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NEWS RELEASE · 31st August 2012
The BC Civil Liberties Association is calling on the RCMP in Northern BC to get out of the editorial and media policy business. The BCCLA has received allegations that the Terrace RCMP are using RCMP letterhead to advance the business interests of a preferred local television news station, while withholding public news releases from their competition, a local news website, following publication of a satirical story.

“The RCMP has a job to police impartially and to share public safety information with media outlets impartially, even if those outlets may be critical of some aspects of their work,” said Lindsay Lyster, President of the BCCLA. “Media are a check and balance on police, and their role is constitutionally protected from police interference. Interference can include police advancing the private business interests of one outlet while revoking privileges from the other.”

The editor of the news website Terrace Daily Online, a widely read online local news source in Terrace alleges that RCMP in Terrace advised him that an article which lampooned the local mayor and RCMP Inspector had offended the force. The editor also alleged that the RCMP in Terrace told him that would not receive news releases until they changed their editorial policies to give satirical stories that criticized the RCMP and local politicians lower prominence.

On August 16, 2012, media reported that the Inspector for the RCMP in Terrace had written a letter on RCMP letterhead in support of Astral Media merging with Bell Canada, stating that the RCMP “rely on our local Astral Media extensively to inform the public” about safety issues in support of the merger application.

“The RCMP may well prefer the coverage of one media outlet to the other,” says Lyster, “but retaliation for negative coverage by withholding public information is not acceptable, nor is using an impartial public platform to advocate for the private interests of media outlets that provide favourable coverage. We are calling on the RCMP to investigate this situation, reinstate the Terrace Daily’s status as a media outlet that receives RCMP press releases, and to correct the record around the force’s apparent support of a private media merger.”

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Click on attachment below to read the Terrace RCMP letter in support of Astral media
Appropriate police support would be nice..
Comment by Janice Robinson on 31st August 2012
It seems that sometimes the Terrace RCMP are so busy babysitting town drunks, the mayor, Astral Media and a select other few....and duking it out with the Terrace Daily that they have little time, tolerance or resources to fight crime!

Last year, an adult child of a local, retired RCMP member and his girlfriend (an estranged daughter of a good friend) asked to reside in my house for one month until she gave birth. "Because they lived in Stewart." I was busy in Mom's house, sorting out her ample estate as she had just passed, I agreed to this seemingly charitable act. What could go wrong? Pregnant, two babies already and the proud son of a respected, retired RCMP member.

Long story took me seven months to rid myself of these unemployed squatters, who used my house as a stash/party house for drugs, allowed well-known, local crack dealers and sex offenders to come and go, and phoned the cops on me whenever I tried to rectify the situation! I was threatened, chased and slandered. Whenever they, or their druggie friends seen me on the street, they would taunt and threaten me. "Stupid Indian! Idiot! Crazy lesbian! Stay the f*#&k away, or we'll beat the sh-t outta you. Get it?! Fu*#en lesbo Indian... We'll be finished with your shack in April."

These bums finally left in April, when they were ready....and left me a stinking, unhealthy pile of garbage to clean, broken doors, scattered bullets and gun-cleaning necessities, used tampons and diapers hither and thither, drug paraphenalia and an old car. They stole any and all good furniture, etc. that they could carry.

The constables actually told me to stay away from my house, mind their rights, and stop harrassing them! This was all my fault for allowing them in. Whenever I got near the drive-way to check my property (all properties require winterizing and care), it was not long before the sirens and lights could be seen speeding up Kalum to protect these poor drug-dealing crack/pot heads from little, old me.

After listening to at least two hours worth of B.S. (in the course of seven months) offered up by retired-member-daddy's-boy and his girlfriend, the attending constables always believed them and took their side. I was the truth-stretcher, harrasser and bother. Oh, I even received a lecture from one constable about how it's okay to be a lesbian. What?! Aaargh!

So, I tried my luck at reporting the theft of my freezer, furniture, bike, etc. to the RCMP......

A constable got back to me, saying, "We called them, and they said they didn't take anything of yours...... blah, blah, blah. The file is therefore closed."

After pulling a similar game plan in a local rental unit for three months, the couple has moved to Kitimat.

Now, I've had many years of professional experience with prison guards, parole officers, and police in Kingston, Prince Albert, Vancouver, etc. I find this police situation in Terrace perplexing and somewhat concerning....personally, and as a community member.