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COMMENTARY · 25th September 2012
Merv Ritchie
Dave Edwardsen is in jail. Wow. Someone everyone knew was the filthiest and most immoral drug dealer in Terrace for over a decade. Poisoned youth, ruined lives and suicides. The BC RCMP wax on eloquently about what a great job they have done. We agree but choosing to wait until those Mayors and Councillors at the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) are attempting to encourage the legalization of hemp products is too timely to be coincidental.

In May 2007 the Terrace Daily and yours truly wrote about this problem in Terrace with Liars Drug Dealers Cops and Lawyers. We had only been in the fine City of Terrace for one year and saw the problem clearly. We knew most of the crooks and drug dealers and many were not the low life scum like Davy.

Then one year later, in April 2008, we wrote Drug Dealers Cops and Lawyers Round Two. In this we went even farther and even suggested the names of some of those involved.

Four and a half years later, after we even named names, the RCMP talk about the completion of a 14 month long investigation. Wow!

We have had many long conversations with the cops involved in the drug investigations. The typical conversation usually involves the tragedy of coke and crack, the virtual non-existence of crystal meth and the lack of trouble pot smokers cause.

But the problem is growing pot is illegal and the cops must do as they are told. Someone who wants to keep a clean record but likes to smoke pot with his wife and friends, has to buy it from assholes like Dave Edwardsen; a guy who is prepared to make his own chemical concoctions and test them on friends visiting with him.

He sits back and observes their reaction after he slips it into their drinks.

It is people like this who add chemicals to their pot growing operation to make it more potent. Then they sell it to the common man and woman, who in all other aspects are hard working law abiding Terrace residents.

These drug dealers who are already contravening the law are not afraid to deal in all the other drugs either. Hence a pot dealer is now also a coke and chemical dealer, which in turn connects him to organized crime.

The cops we talk to explain how hard it is to catch a coke dealer. The substance is brought in and moved within hours. A tip off of an impending bust allows for the stuff to be hidden far off site. A pot growing room on the other hand must remain in place for at least three or four months to harvest the crop.

We must ask if this recent bust in Terrace wasn’t initiated this week (during the UBCM convention) only to bring support to Prime Minister Stephen Harpers tough on drugs crime laws and minimum sentences for pot smokers. Inspector Dana Hart used to be on Harpers security detail as his right hand man.

It could not have been too difficult to set up this bust, we told the RCMP who and where these guys were many years ago.

Terrace Drug dealers are like the Keystone Cops, they are generally buffoons. Take this “Armed Robbery” report and article from 2008. The cops were listening in on these guys cell phones while the entire staged armed robbery was in progress. The cops know who all the drug dealers are, make no mistake. It is only the timing of this most recent bust here in Terrace that is relevant.

In the Spring of 2011, RCMP spokesman at the time, Tim Shields, referred to Terrace as a crime ridden City after the RCMP were exposed by the BCCLA (BC Civil Liberties Association) for beating up and harassing people (primarily native). We took great issue with this and in February 2011 we wrote about it in an article titled Terrace RCMP And BC Civil Liberties Small Town Justice. This article is full of links to previous historical writings on Terrace, including an expose’ on how the Mayor of Terrace was fulfilling his promise to the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce by pushing the cops to harass natives.

The only crime in Terrace is the imposition of a Federal law, the criminalization of pot smokers and forcing them to buy from jerks like Dave Edwardsen. This along with the intense social disturbance and family breakdowns caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol and the lack of RCMP compassion with those chronic alcoholics. The First Nations population have been suffering from this substance since the first Hudson Bay traders arrived and poisoned them with it to steal their fish, fur and land.

One would think the BC government would start a treatment center for alcohol addictions using all their tax revenue collected from the sales of this deadly product. Terrace is known as having the highest per capita consumption rate.

This recent bust is a blight on the face of Terrace but it did not have to be this way.

If pot was legalized the high priced market would disappear from people like Davy. People could grow their own; alcohol consumption would likely drop and the number of domestic disputes would certainly immediately drop. The local RCMP officer might even begin to regain respect for the men and women they are entrusted to keep safe, rather then the current disgust at attempting to, night after night, separate drunken adults old enough to be their parents or grandparents.

Drug trafficking and the involvement of big business and governments has a long history. It is commonly understood the top of the pyramid is our very own governments. The British Navy made their fortune in Opium sales. They even went to war with China after China refused them access to their people to sell their drugs. Read a provocative rant on this here.

One must wonder if the RCMP are not simply ensuring the lucrative illegal pot market stays lucrative, by remaining illegal. This Terrace Bust, five years too late and too many dead children later, occurring now, during the UBCM convention where they are debating the legalization or at least decriminalization, is just far too coincidental. Who are the Terrace RCMP working on behalf of?

