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CONTRIBUTION · 23rd August 2012
Smithers RCMP
Editor's Note: The Terrace Daily no longer receives Terrace RCMP Reports, however, we will post those from other areas that are being forwarded to us for our readers.

On August 17, 2012, at 4:46 AM the Smithers RCMP attended a report of a motor vehicle incident involving a single white Freightliner on Hwy 16 and Hankin Ave. in Telkwa, BC.

Police, Fire and EHS attended the scene where they located and transported two males from the scene to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The semi had two flat deck trailers and was carrying drywall. Based on the evidence at the scene, it was determined that the semi was heading westbound and took a corner at a high rate of speed. The driver lost control and flipped the semi and both trailers. The driver was served a violation ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for speeding.

On August 18, 2012 at 11:35 AM the Smithers RCMP received a report of motor vehicle incident with a cyclist at Telkwa High Rd and Hwy 16 in Telkwa, BC. Police attended and located a 61 year old female cyclist on the ground with persons attending to her. The driver of the white Volkwagon van was going down the Telkwa High Rd. to make a right turn onto the highway when the cyclist struck his passenger side rear quarter panel before sliding to the ground. Witnesses at the scene confirmed the incident was due to cyclist error. The cyclist was taken to the hospital by EHS with non-life threatening injuries. No charges were laid in this matter.

On August 19, 2012, at 2:44 AM the Smithers RCMP received a report of a 17 year old female who had fallen down a 100 ft. embankment at the lookout on Hudson Bay Mountain Rd., Smithers. The incident occurred during a large bush party. Witnesses suspected the female had sustained serious injuries and as a result EHS was immediately dispatched, as well.

Search and Rescue were requested to assist in transporting the female from the location due to the steep and unstable terrain. Once the female had been rescued she was immediately taken to Bulkley Valley District Hospital by EHS with serious injuries.

The Smithers RCMP will be out in full force during the Fall Fair weekend. In addition to local resources of officers and auxillaries, the Police Dog Service and Northwest Regional Traffic Services will also be in attendance.

Expect high visibility at events throughout the Smithers area, parks and recreation sites in the form of foot and bike patrols, as well as roadchecks.

The Smithers RCMP is dedicated to making this weekend safe and enjoyable for everyone and would like to remind the public not to drink and drive, ensure a licensed, designated driver is identified before the party starts.

My Dad once told me.....
Comment by larry on 28th August 2012
Respect must be earned and should not be given freely. Perhaps the rcmp (note the small letters)...should take a lesson from this.
Dave is correct with the term childish
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 27th August 2012
I personally spoke with Cst Angela Rabut, the media relations officer for the Terrace RCMP with another officer on Emerson Street outside the front doors of the Terrace Post Office. She advised me it was the article lampooning the Mayor and the Inspector that offended them; “Some Mirth on the RCMP, Poking the Tiger”. You can find this in our humour section.

She stated they did not find it funny at all. Complained that their serious missing persons reports should not be next to such articles. I explained how all our articles appear on the front page and are then entered into another section. I explained how the RCMP reports can all be found in the local news section and the front page. The same goes for all news releases, PSA’s (public service announcements), contributions, commentarys and reporting, and yes humour too. Everything appears on the front page and is then separately added to a specific section ie, health, provincial news, environmental, provocative etc.

Cst Rubut told me personally that is not the way a news website should be run. It is as if the RCMP wish to determine how all things should be.

I explained they were too emotionally involved, that this was humour and even the title suggested it was humour. The facts are clear. The humourous article was reflective of the beatings handed out to individuals (primarily Native) by the RCMP. The complaint is the RCMP has become to be too emotionally involved with their “Clients” (those they are interrogating/arresting/stopping on the street.

I also explained that this is how we have done things since we began in 2007. She stated 'then we should change'.

By attempting to punish the Terrace Daily and our readers demonstrates the fact is true, the RCMP are far too emotional.

And our dear Inspector, Hart, even had the audacity to write a letter of support for Bell Media in their acquisition of Astral Media stating they worked well with the local media. Yeah, maybe, as long as they paint a pretty picture of the buffoonish actions and disregard the seriousness of the reports by the BC Civil Liberties Association and others.

The first question the public should be asking is why would any RCMP officer write any letter in support of any media? But the other question is regarding the funding of the RCMP. The City of Terrace funds the RCMP, pays their wages and pays for all the staff and overhead. Why has the Terrace City Council not sanctioned the RCMP for this denial of equal treatment? What spineless character allows this to continue?

The same thing happened in Williams Lake.

Stop the reports if they must (in shame and disgust) but be fair and honest, accept the hard knocks and stand tall.

We a huge audience, a readership base of thousands everyday.

Rabut stated they didn’t want a missing persons report next to such an article. So their bruised ego and pride is more important than locating a missing child?

Sometimes the RCMP need to get over themselves.

A professional organization does not act emotionally. The Terrace RCMP can no longer attempt to claim they are professional. They are acting like every school yard bully I have known. Threats and intimidation. Do as I say or else, in this case, deny the Terrace Daily our reports.

Childish fits the bill.
Dave B you need to relax
Comment by Dave on 26th August 2012
Dave B, The Terrace RCMP Media reports are available elsewhere if you really need them. They just don't send them to this website. They can send them to who ever they want. They could also stop putting the daily reports at all since its not a manditory responsibilty for the RCMP to do daily reports this so theres nothing for you to get upset about and no one will care about your complaint.
Comment by Dave B on 23rd August 2012
Big Brother is watching us!!!!
How childish!!!!
Comment by Dave B on 23rd August 2012
There was a purpose and a reaction to the Terrace RCMP reporting - for a force like the RCMP trying to improve a community's responsibility unto itself (self policing) the past reports were very effective. they highlighted just what is going on around us!
To "take my bat and ball and go home" response to some valid reflection on those doings is a very childish and F--- You mentaliity.
While other RCMP jurisdictions continue to inform the public they serve and protect and one area to shut out a very public communication forum is more like an bury my head in the sand response.
This needs to be presented to not only the Superintendant but to those responsible for paying the property taxes that sustain the service!