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NEWS RELEASE · 12th September 2012
Foreign Affairs Canada
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement:

“Canada strongly condemns and deeply regrets yesterday’s senseless attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three other U.S. officials who lost their lives in serving their country.

“We call upon Libyan authorities to take all necessary measures to protect diplomatic premises in accordance with Libya’s international obligations. We also urge Libyan officials to ensure the extremists responsible are brought to swift justice.”
What Next?
Comment by Dreams_Of_A_Better_World on 22nd October 2012
It is unfortunate that the US ambassador was killed in Libya. Who is the Elephant in the room? It's getting a bit crowed in Libya, and neighboring countries with the CIA and God knows who else (probably the Russians) is in there messing around to overthrow the country Libya which posses no threat to North Ameriaca. After messing with Libya, who's next? Oh yes, now I remember some news thing about IRAN and nukes (total smokescreen), it is a New World Order plan that we are seeing here. I hpe that our Canada, the Canada we grew up with, isn't going to be dragged into another war abeit NATO. The line is drawn at IRAN folks, the Russians have said bluntly that they will NOT tolorate ANY interference with IRAN. PERIOD. So, with this said, it's getting very crowed with all those war ships, owned by America, Russia etc. etc. What we are seeing here is maddnesss in it's truest form. America the agressor, I thought I'd never see the day but here it is. My personal appologize to Iraq (who's country's infastructure like schools, electric plants, water plants etc destroyed) Mass civilian deaths due to drone strikes....We were LIED to about "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq. There are none. I think the question needs to be asked by Canadians "do we support the endless war doctorine" that the Americans have now, are we as Canadians, prepared to live with the knowledge that indirectly we are supporting the overthrow of countries that have no aggressive actions towards us? Don't give us that crap about the "War On Terror" as this is a vehicle for free licence for endless wars, endless killing, Canada should keep out of this sin. Thank you for listening to me, who is and always will be a Canadian, NOT A NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!

we states
The Elephant in the living room
Comment by fbreker on 15th September 2012
OK - Lets get something clear about this murder of a US ambassador. This cold blooded, barbaric act would not have happened under Muamar Ghadafi!! Am I singing his praises - No, but better the devil you know than the one you don't. This murder is tantamount to the killing of a US president, you DO NOT kill ambassadors! Mark my words, this flim flam man, poser, that sits as US president will do nothing to avenge this either. It should be interesting to see how this plays out but the government of Canada has no right whatsoever to get self righteous and bleating about this heinous act. The government of Canada and Stephen Harper are complicit in that they were part of the ouster of Ghadaffi. There is an agenda that brought NATO into ousting Ghadaffi, among other numerous Middle East leaders. Does anyone connect the dots with the ongoing western push to turn Syria upside down? Harper is a mewling sycophant of the zionists, the fact that he just won an award as a statesman highlites the pathetic state of world affairs. We in the west have no right to interfere in the middle east, we will one day pay for that meddling. The events of this past week are a foreshadow of much worse to come.
The latest?
Comment by James Ippel on 13th September 2012
I heard a news report that the killing of the American Ambassador was a well planned assault by Alquida, not the spontaneous uprising by a group of Muslims.
It seems to be an accepted fact by certain factions in our society that it is OK for the Muslims to desecrate Christian/Jewish buildings, but a "perceived" insult to their God (Allah) immediately becomes reason to go out and kill "INFIDELS" (anyone who is white and non-muslim).
How often are the Christians/Jews mocked for their beliefs, to often to count? Do they go out and kill the mockers? Even the Muslim Congress in Toronto (I believe) critisized the actions of these radicals.
It is time the western world woke up and smelled the roses. We are always the first to give assistance in time of tragedy to these nations and are the first ostersized by the same people we help. Do you recall the tsunami in Indonesia? We were there to help but the request from the Gov't there was to "send money", we will only allow your caregivers to be here for a short time. We are afraid they may try to convert people to Christianity.
Somebody's gonna pay...
Comment by Janice Robinson on 12th September 2012
An American ambassador killed by Muslims who are pissed off over the mocking of Mohammed by some unknown (and now invisible) American Jew?

Uh oh... The Jewish comedian should have known better, and those who killed the Americans, in retaliation, should ready themselves for martyrdom.
Comment by Terry on 12th September 2012
30 percent of your comment is obscured by the adds and cannot be properly read on my devise Merv . What I can read is fair comment . I don't think it was Iran that used Canadian passports to murder people in other counties putting real Canadians in harms way as a result. With friends like that who needs enemies?
Weird double standard
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 12th September 2012
On September 7th Canada closed their Iranian Embassy without any provocation and without any advance warning or lead up to the closure. Canada simply claimed it was a "Bad" country and they were worried something might happen.

Here we have dead people, a brazen attack revealing an inability to protect their embassy, even the Americans, yet the Canadian Embassy doors remain open in Libya.

Somehow it seems we were not being told anything close to the truth regarding Iran. A responsible government, one truly concerned for their embassy staff, would immediately remove them and advise the Canadians in that Country to leave now.

But then maybe we already bombed the place and we haven't yet bombed Iran.