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CONTRIBUTION · 19th September 2012
Gitxsan Unity Movement
Below is the complete text of a letter sent prior to the release of the Deloitte and Touche auditors report.


September 4, 2012

via email to:
angusfam,,, - Jim Angus;

Gitxsan Treaty Society PO Box 229, Hazelton, B.C. VOJ 1Y0
Attention: Directors

Gitxsan Dev.Corp./ Gitxsan Energy 3000 Royal Centre1055 West Georgia St. PO Box 11130 Vancouver, B.C. V6 3R3
Attention: Directors

Nox Nox Consulting c/o PO Box 229 Hazelton, B.C.
Attention: Directors

Dear Sirs and Mesdames:

Re: Division of Assets

We write on behalf of Gitxsan chiefs who have elected not to be members of Gitxsan Treaty Society ("GTS") , and who have chosen to manage affairs of their huwilp without involvement or interference from GTS or its related entities, including Gitxsan Development Corporation or Gitxsan Energy.

While Gitxsan chiefs have worked together using corporate vehicles such as Nox Nox Consulting and Company of Gitxsan Houses Trading into Europe and Asia, to hold our assets since at least 1987, events in recent years, particularly conduct of GTS board and staff, require that we take steps to protect assets held in trust by these entities.

During GTS's July 17 -19th,2012 meeting a total of 28 House Chiefs ( or 43%) stated they supported GTS and consented to have GTS continue to represent them. However, we are aware that at least one chief stated he did not consent to having GTS represent his house in treaty negotiations.

At the same time 37 House chiefs (57%) declined to acquire membership or give GTS a mandate to negotiate. Despite this notice of lack of support for, or confidence in GTS, it is apparent the society intends to continue to state it represents Gitxsan chiefs and can speak on all Gitxsan territory; and also proposes to continue to negotiate a treaty.

THEREFORE, TAKE NOTICE, that flowing from the foregoing, Gitxsan chiefs have instructed Gitxsan Huwilp Advisory Services Association ( GHASA) to proceed with necessary actions for the Chiefs to re-assume control of their assets held by the foregoing GTS created entities.

We are very mindful that separation of Gitxsan interests and territories along different political and administrative structures will be difficult. As we will all continue to be part of a nation having strong family and cultural ties, we wish to proceed with this division in an orderly and respectful way.

We propose a joint working group which will be charged with overseeing the division of assets, including the Gitxsan library/ Delgamuukw collection.

As a first step it will be necessary to engage the services of an accountant to prepare a report on all tangible assets including real property, equipment, and cash, as well as non-tangible assets including investments. The accountant will of course need to take into consideration the finding of the forensic audit being conducted by Aboriginal Affairs Canada.

The joint working group will then prepare a report outlining a process for fair and equitable division of assets for consideration and negotiations by GTS and GHASA. Gitxsan Chiefs wish to see this work done without delay therefore we request your response to our proposal by no later than September 15, 2012.

Failing agreement on the above proposal, or in the alternative a counter proposal from GTS we are prepared to proceed to Court in order that the matter can be resolved with the Court's assistance. In the interim we ask that no transactions involving transfer, acquisition, or disposal of assets owned, or held in trust for Gitxsan chiefs and people, take place. Further, any work related to any Gitxsan Library work on territories and any territory mapping should cease until the division is completed.

We look forward to an early response.

Yours truly,

DELGAMUUKW (Earl Muldon)
GUUHADAKW (Norm Stephens)
DAWAMUXW (Larry Patsey)

cc. GTS Board Members
via email to:
- Marge Quock - Lucille Stoney - Vernon Smith - Anita Davis - Darlene Howard
Gitxsan Properties
Gitxsan Chiefs
GHASA Board of Directors
BC Treaty Commission via Fax
Hon. Mary Polak via email
Hon. John Duncan via fax