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NEWS RELEASE · 7th September 2012
Enbridge Northern Gateway
The BC Chamber of Commerce have expressed support of the Northern Gateway Project. In a Letter of Comment filed to the Joint Review Panel reviewing the project, the BC Chamber says Northern BC is in need of economic opportunities such as the Northern Gateway.

Read the letter on the NEB website HERE:

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Centre Edmonton expressed support of the project. In a press release, the Edmonton Chamber calls Northern Gateway “a nation-building exercise” and crucial to sustain economic growth in Canada. The Edmonton Chamber press release is below:

Northern Gateway Pipelines Project: An Exercise in Nation-Building

Edmonton, Alberta – The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Centre Edmonton (WTCE) have both submitted letters of comment in support of the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project to the Joint Review Panel (JRP). This action comes as the JRP’s public hearings begin today in Edmonton.

“We view this project as an exercise in nation-building, as was the St. Lawrence Seaway project which successfully opened the entire country to international trade routes and markets,” writes Ken Barry, volunteer chair of the Edmonton Chamber’s board of directors. “It is imperative to expand access to crude oil markets beyond just one customer. This expansion is crucial in order to sustain economic growth in Canada and avoid a land-locked glut of Canadian crude oil.”

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce – the voice of business in Alberta’s capital - is the nation’s largest chamber, with the support of nearly 3,000 members. World Trade Centre Edmonton, the international arm of the chamber, has a membership of over 9,000 businesses belonging to chambers of commerce from northern Alberta (including Edmonton and Red Deer), northern British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

“World Trade Centre Edmonton is the most active World Trade Centre in Western Canada, and as such we feel compelled to speak out in support of this Project,” writes Martin Salloum, president of the WTCE and one of only three North American members of the World Trade Centers Association board of directors. “We feel that the Project is an integral piece of infrastructure towards ensuring that Canada becomes a significant participant in the global energy sector.”

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Centre Edmonton look forward to being able to contribute to the JRP process, in order to ensure that the views of northern business is represented, and to work toward a brighter economic future for all Canadians.
Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 9th September 2012
Where can a complete list of all members of the local Chamber of Commerce be accessed?

I remember local business people used to brag about belonging to this organization, and paste those big blue signs signifying membership on their windows and doors.....
Support - I guess
Comment by Dave B on 7th September 2012
The BC Chamber and governing members don't live here and don't give a damn except for their dues - the Edmonton Chamber - good for you - you get the benefits we get the risks!!!!
No surprise
Comment by Chris on 7th September 2012
This doesn't surprise me in the least and lets just wait and see, our own Terrace and District Chamber will soon come out with their own support, as their strings are pulled by Mr. Winters and the BC Chamber. Not a bit of concern for what local business wants or feels, just blind compliance. Just like with the HST and look how that ended up. Very sad indeed. Shame on you Mr. Winters for claiming to represent BC Businesses, especially northern businesses. Local businesses should follow the example of many and dump their Chamber of Commerce membership until Mr. Winters stops pulling the strings. He is talking for you but he doesn't represent you.