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CONTRIBUTION · 13th August 2012
Christian Theberge
Although we are currently in the heat of summer, many things are happening with My Mountain Co-op. Summer capital improvement projects are in full swing and the Season Pass Sale is just around the corner. Passes will be on sale at the early bird rate from August 16th to October 19th.

As you all know My Mountain Co-op had a successful ski season in its first year operating Shames Mountain. Our success can be attributed to a few factors. First of all, we had incredible conditions, Jack Frost made sure of that. We opened the season with a 2 meter snow base and finished with a modest 6 m base at the top of the mountain.

Secondly, we had fantastic staff. All were courteous and had the best interest of the mountain and its guests at heart. The maintenance staff who worked tirelessly to assure safe and smooth operations, the ski school and rental staff that ensured our future ski enthusiasts enjoyed their experience. Ticket office staff that always served our guests with a smile, food and beverage staff who filled our bellies to content all winter long, and our groomer who spent his nights chasing down the fallen snowflakes to provide smooth corduroy. We also had our lift operators who took great care of our guests at the lifts, the management staff that actively worked with the staff to provide the best working environment possible, and of course the board of directors who put countless hours into running the Co-op and helping out at the hill.

Lastly, and most importantly, our success was due to our patrons. Members and non-members alike who supported the hill and created the wonderful atmosphere that made the mountain feel like a second home. All in all, we could not be happier with how things turned out, and we hope you will all join us again for another fantastic ski season.

Throughout the summer we have kept extremely busy working on our ski hill. We would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone of the on goings of your mountain.
The construction of our new generator building is moving along smoothly with the help of many. This new building will replace the temporary Generator trailer and fuel system which has been present for the last 20 years.

Our new chair lift cable arrived on Friday the 10th of August and will be installed mid-September.

Snow removal on the chairlift can be a time and labour consuming task every morning. For this reason we have decided to replace our old chair seats to a flip up seat which will be lifted at the end of every operating day. This endeavor will help us assure the lifts open to the public on time, and will save the back of our lift operators.

Also on the list for our chairlift is the essential replacement of the grips; these are the part of the carrier that fixes the chair to the cable. The life expectancy of the current grips: 13 years for aluminum parts, and 20 years for steel parts. Current grips have been in operation for over 20 years. They are very costly to maintain, and require constant inspection and repair to be kept in service. 49 grips will be replaced this fall. The rest will be replaced over the next 3 or 4 years depending on funding. These new grips, will be safer, and have a life expectancy of 20 years. They are also easier to maintain, having less parts to disassemble, clean and inspect. The replacement of our grips is the objective of our new “Get a Grip” campaign.

“Get a Grip” is a way to help fund the replacement of our grips. The goal is to sell 48 chairs this year. Buy a chair for $1200 and we will put a plaque on the back of a chair for you, your family, group or business.

These projects are only some of the few we have undertaken this summer. We are committed to fixing and improving our mountain. We want to make sure it will not only be available for us, but for future generations.

Along with the launch of our early bird Season Pass Sale, and “Get a Grip” campaign we are also launching the “Northern Snow Angels” fund.

The “Northern Snow Angels” is born from the idea that skiing should be available to everyone. Donations to the fund will be matched by My Mountain Coop and will be used to give lift, rentals and lessons to groups who could not otherwise come skiing. On top of this, for every $50 contributed, the donator will receive one Youth/Junior Lift & Rental Voucher to bring up someone they think would enjoy a day at Shames.

For more information on My Recreational Mountain Co-op and Shames Mountain please visit
This is Our Mountain. Come Join us!
@ rick .
Comment by Terry on 25th August 2012
as a social entity the ski hill is a success . As a business it has been a failure from way back in the kitsumkalum mountain days. I disagree strongly with your price for making the ski hill a little greener by burning natgas . and helping the bottom line . as any serious business would look to.
Shames - My Mountain Co-op Ski Pass Sale prices?
Comment by Me & U on 20th August 2012
Are the My Mountain Co-op Ski Pass Sales Prices going to be posted on their website? From what I is regular prices...where do I get the sale information?

Grass Roots
Comment by Rick McDaniel on 17th August 2012
I think that the only viable solution to keeping the fantastic asset that is Shames going is exactly what is happening now. It is the good work of Christian and the many volunteers that come up and help out in a real practical way, summer and winter that make this community treasure the success that it is. I don't see the mountain and it's operations as a failure at all Terry. I see it as one of the best community success stories I have ever heard of. Again keep up the good work Christian!
Comment by Terry on 17th August 2012
Laughing at people searching for solutions to the finacial disaster that is shame mountain ski hill does not help . Coming up with a solution that would not make you laugh would . Have you got one rick?
Great work Christian
Comment by Rick McDaniel on 16th August 2012
Sounds like things are coming along Christian. Great work. I am sure your glad that people are telling you how handy it would be to just twist 30km of cable and string it up, or run 15K of gas line at $1000 per 100m. Bet you wish you had thought of that haha!
Grips good, flip-seats a non-priority
Comment by Mikael Jensen on 16th August 2012
I worked with outdoor ops for years, and shovelled many a chair line, so part of me thinks yes what a physical labour saving endeavour, but I am not sure what time will actually be saved by the new flip seat proposal, if anything it would be equal, rather spent running the chair and folding them up at the end of the day vs shovelling at the start and the chair crew is already pushed late on their shift as it stands currently. This is in-part, the reason there is a large crew in the base area for start up. Fact is the lifty crew arrives early to get the place open and in my day anyways had plenty of time to shovel the chairs provided that work /the chair is started as soon as the line is "cleared" by maintenance to run. 30 mins later you have seen/cleared every chair, set up a maze and scoop some snow away for the safety gate well before 9 am. Also, its seems like one more lifty hired each day (or half day) would be a much more cost effective and beneficial solution to daily operations in a broader sense.

Unless the plan is to start set up later in the AM there doesn't seem to be much in the way of time savings created, only new costs. I suggest we prioritize replacing the grips and not the work the liftys do, unless the plan is to pay people to stand around until patrol is ready to get on the chair or leave town at 7:30 rather than 7am.
Comment by Terry on 14th August 2012
If you're serious then have a look at the map . The white bottom is almost directly across the river from shames . That's where a run of the river power project is under way . MMC could easily partner with a power company and generate cash the whole year . Or they could get a Natgas pipe . As the pipeline goes right passed the mouth of the shames river near the hyway . The main problem is they have no land base . So no cabins , no hotel , no third sheet of ice and no permanent community . Even the staff have to burn gas to commute .
do the math
Comment by chris from away on 14th August 2012
no, really
shames needs to be on the grid
building a new generator building and hopimg that fuel prices will somehow go down is your demise
i realize that about 20 km of line need to be put in place, but you have a good group that can twist hydro and cajole contractors to make it happen
self suppporting micro-electric, solar electric and wind electric would be perfect, but that is in the future
you've done a great job at keeping it alive, but fossil fuel generators,,,, ?.... personally i think you are digging a big hole.....

be strong