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COMMENTARY · 27th August 2012
Terrace Daily News
In regards to this statement; Editor's Note: The Terrace Daily no longer receives Terrace RCMP Reports, however, we will post those from other areas that are being forwarded to us for our readers.

Dave B writes;

How childish
There was a purpose and a reaction to the Terrace RCMP reporting - for a force like the RCMP trying to improve a community's responsibility unto itself (self policing) the past reports were very effective. they highlighted just what is going on around us!

To "take my bat and ball and go home" response to some valid reflection on those doings is a very childish and F--- You mentaliity.

While other RCMP jurisdictions continue to inform the public they serve and protect and one area to shut out a very public communication forum is more like an bury my head in the sand response.

This needs to be presented to not only the Superintendant but to those responsible for paying the property taxes that sustain the service

Then another Dave writes;

Dave B you need to relax
Dave B, The Terrace RCMP Media reports are available elsewhere if you really need them. They just don't send them to this website. They can send them to who ever they want. They could also stop putting the daily reports at all since its not a manditory responsibilty for the RCMP to do daily reports this so theres nothing for you to get upset about and no one will care about your complaint.

And then, of course we must add our side to the tale.

Merv writes;

Dave is correct with the term childish
I personally spoke with Cst Angela Rabut, the media relations officer for the Terrace RCMP with another officer on Emerson Street outside the front doors of the Terrace Post Office. She advised me it was the article lampooning the Mayor and the Inspector that offended them; “Some Mirth on the RCMP, Poking the Tiger”. You can find this in our humour section.

She stated they did not find it funny at all. Complained that their serious missing persons reports should not be next to such articles. I explained how all our articles appear on the front page and are then entered into another section. I explained how the RCMP reports can all be found in the local news section and the front page. The same goes for all news releases, PSA’s (public service announcements), contributions, commentarys and reporting, and yes humour too. Everything appears on the front page and is then separately added to a specific section ie, health, provincial news, environmental, provocative etc.

I also explained that this is how we have done things since we began in 2007. Cst Rabut stated 'then we should change'.

She told me that is not the way a news website should be run.

It is as if the RCMP wish to determine how all things should be.

I explained they were too emotionally involved, that this was humour and even the title suggested it was humour. The facts are clear. The humourous article was reflective of the beatings handed out to individuals (primarily Native) by the RCMP. The complaint is the RCMP has become to be too emotionally involved with their “Clients” (those they are interrogating/arresting/stopping on the street).

By attempting to punish the Terrace Daily and our readers demonstrates the fact is true, the RCMP are far too emotional.

And our dear Inspector, Hart, even had the audacity to write a letter of support for Bell Media in their acquisition of Astral Media stating they worked well with the local media. Yeah, maybe, as long as they paint a pretty picture of the buffoonish actions and disregard the seriousness of the reports by the BC Civil Liberties Association and others.

The first question the public should be asking is why would any RCMP officer write any letter in support of any media? But the other question is regarding the funding of the RCMP. The City of Terrace funds the RCMP, pays their wages and pays for all the staff and overhead. Why has the Terrace City Council not sanctioned the RCMP for this denial of equal treatment? What spineless character allows this to continue?

The same thing happened in Williams Lake.

Stop the reports if they must (in shame and disgust) but be fair and honest, accept the hard knocks and stand tall.

We have a huge audience; a readership base of thousands everyday.

Rabut stated they didn’t want a missing persons report next to such an article.

So their bruised ego and pride is more important than locating a missing child?

Sometimes the RCMP need to get over themselves.

A professional organization does not act emotionally. The Terrace RCMP can no longer attempt to claim they are professional. They are acting like every school yard bully I have known. Threats and intimidation. Do as I say or else, in this case, deny the Terrace Daily our reports.

Childish fits the bill.

The Original Issue which Initiated the RCMP Stance Can be Read by Clicking Here. And included with this above linked article are numerous comments from the public of Terrace.
Another 2 cents?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 5th September 2012
One could say that I am a survivor of two regimes in which the police simply did what the political leaders dictated. Laws were determined ad hoc and the end justified the means. So the separation of politics from the police service is critical. I still think that most of the RCMP would be uncomfortable with what has happened here.

