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NEWS RELEASE · 6th September 2012
The B.C. Liberals’ lack of preparation for the National Energy Board hearings during the scheduled cross-examination of Enbridge is just another example of the B.C. Liberals failing to show leadership on this critical issue, say New Democrats. The hearings were adjourned early because B.C. was not prepared for the specific topics slated for the Edmonton hearings.

“The B.C. Liberals have been missing in action in protecting our province’s interests when it comes to this controversial project, and now they’ve shown further disregard by being unprepared. It turns out that the high profile trip to Edmonton for Minister Terry Lake and Counsel Geoff Plant was just a photo op and little more,” said New Democrat environment critic Rob Fleming.

The Joint Review Panel recommended the Legal Counsel for B.C. delay their examination until Friday because their questions were off topic and not up to date on information provided by Enbridge.

“On the eve of the cross-examination the B.C. Liberals appointed Geoff Plant as B.C.’s Chief Legal Advisor and then during the very limited time B.C. had to question Enbridge, they were shut down,” said Fleming.

“They’ve had 794 days to prepare and this is the best the B.C. Liberal government can do? Premier Clark has repeatedly promised that B.C. would be taking part in these hearings in a meaningful way, but that has not occurred. Today was a complete embarrassment.”

The B.C. Liberals abdicated responsibility for the Enbridge project to the federal government under the 2010 Equivalency Agreement and then missed the January 2012 deadline to provide evidence on behalf of the province of British Columbia to the panel.

“The B.C. Liberals appear to be doing less than the bare minimum to protect our province’s interests.”

They flouder (or is it flownder)
Comment by Dave B on 7th September 2012
I know it's a fish that is a bottom feeder with both eyes on one side of it's head.
Sound familiar?