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NEWS RELEASE · 8th September 2012
Alex Rose
Handshake Ceremony Signals Release of AIP Details

The Kitsumkalum and Kitselas First Nations will hold a news conference on Monday, September 10 at noon in the Longhouse at Northwest Community College to announce details of their Agreements in Principle (AIPs).

Guests, community members and media will witness the event sometimes known as a “handshake” which marks the end of AIP negotiations. Chiefs and negotiators will sign a Negotiator’s Letter of Understanding.

Details of the AIPs, which have the potential to dramatically — and positively — impact the city of Terrace and the surrounding Pacific Northwest region, will be made public. The AIPs bring much-needed certainty during a time of increased resource-based economic activity. Terrace has become a hub for new mining activity, hydroelectric transmission lines and Ground Zero for controversial debates over proposed pipelines.

Copies of two plain-language AIP Summary Fact Books — one for each Nation — will be available as PDFs. Colour maps of treaty lands, under the deal, will also be available in PDF format.

After the ceremony, chief negotiator Gerald Wesley will be available to take questions from the media.

And there is more to the story....
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 8th September 2012
I would just like to share what I am learning and also try to wake people up that if kitsumkalum and kitselas sign the AIP and/or Treaty, we have no culture left.

About my matrilineal family, I know we are from the High House of Gaum through Esther Roberts and her mom Ethel Booth from Kitselas.

So...... I am a descendent of the High House of Gaum in Kitselas and from the High House of Xpiliaxha in Kitsumkalum, and Gerald Wesley is using the High name of Charles Nelson (Xpiliaxha) to sign agreements and negotiations and possible future TREATIES on behalf of Kitsumkalum and Kitselas with the Government.... And I have no say? We have no say?
Tsimshian charades baffle brains.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 8th September 2012
Ms. Wunderlich:

I found your last comment revealing and refreshing. It brought a smile to my face, and more hope to my heart.

I knew Addie Turner. She was our neighbour in Terrace. I often babysat three of her grandchildren for her, and she picked berries, bingoed and partied with my parents in their younger days. My mother knew Addie very well. Addie's "adoption" of Gerald Wesley was the last straw in their friendship. Mom (A traditional chief matriarch who wore the name, Sim Maguul) did not speak to Addie after that cultural bastardization took place. You are right, Cynthia. It was all bogus. It was staged to impress the white people who wanted to believe, and to give Gerald, et al, some false credibility as he was making a career out of selling the treaty process on behalf of the government. Sad. Our ancestors seen fit to determine Tsimshian ancestry through our Mothers! Period. "You are who you are." is what Mom said, "Our culture is NOT for sale!"

Our Eagle House is also enmeshed with a Raven House. Over the centuries, we have seen fit to adopt individuals from the Ravens to replenish the house. Kitsumkalum Eagles do not seem to propagate like the Killer Whales (lol), and we will soon have to engineer yet another adoption process. Our first cousins in Edmonton, a few of whom we hope to adopt, are high Ravens.....and I bet they would be so honoured to meet you!

You also spoke of feasting. Aaargh! Traditional feasts? Or feasts and poles paid for by the Department of Indian Affairs, like the other Kitsumkalum charade of 1987? One of the poles fell down one day, with a boom! Scared the living bejesus out of everybody in the band office! Hahaha. By the way.....on top of every TRADITIONAL Tsimshian totem pole sits THE EAGLE. They are also unpainted and unsigned.

I am who I am. I am not for sale. Whii Nea ach.
Thanks for listening.

According to a letter written by Don Roberts Sr....
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 8th September 2012
My great grandfather was Charles Nelson Sr., was a kitsumkalum hereditary chief with the name Xpilacha (Part Sky). His crest was Gxanhada, (Raven) and his ancestors ruled in a village in the kitsumkalum valley called Gitgxandakle, just across and a little south of Alice Creek (Gala-kse-mask).

My grandfather, Dave Nelson is naturally closely connected with the house of Xpiliaxha, and is still considered by the present day kitsumkalum band members, to be of the original kitsumkalum family.

My families personal background within the Kitsumkalum Gxanhada tribe is that of very high standard.

This letter was written in 1982, in 1987 Gerald Wesley was somehow adopted and given the Charles Nelson (Xpiliaxha) name, the one with which he uses at the treaty negotiating tables.

If there were adoptions, hereditary, and not pet adoptions, they were to rebuild a house. Gerald was adopted by Adeline Turner, from killer whale to raven for the name he has and has not feasted for it.

As for rebuilding our house, I have been trying to get records of true hereditary feasts conducted in true hereditary form and protocols, with high chief witnesses within Kitsumkalum and have not found any. If anyone has any, please forward them and share.

