re here to listen to your concerns, not answer questions.” Debate and ideas are not encouraged. The black and white issues have been determined well in advance.

The same appears in all democratic legislative houses in the western world. They call it left wing and right wing politics. They teach this as truth in universities. Political scientists achieve degrees and PhD’s spouting off the same old tired rhetoric. And none of it is true.

The left and the right are all on the same side of the political spectrum. Both are control freaks. Whether it is corporate “Free Market” driven regulations or socialist “Socially Democratic” driven regulations, it is all based or controls, directing how humans should live, how they interact and how they are to be regulated. Both are on the extreme end of a scale and the other end of the scale is anarchy. The left and the right do not want this to be understood. They need the public to believe the right and left are opposites and we, as individuals, belong to one side or the other. This way the industrialist, those controlling the world’s energy resources, have complete control without anyone understanding it.

We need to get away from being controlled and become engaged in thoughtful exchange of ideas. Not anarchy but certainly away from these mind numbing control games.

Humans walk around today discouraged and despondent as it appears nothing ever seems to change regardless of who is elected or what laws are enacted. It could be resolved if and when it is understood. All media and debate issues are carefully constructed prior to the implementation of any plan. No ideas or debate which deviates from the predetermined plan are allowed to see mainstream public attention.

Today it is simply a game of heads they win, tails we lose. Yet we all keep calling out “I call heads!” or “I call tails” expecting a different result. Are we insane or just deceived? I say we are willingly deluded refusing to accept our own inability to believe we have all been tricked. We want to think we are aware and smart, that our government and media are open and honest. Thinking otherwise would expose everything to questions of reality. Like an abused woman who refuses to leave her abuser, at least we know what we have, even though it offers nothing positive for the future.
Canadians should be embarassed
Comment by Jules on 1st August 2012
"Bowing to intense pressure from local residents, authorities in an eastern Chinese city abandoned plans to build a controversial sewage pipeline for a paper mill, the local government announced Saturday."

Canadians should be embarassed to find out China has a more democractic process than we do here in Canada. And to think we take it all sitting down in a most complacent manner.

We should be ashamed that we're so willing to give up our basic rights to a person like Steve who himself is nothing better than a grand standing bully.