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NEWS RELEASE · 16th August 2012
MLA Robin Austin
You really have to see the north coast of British Columbia to understand what’s at stake if the Enbridge pipeline goes ahead.

Meeting the people who live on the north coast and depend on a healthy marine environment for their livelihood and their food, and seeing the spectacular natural beauty of the area, are crucial to understanding the risks posed by the pipeline and the supertankers it will bring to the coast.

That’s why I joined Adrian Dix and North Coast MLA Gary Coons on an ocean journey from Kitimat to Bella Bella last week.
Adrian, Gary and I followed the route that oil tankers would follow if the Enbridge pipeline proposal is approved.

We spoke with First Nations leaders, residents, and scientists about the impact that the pipeline would have on this region, and the disastrous effects that could result from spills and marine accidents.

We’ve produced a short video to share the trip with you.

Click Here To Watch It
Comment by Maggie Jo Johnson on 18th August 2012
Ugh. Just sickens me that our environment may potentially be at risk here.

Just that we have one of the most untouched natural settings in the world here in the NorthWest. I have pondered for quite some time wondering how any big Corporate BigWig(s) is bullying their way in to literally 'colonize' our most unique and natural settings with the risk of potential pollution. (Kindly leave us alone.) And the Gov't supports the BigWigs?! Knowing the risks involved here?

Apparently "Money makes the World go round"; hence our current Gov't pushing this project along in full support with full-steam ahead.

That being said...let's not be bribed into any dealings to endanger our species/environment. Let's continue to fight against these big Corporations - and yes...the bigwigs in Parliament too. This is a cause well worthy of fighting for. And yes. We CAN make a difference with our voice.

I may have to re-think which party to vote for during the next election. ..and darn rights I'll be evangelizing that to everyone in my 'circle'.