I admit that there is still much to learn, I am proud of who I am and where I come from. All I could hope for is to bring our true hereditary culture back and unite all of the families to sing and dance and stand together, united. To be proud again. To treat each other with respect. Honour our true chiefs.
Who's who in Tsimshian Territory.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 8th September 2012
Ms. Wunderlich:

I noted that you signed your name to your last comment with the surname "NELSON" in parentheses. This addendum told me a lot about you. Although not all Nelsons in the area are Tsimshian (we determine ancestry matrilineally), the name reveals a lot about your history and connections. Just like if the children of Peter Lawford, or Arnold Schwarzenegger identifed themselves as... Amanda Lawford (Kennedy), etc.

Likewise with your nemesis, Christine Monroe, who states she would "dislike" you if she could. I am acquainted with her, and we have always been civil with each other. She is a BOLTON, and as we all know...the list of band employees, council members, treaty team, etc. at Kitsumkalum reserve reads like the Bolton family tree. Mildred Roberts' maiden name (the mother of both the chief councillor and band manager, Don and Steve) is BOLTON. Mildred is Christine's aunty. Head treaty negotiator, Alex Bolton is Christine, Steve and Don's uncle.

When I first applied for housing at Kitsumkalum, I was told by Carol Sam in housing (Don and Steve's sister), "You will never have a house in Kalum."

At the first community meeting I attended, a Bolton patriarch and past Kitsumkalum chief councillor (Ben) hollared "Adjicks!" at me when I passed his table. I was surprised because I had never seen him before that day. He never did bother to get to know me.....but, he never did like me.

I rarely interact with Don Roberts' cousin Wayne Bolton (Kitsumkalum bookkeeper/accountant). Upon passing him by the mailboxes last spring, I commented to him, "Nice car!" "Thanks." he said.
The next week, I was harangued by his cousin Don (chief councillor) for being rude to Wayne. Why?

When I was on the board of directors of a regional First Nations Theatre company a while back, we applied for funds to build a carving shed/arts centre in Terrace. We were denied because, "Funds have previously been allocated, and a carving shed is already a reality in Terrace, B.C." Where?! Out at Zimacord River on the property of Clifford Bolton (past chief councillor). I got in trouble by just asking about it.

So, when someone out at Kitsumkalum wants to dislike you, or give the "thumbs down" to your life....Hold your head high, and just keep on stepping. It might be a Bolton. (Some Boltons are very nice). And, keep on smiling!

Janice Robinson (Miller).
This was posted on the Terrace Standard....
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 7th September 2012
Christine Munroe · 54 years old
there should be a DISLIKE button
Reply · 2 · Like · 20 minutes ago

Christine Munroe is an employee of kitsumkalum band, Social Housing Department and was also our chief electoral officer at the last election. Sounds impartial doesn't she? They can dislike the truth all they want. I have done my research and have asked politely for information every band member should rightly have. I have been called a "terrorist and dissident" at the BC Hydro Vote meeting from another band employee. I have had a death threat from a family member on the direction from our band manager, Steve Roberts. Does this kind of administration sound like someone you would vote for and support? I thought Municipal, Provincial and Federal politics were bad, try voicing your democratic right on a reserve!

And I would like to correct my last statement, the comment must have had to go through some approval process.
Comment by Kalum Band Member... on 7th September 2012
Kitsumkalum Treaty Communications

Department We would like to note first of all that we responded on this same matter before. The Kitsumkalum rock quarry did not require a vote. Kitsumkalum obtained a 5 year permit pursuant to s. 58(4)(b) of the Indian Act. Please see our previous response (please see the link above at the beginning of the string) for more information.


Here is another pattern according to Aboriginal Northern Affairs (IANC). Said there is no work zone policy involved with this operation.


Now read Kitsumkalum Kalum Treaty Communications Page comment on financial management.

Kitsumkalum Treaty Communications Department

Based on your own comments in regards to an inability to get financial statements, it would seem that we agree that there is poor financial accountability now. Even if you got finanicial statements, it is unlikely you would find them worthwhile. I have seen some certified by accountants saying only that they comply with general accounting principles and that X number of dollars was spent on a particular department. The only thing that provides true accountability is a constitution. After a treaty and a constitution are in place, the

Kitsumkalum leadership will be more accountable to its people than ever before. If you go to the Canlii website and bring up the Constitution Act, 1982 and do a "noteup", you will find that over 20 thousand cases cite it, the majority of which are citizens making the government be held accountable. I would encourage you to pick some and read them, especially ones from the Supreme Court of Canada like R. v. Morgantaler (1988), Re: Same-Sex Marriage (2004), R. v. Big M Drug Mart (1985), arguably some of the most important decisions to achieve fairness in Canada. Students in law school spend over a year reading about the many important cases where Canadian citizens have used the constitution to successfully sue their government. Nothing empowers people against their own government like a constitution.

