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NEWS RELEASE · 11th September 2012
BC Liberal Caucus
For months, Adrian Dix has been hiding his plan for the future from British Columbians. But details are slowly slipping out, they are proving costly and they illustrate the BC NDP has no idea how to build a strong economy and keep life affordable for families.

Here are three examples of what the NDP doesn’t want you to know:

One. The NDP’s transportation critic came out and said his party was against reducing road and bridge tolls and would actually expand tolls to cover more roads in the Lower Mainland. This means key arteries like the Oak and Knight Street bridges would face tolls, if the NDP had its way. But the NDP are trying to hide this from you.

Two. During a radio interview, the NDP labour critic said one of a worker’s most fundamental rights – the ability for to vote by secret ballot on whether to join a union – might be revoked. Workers have the right to join a union, but they also deserve the right to make that decision in private. They NDP don’t want you to know this.

Three. When it comes to the Northern Gateway Project, the NDP have thrown up a smokescreen and hope no one sees how much their scheme will cost taxpayers. Originally they were against the project; then said they want to spend millions on a sham review; and now they refuse to say whether Adrian Dix would honour the review. But the smokescreen can’t shield the NDP from the fact there plan would cost British Columbians.

And where does Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberals stand? With you.

As we build more needed infrastructure, we will protect taxpayers and make sure tolls are affordable. But we won’t impose tolls on existing roads as the NDP could.

BC Liberals believe workers should make decisions on their future, not in a public meeting, but in private – just like in an election.

And Premier Clark is standing up for British Columbians when it comes to the Northern Gateway Project – laying out five conditions that must be met before British Columbia will consider the project for approval.

Premier Clark is focused on the growing economy – in the last 12 months we’ve led the country in job creation – and making life more affordable by cutting hydro rate increases and eliminating government waste.

With the NDP continuing to give British Columbians the silent treatment, it makes you wonder what else they’re hiding.

Parrot the Gator
Comment by Blocky Bear on 20th September 2012
Nicely put Pal! d.b.
You are right, but...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 16th September 2012
in the federal election there was a "third option" and that meant Jack Layton. Iggy was perceived to be a right-wing liberal and didn't have a lot of "charisma" whatever that means.

You don't have a third option in BC, unless you think of John Cumming but he is firmly on the right occupying the same political stance as Christy but just trying to capitalize on her blunders. He even supported the HST and Christy is not perceived as a "liberal" in the sense of being in the middle or moderate on the political scale. So without a solid, sensible, moderate "third option", the outcome is certain. For the opposition party to take risks makes no sense. That's not a great situation for voters but that is where we are at. It could all change but time for a third party is running out.

That was my point.
Snakes lie in wait
Comment by Shawn Ksisiiaks on 15th September 2012
The first rule of opposition didn't work for the Federals Liberals in 2011, and assumes the public will vote against the Liberals by voting NDP.

Our local MLA has been nothing more a ghost, and I refuse to vote for someone who sits idly when given a world or opportunity to stand up.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 14th September 2012
Are you sure?
Who wrote this!!!
Comment by James Ippel on 13th September 2012
In as few words as possible: "Probably an NDP

Hope that answers your question Les.
Comment by les watmough on 13th September 2012
Who wrote this joke?
A desperate act?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th September 2012
The first rule for an opposition, when the government is crumbling from within, is to let them destroy themselves. Keep your head down and let the government implode. Some may not like this strategy but it is the sensible thing to do. A platform only comes out when an election is called. The liberal government is simply trying to create a diversion and their desperation is obvious.
This is hilarious!
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 11th September 2012
The incompetence of the BC Liberal Party is so painfully blatant in this article. How can anyone take them seriously?
Liberals have nerve to talk of others` errors!
Comment by Gator on 11th September 2012
Let`s just stick to the cold, hard facts....since the Liberals got into power we have lost a third of our population here in Terrace...we have lost our local jail, apprenticeship branch, shuttered up several schools; Thornhill Junior, Kitik`san, Jack Cook, Copper Mountain, both of our Sawmills in Terrace, Eurocan mill in Kitimat, kitwanga Mill, methanex, Lomak, Excel,....we have spent a billion dollars on smart meters, given up money makers like the Liquor control branch, cut back Northern Ferries trips while increasing the fares....The Liberals have raped hundreds of millions from ICBC, BC Hydro, and other crown corps....ICBC is now the next prize to be handed to business...The Liberals were voted in to improve the quality of life in BC....Are we better off now than we were 12 years ago....
some mistakes in THERE article
Comment by ed on 11th September 2012
It looks to me like the author needs to go back to grade 11 english for a refresher, or get better proof reader.
Liberals' changes to labour law in BC
Comment by David on 11th September 2012
Major Changes in B.C. Labour Laws:

-Labour Relations Board must consider "economic viability" of employer in its decisions

-Employers regain the right to campaign against unionization efforts

-Injured worker benefits reduced by 10% to 20%

-CPP Disability benefits to be clawed back by WCB

-Weakening of cost of living protection for injured workers

-"Averaging Agreements" to allow employers to sidestep overtime and the 40 hour work week

-Requirement to post employment rights at workplace are removed

-Part time workers lose access to vacation pay and statutory holidays

-Workers covered by collective agreements now "exempted" from basic rights outlined in Employment Standards Act

This is a joke, right?
Comment by David on 11th September 2012
I suspect this was written by the NDP to make the Liberals look even sillier.