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NEWS RELEASE · 7th August 2012
Terrace SAR
Update: Duck Race is cancelled due to the search for Alvin Clayton aka (Smurf), from Greenville, who was swept away by the current while swimming with friends.

Police note that while water levels have dropped in recent weeks, the river still running very fast with strong undertows, said police.

At approx. 7:42 pm last evening, August 5, 2012, the Terrace SAR (TSA) was contacted by the Terrace RCMP. A drowning had occurred on the Skeena River below the railway bridge and assistance of the SAR Water Rescue Team was requested.

Once on scene, Swiftwater Technicians from the Terrace Water Rescue Team used poles to probe the area. The team utilized both the Hummingbird boat sonar and their Kongsburg drop sonar to search the 30 foot deep pool for the drowning victim.

A surface search was also conducted by a boat crew of the area downstream. Water rescue crews worked into the dark to search and recover the body, but were unsuccessful.

Crews began searching again this morning, August 6th at 6 am.
Thank You.
Comment by Maggie Jo Johnson on 6th August 2012
Thank you for cancelling the duckie race to honor the missing drowning victim and his suffering family. The Community would expect nothing less and we have no qualms about the cancelled duck race due to suffering members in our Community. 'Made us all pause and hold those dear even closer to us.

As a suggestion when XMAS time rolls around where we, in our Employment situations wonder who/what/where/how to give $ in donation style during the Christmas Season? How about donating to SAR (Search and Rescue) for them to purchase the 'Top of the Art' equipment to save those in our midst in this most rugged Northern region? Darn rights when my boys are out and about that I would expect SAR to have the highest level of equipment available to save my child's life.

My family will be donating to SAR this year.

Will you join us?
photo cred?
Comment by gemlog on 6th August 2012
Just What did Who take that photo with? Very good.

Ed Note: This is a news release. Photos supplied by releasor, Terrace SAR.

edit: sorry, I should have noticed it was just a news release. Still, great pic of the background without blowing out the foreground with the lappy. Or the other way around...
Need 25 Horse Power motor. For Search Alvin ASAP
Comment by Kitsumkalum Member: on 6th August 2012
17 Foot 5 man sitting boat.

Looking for a 25 - 35

motor from a donor to use, will return in good condition.

To look for Alvin Clayton.

Email: thunder,,,
danger currents
Comment by family on 6th August 2012
why was there no warrning sign with NO SWIMMING ALLOWED due to swift under water currents, SHOULD'NT THE FISHERIES FROM TERRACE HAVE WARNING, OR WHOEVER LOOKS AFTER THAT AREA, what if it happenes to younger kids, just saying, thats scary!!?????
Comment by Pat#1 on 6th August 2012
I hope the duck race is cancelled today! Having boats looking for ducks instead of Alvin would be horrible...