The police issue releases on the crime scene in Terrace. I assume they do it to inform the public. If someone twisted the report and didn't publish it word for word, I could understand. That has not happened. Rather the person in charge has his nose out of joint because some articles were critical of the force. Well hello, they are all adults and should be able to rise above a little criticism.

I thought the RCMP members had pretty thick skins and that was to their credit. I guess some don't and that is unfortunate. Maybe they should try politics. Come to think of it ....
Rating newspapers
Comment by Terry on 5th September 2012
Now that the RCMP are in the business of rating and approving news papers perhaps they could extend themselves into approving books ,movies and music . The thin edge of the wedge is in why not go to whole way into shaping society in their image. Why just settle for a free ride in the substandard . Well put Helmut . But it seems darker to me . By their actions the are squarely in the camp of black press who like all the print newspapers across the globe are in a losing battle for survival against the Internet . Msm is pathetic at best and every day less relevant . Even their bread and butter " the sales flyers" are available online . It's getting more funny everytime I read a hard copy . Most of the so called reporting is cut and paste from the Internet with a few changes to make it look like real news days later. The Tyee doesn't need the police report and they are none the worse for it . The RCMP need the terrace daily way more than the terrace daily needs them .
My 2 cents.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 2nd September 2012
This site is viewed my many people and even by those who dislike what they read. It is a combination of local news and opinions and sometimes it comes with a particular perception. That is no different than any other media organ. Next time you think you are just getting the facts go through a story and consider where in the article the information strays into opinions. If news is suppose to be about What, When, Where Who, and How, you can inject opinion in answering every one of those question.

Sure I support the RCMP but their actions with respect to who gets their a news releases is petty and unbecoming of what is suppose to be a non-political organization. They are also suppose to defend Basic Freedoms. There are enough cases of police conduct that tarnish the image of the RCMP and this petty behaviour is not the way to rebuild that image.

Yes they have the power to do as they do, but goodness gracious they are suppose to represent Canada's finest and the they are grown ups. Right? So Mr. Peters and Bill, I think you are missing the point completely.
This is not the first time the RCMP colluded w local media
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 30th August 2012

We exposed this same issue and in an additional comment listed all the news releases delivered to the Terrace Daily by the RCMP.

They then stopped issuing them altogether claiming staff shortages.

Then Inspector Eric Stubbs was promoted to Prince George.

When Dana Hart arrived he invited all of us, all media to a scrum where he advised they would be issuing daily reports.

Once again negative publicity has caused a backlash.

A sad reflection on the emotional state of the RCMP.
Comment by Eric Northam on 30th August 2012
No chip on my shoulder. I am just a man who feels that those who visit this site should get a full understanding of who comments and the motives behind there comments.

You can claim all you wish that you defend all groups and not the RCMP exclusively but your past comments on any previous article critical of the police gives you away.

What is your concern with who I am?

Am I to believe that your guardian angels will be merciful towards me if I do reveal myself or will I find myself in a dark alley being beaten within an inch of my life for speaking up?

History shows that when one speaks out or questions authority they will be punished whether guilty or not. Power corrupts.

Some are beaten, some are chased out of their community, & yet others find themselves blacklisted from receiving vital information that could help save anothers life or save a missing person.

Your so called angels are willing to allow people who are missing or have had a crime committed against them to suffer to fulfill a vendetta. If the RCMP are so secure in the fact the criticism they endure here is unwarranted then what have they to fear?

Perhaps they fear the weekly if not daily reports from other media outlets about the latest RCMP officer to be caught in a scandal.

For those who claim its only a few bad apples, that apple tree is starting to look awfully spoiled and bare and Bill...people like you look the other way.

Did you even bother to click the link provided by Merv Ritchie in this article?Let me answer for you. Of course you didnt. I mean why let fact get in the way of angels right?

The terrace inspector writes a letter on behalf of astral media and no one questions it huh.

Play nice with the facists and you will be just fine correct?

