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NEWS RELEASE · 7th August 2012
Terrace SAR & RCMP
After an exhaustive effort by First Nations volunteers, Terrace Ground Search & Rescue and the RCMP, the search for 29 year old Alvin Clayton Jr. has ended.

This morning police and the BC Coroner Service met with Clayton’s family, including his common-law wife and mother of their 15 month old son.

“This is a tragic situation,” says Inspector Dana Hart of the Terrace RCMP. “ a little boy is going to grow up without his father and it could have been avoided.”

Police say foul play is not suspected, but that alcohol was involved.

Sunday and Monday searchers focused their efforts in the area Clayton was seen diving into the water at the east end of Terrace. A number of First Nations vessels joined in the search on Monday searching from Terrace to the tidal water area and back.

“Everyone has worked very hard to bring some closure to the family,” says Inspector Hart. “The response from the First Nations community is greatly appreciated, working in co-operation with Terrace Search & Rescue.”

While the official search has ended, volunteers from several First Nations communities plan to continue on the river for the next few days.

Police note there are many boats and fisherman on the river and request they call police if they see anything.

Terrace SAR Reports

Terrace Search and Rescue Crews spent Monday searching high probable areas for Alvin Clayton.

Keeping the Swiftwater crews wearing their dry suits hydrated was a safety concern during the day as Temperatures rose to 29 degrees Celsius. Team members cooled off by rotating shifts into the water to conduct in-water search operations.

The main area where Alvin Clayton entered the water was extensively searched with different underwater cameras, sonars and by probing with probe poles.

During the in-water operations swiftwater rescue technicians searched debris strainers, backeddys and other catchment areas downstream of the entry point.
God's blessings on all Mr. Clayton's loved ones.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 14th August 2012
I did not know Alvin Clayton, Jr., however I drive by Kitsumkalum boat launch every day and see all those people keeping the vigil.

Back in the mid 80's, my Mother asked me to drive to the Moricetown area, and tell her good friend Rose of our love and support. Rose's beloved son Gerald did not return from fishing, and she sat beside the river for days (and nights).....waiting.

My nephew and I drove there not knowing where Rose was keeping her vigil, and not having one clue as to where to begin our search for her.

We pulled off the highway at Moricetown, and told the first person we saw of our mission that day. We were pointed in the right direction, and within a couple of hours we found Rose. She was way off any beaten track. We had to abandon our vehicle and walk a few miles down to the river where Rose sat like a statue....waiting. She was grateful to see us and to hear our message of love and support from my Mother.

Rose waited for two more days before she was able to take Gerald home.

Many of us have uttered prayers to our Creator for all those keeping the vigil for "Smurf" down at the boat launch.
in regards to alvins search concluded
Comment by R.w. on 14th August 2012
They have family at the Fishermen's boat launch who will continue searching to the end of this week still they start search every morning at 8am and end about 11pm.The family is their gathered and are accepting canadian tire money for boat fuel & supplies, as well as water, food, and other donations to help both foot and boat volunteers.They have notifications up on various facebook sites as they want closure for his family, and friends.thanks again
Comment by Terry on 8th August 2012
I think donations would be great ,as someone mentioned . I also think it would be good of search and rescue . If they could tell us how they get their funding . Where they get their funding . If its adaquit . How the public could help them to get more of what they could have used to find smurf and perhaps our next lost loved one . Please tell us what you need and where I can donate . Thanks for trying .