However, a constitution without a treaty has little to no force of law and is barely worth the paper it is written on. Without a treaty, it is very unlikely that the courts would use it as a means to hold any government accountable.


Here is Kitsumkalum Treaty Communications words from there page.

The question? Traditional Laws being incorporated into Canadian Laws. How we lose our Tsimshian Sovereignty doing so?

Kitsumkalum Treaty Communications

Department The Kitsumkalum Treaty is based on having a relationship with Canada and other non-Aboriginal governments. Indigenous people in Canada may have the right to establish themselves as a pure sovereign, but unless Kitsumkalum people plan on living a purely traditional lifestyle, then it is more practical to have a relationship with other governments so Kitsumkalum people can benefit from various basic programs and services, such as health, education, water, electricity and national defence etc.
The treaty improves the relationship with other governments but still provides greater independence in regards to internal matters. We believe this is what the majority of Kitsumkalum people would prefer.
Arguably any individuals that would prefer to live a more traditional lifestyle will still be able to do so and can now, at least as much as possible in this day and age.

(Long Read)...

What we learned...

(A) Kitsumkalum Treaty Communications informs bad financial practices?

(B) No Vote from Kitsumkalum Band Members 700 population with CN - ROCK MINE Operation.

(C) The vote surrender of traditional Tsimshian Galzap Gitsumgallum tribal laws that been in place for tens of thousands years.

(D) Kitsumkalum band is not in control of there natural resources, there partner shared with International Corporations. Band members have to live with 24'7 mining (loud noises every night for the next 5 years.

Thanks to Kitsumkalum Treaty

Communications page for educating on our community information updates.
PS. I posted the same comment on Terrace Standard...
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 7th September 2012
It got pulled instantly. I was told long ago that the Terrace Standard Newspaper is not allowed to publish anything Anti-treaty, even if it is from Band Employees. It doesn't matter, they are forbidden to post any opposition to treaty. Wonder why?
There was an important meeting last evening?
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 7th September 2012
Once again KitsumKalum members are not properly informed of such meetings. There is no post on the treaty page, nothing in the mail, (which I have received before, so I know they have my address), and no phone message. I have attended almost every meeting that I hear through word of mouth and at the last minute.

Agreements, policies and laws are being implemented at such a fast pace the everyday working band member barely gets to see them at a glance.

Furthermore, all of the information is not given. I have been asking for financial audits, (which under the law we are suppose to have access to), and have received nothing for the last 4 years. We also have not even seen the legal agreements with BC Hydro and CN, and they are already a done deal.

The signing of our new conflict of interest policy, (where they made it a law that it is not a conflict to be an employee of the band and a councilor at the same time), has never been heard of in any democratic body. And if the conflict of interest policy was in place before the signing why were there band employees running for council and getting elected for every election thus far?

As for consulting hereditary chiefs, they pick and choose which elders and chiefs which will further their agenda. I have personally talked to 3 hereditary chiefs that have been left out of the consultation process. They are not informed or addressed properly. My questions to the BC Treaty Commission team was not included in their Q & A information pamphlet.

I asked if they were going to properly stand up the true hereditary chiefs with their names at feasts before any signing? Real feasts, affirmed with true chiefs witnessing and in the proper hereditary protocols? Not made up protocols.

There is too much corruption, misleading information and half truths, with this whole process to post in a little comment. Let's just say KitsumKalum has no business signing any agreement with they way they run their Council and Administration, if anything we should be asking for a forensic audit and maybe even a third party manager to come in to go over the books.

At the last meeting I will never forget a quote from Gerald Wesley, "We need those bucket full's of money!" I can only take what that sentence implies. At the same meeting Chief Councilor Don Robert's also made a shocking statement, "We don't need to beat a drum to have culture". These kinds of views are not my views, and from talking to many elders and members, it is not theirs either.
Not really.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 7th September 2012
Last evening, after a four hour presentation by Gerald Wesley, Alec Bolton and Don Roberts (Kitsumkalum treaty negotiators and chief counsellor), to band council and Hereditary Chiefs, it was made very clear that there is significant and meaningful opposition to this "Agreement in Principle."

This is an example of lop-sided propaganda shovelled out by the government's treaty supporters (Gerald, et al).

Indeed, I am pleased to report that this treaty process, engaged in by politicians from the Tsimshian village of Kitsumkalum actually seems to be floundering from lack of support.

Concerns, unanswered questions, and opposition was voiced by band council members and Hereditary Chiefs alike.

I encouraged all Tsimshian people to attend our community meeting on September 15 (conveniently scheduled AFTER September 10!)

Hear our concerns and opinions, and be free to voice your own.

Why wah!

Whii Nea ach.
Waap Gitxon,
Eagle, Kitsumkalum.