Eric, who are you really
Comment by billbraam on 29th August 2012
You appear to have a big chip on your shoulder, why? You seem to know some of me but not all of me. Just because I defend a heckled group does not mean I only defend that group. I empathize with more than one side at any given time, thank you.
And further on the lack of media responsibility in Terrace
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 29th August 2012
When the Mayor of Terrace attempted to have Mike Tugwood fired or sanctioned at his work (by contacting the most senior staff of Northwest Community College) the other media stayed silent. When it was exposed the Mayor then contacted Inspector Hart and had him personally speak to Tugwood once again silence.

In earlier days a mayor would be so chased by the independent media he would be forced to resign for using his influence of office in such a despicable manner.

In earlier days the Inspector would be forced to explain why he took this extraordinary measure, taking political direction in such a manner.

Again silence from the Terrace media. No wonder he wrote a letter of support for the Terrace media.

Our decision to republish a farcical writing on these issues is due to the fact we already covered it and no one anywhere drew attention to these serious breaches of public and political conduct.

It is time Terrace residents start to refuse to support the non-media media that they have let ruin their City. Doesn’t anyone remember the Terrace Tourism Society? How much non-information can one stand?

Yes, Black Press, David Black, has the answers for us all. A refinery in Kitimat calling it Kitimat Clean. What ludicrous hogwash. This idea was promoted by KTIDS years ago, and promoted in Blacks papers. More nonsense and non-media.

David Black, who hosted the Liberal Party Convention on his estate simply provided more diversion for Ms. Clark. This is what Terrace lives with for information prior to the arrival of the Terrace Daily. Real news is shocking to those who never had it.

We have written numerous positive stories on the RCMP, so the claim of bias on our part does not wash either.
awww Rudi
Comment by Eric Northman on 29th August 2012
Did I hit a nerve? is your poor little ego bruised?

I must have cause for once you actually did a half decent job of damage control on one of your comments. Congrats for actually sounding like a credible human being for once.

Its too bad sadly that I am not buying it.

I welcome your contempt for me as people like you are not ones to seek admiration from.

You have a long history of contempt for others in comments on this site and it was time you got some of that returned to you.

As for anonymity its funny how I mentioned the commenter blueline and that wasnt questioned at all. Seems anonymity is ok for the likes of you if its one of the blue.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 29th August 2012
"Eric Northman" the name of a fictional character at least Mr. Braam and myself use our real names. What could you possible be afraid of?

We all have biases this is a given, the only thing that remains to be determined is which bias is the best bias to be biased with. I appreciate and love the rule of law, if a law is unjust then there are avenues that are available to us as citizens of Canada to have that law changed. I have very little use for people who think that they are a law unto themselves. I do not care if you are pink, yellow or purple or live on the moon. I hold everyone to the same law that I must live by. If you somehow do not think that laws do not apply to you. You will receive nothing but contempt from me.
Oh Bill
Comment by Eric Northman on 29th August 2012
I already showed in my previous comment why you are biased in favor of the RCMP and why you want to accuse this site of heckling.

People like you equate criticism and questioning with heckling is a prime example of why abuse of authority runs rampant in todays society.

You continue to bring dishonor to your father with your witchhunt on behalf of your so called angels.
Come on Bill
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 29th August 2012
What? Public heckling? We republished an article that drew attention to a person beaten into a coma by the Terrace RCMP. All the other media in Terrace only gave the story a short note, like a side bar. The guy was taken to Mills three times before he was airlifted to Vancouver where he barely survived.

When polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was killed by the RCMP on October14th, 2007 in the Vancouver International Airport, were the other media accused of heckling?

The bigoted right wing fanatical fringe of Terrace who accept all the pablum of their "Normal" whitewash ("Black" washed) media as the only true facts, is getting ridiculous.
Dear Eric
Comment by billbraam on 29th August 2012
I see good in more than one circle of individuals, don't quite get what your issue is. No group of people has to put up with public heckling as Terrace Daily was doing, thank you.
Bullies+Bias=Bill Braam & Mr Peters
Comment by Eric Northman on 29th August 2012
Well Well gentleman you have left some very interesting comments on this site havent you?

Lets expose where your bias truly lies and why
you really comment here.

Lets start with you Billy boy.

I was on the BC RCMP website and lo and behold look what we find from you when we clicksthis link and scrolls down.

[Link removed for comment interference]

Why there is a very revealing quote from you Mr Braam that reveals your personal bias for the RCMP & why.

From: Terrace, BC, 2011-07-09

My father was a diabetic. Although he kept very diligent watch over his calorie intake there were times when his blood sugars went too low and he had a diabetic reaction. And it was at these times that the local RCMP officers saved his life. He would be unable to drive or work or find his way home. RCMP officers constantly have their eyes open and they would find dad, arrange ambulance for further life giving treatment at hospital or transport themselves. Angels come in many forms and here they also wear the uniform of the RCMP. Thank you so very much.

Bill Braam

So Mr Braam. Because your father got preferential treatment from the RCMP that means they and none of their members can do no wrong in your eyes. You would deny other people there right and claims of mistreatment from the RCMP because of your personal bias and that sir is pathetic. Your father must be so ashamed seeing his son play bully in honor of him.

You also leave out a very important fact that you are a member of Terrace search and rescue.

[Link removed for comment interference]

Now if one thinks about it someone who is part of search and rescue would have dealings with the RCMP. Oh you might even say frequent and very friendly dealings wouldnt you think?

Gee who knows but maybe just maybe we have another case of looking out for their own and not anyone who isnt. Maybe they were not looking out for dear old dad out of some great sense of duty and honor. Maybe they were once again looking out for one of their own and not the general public who isnt in the club.

Oh and now to you Mr Peters. Oh what a joke you have been all these years on this site with comment after comment that continues proving what an utter loon you are.

Anyone who wants to read Mr Peters ramblings can feel free to do a search of his name on this very site and see what a pathetic individual this guy is.

The best example of his hypocrisy is his comment here where he called this sites journalism akin to the national enquirer and yet here comes Mr Peters again and again like an attention starved loser looking yet again for some attention.

No wonder you stopped using your first name when posting comments huh Rudi.

Oh but why are you here and where does your bias lie? I think this link and comment you left on it tells the story.

[Link removed for comment interference]

This for real?
By Rudi Peters
8th February 2011 · I am by no means a fan of the institution know as the RCMP, but was Parker sober or otherwise under the influence of some chemistry when he filed this story. I know some of these officers and if they would have struck him as often as he claims, he would not be alive.

So Rudi you know the officers do you? Well now we know where your bias lies dont we. Another clown who bullies for the RCMP and gee that keeps there hands clean doesnt it?

Oh Mr Peters you are such a clown you missed your calling in life being part of the circus or at least in the freak show.

Oh and if I recall correctly in the past there was a commenter on the terrace daily who used the name "blueline" & if memory serves me correctly wasnt he also an RCMP member who wanted to comment on this site anonymously and used that opportunity to belittle and bully commenters who were not pro RCMP.

My My no wonder the RCMP is wary of the daily. It exposes the truth whether in articles or even its comments.

who's the bully?
Comment by billbraam on 28th August 2012
If Terrace Daily wants to heckle and try to provoke persons in an organization you deserve to be ignored, simple as that.
Political influence of the media
Comment by David on 28th August 2012
Well, I guess I won't be getting my news from Astral Media anymore. I anxiously await the Inspector's announcement that he is running for political office!
Terrace daily shut out
Comment by Terry on 28th August 2012
Seems to me that the terrace daily has been fighting on many fronts in order to give us a more balanced view of events. The other side of this coin city council being the hand that feeds the RCMP . Have also tried to shut out the only daily we have , by not allowing the daily at political debates . I find this very disturbing . It's hard to see who is running whom . To think this all came to light when someone let the dogs out to terrorize pedestrians . Unless terrace daily is inclued in political debates in future I will not be attending anymore debates . The RCMP are lucky that terrace daily is not as immature as they are . I notice the daily is still available to help the RCMP when they need the daily .
Childish fits the bill
Comment by Mr. Peters on 28th August 2012
Childish does fit the bill, but to whom. I would argue it is more fitting description of the the Terrace Daily than it is of the RCMP. Let's face it, your "news" reporting is to news reporting what the National Inquire is to serious journalism. While it is entertaining as all get up some times it is by no means what I would consider an authoritative news source.

You consistently but them down and ridicule them and then you are surprised when they do not play nice with you. Talk about an abusive relationship. You are like a man in a violent domestic relationship who when the wife finally does leave is surprised and cannot figure out why.