On September 18, 2012 the District of Squamish put forward a motion for the UBCM to decriminalize pot. On September 24, 2012, the same day as the RCMP news report on the Dave Edwardson drug bust, (the guy we exposed for the RCMP five years earlier) the UBCM convention began, heightening the scare tactics. Who are the puppets and who are the puppet masters?

A commentary by Harold from Terrace in November 2008. Even the regular guy knows the truth.

The Drug War - A Roller Coaster To Hell - A Historical Article By John Grant

On Inspector Dana Hart here
Mr Ippel
Comment by Danny Nunes on 28th September 2012
Mr Ippel I believe the shift key on your computer keyboard is broken as use an excessive amount of exclamation marks in your posts.


One usually will suffice & as a graduate of a non existent university you should know this.

Also James.....U MAD BRO?
Dear Merv
Comment by Danny Nunes on 28th September 2012
Can you please write me a recommendation letter for the University of Hard Knocks.

In answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by James Ippel on 28th September 2012
I assure you Merv that I am not naive nor do I lack comprehension gene. I have the cranial capacity to absorb facts, and the ability to separate fact from fiction.
I graduated from the "School of Common Sense" and the "University of Hard Knocks."
You apparently find it amusing to insult my intelligence, probably not having any knowledge of my background or work experience in the community (retail, transportation, etc) being in constant contact with the public.
I agree that Edwardsen is not the largest drug dealer in Terrace, but he is not a minor player as you suggest. I don't know where you get your information, but it boggles the mind.
As for the women in Thornhill who was busted for dealing coke--has it ever crossed your mind that they may have tracked this shipment from source and known when it was going to be delivered? Maybe, just maybe, they found a sympathetic Judge who gave them a warrant in advance for a predetermined length of time to execute. Do you know who this woman is, and do you know how many times she has been busted? If the woman you are referring to is the same woman I have in mind, she, and her sons, have been the subject of numerous police busts, all related to drugs. Even her grandson is allegedly involved in the trade.
In closing Merv, I am no longer going to involve myself in this discussion. From your comments directed at me, I get the impression that you classifly me as a mindless impressionable fool. My answer to that is: It is difficult to soar like an Eagle when you have to deal with Turkeys.
Have a nice day.

Respectfully submitted.
Merv Replies
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 28th September 2012
First, I did not claim to be the first to inform the RCMP on Davy, I simply stated, as others here have acknowledged, it was an easy thing to discover. And I never stated I told them about Dave. I wrote about the drug dealers and the crooks yes, but did not tell the cops and do not, never did, claim to be the first to see this issue. Just how obvious the people are.

I also never claimed he (“shoot himself in the foot” Dave) was the biggest drug dealer, in fact I claimed he was a peon; a small potato wondering why they leave the real big boy’s alone. James cranium seems to lack the comprehension gene too.

As for depositing money in the bank - when I got taken for $136,000 by the Mafiso in Vancouver I read up on how they do it in a book by Diane Francis - Contrepreneurs
Stock-Market Fraud and Money Laundering in Canada.
They deposit small amounts in various banks and then transfer it to one single account. Large deposits are certainly noted. These guy’s are not stupid. The big boys have teams of women and young people walking around to different banks all day making smallish deposits.

As for the fast food joint concern, you obviously did not follow the link. It is investing. Catherine Austin Fitts, (former Assistant Secretary of Housing (HUD) under the Bush Administration, and CEO of Solari,) only used a fast food franchise investment as an example. (We cannot explain everything in detail, sometimes you need to do a little work on your own). It is not some young boy investing in the local fast food franchise. How ridicules is that concept? One would think you might have realized that wasn’t what was being indicated here.

AND when cops need a search warrant right away, in an urgent case, it takes a phone call. If it is to search a law firm it could take weeks, to search a drug house it could take two minutes. I am not the naive one here. Remember when the cops drove right through the ditch into the front window of the house in Thornhill to catch the coke dealing woman, who they busted again a night or two later? Yeah, like they stopped to show her the search warrant, just like they waited a few days to get it when the coke came into town.

As for David Eby and the Terrace RCMP, how can anyone claim he is not doing his job when they (the RCMP) picked up a healthy man outside the front doors of Chances Casino and then after arresting him and taking him to their cells needed to take him the Mills Memorial Hospital three times and then they needed to air lift the poor soul to Vancouver where he remained in a coma barely hanging onto his life. Oh yeah, he deserved it right?

Public safety officers is what they are supposed to be, not officers the public are supposed to be afraid of.

Sorry if you think my comments here are harsh, that my temperament towards ignorance is showing, but I have never suffered fools gladly.

People like Gordon Campbell, Stephen Harper and Dictators like Hitler and Stalin, just love the way your brains comply to what ever propaganda they feed you. (In this case it is the drug bust in Terrace propaganda - revealed in Vancouver for some obscure reason no less)

Canada has a great future if the majority don't think for themselves. (that was sarcasim)
Here Here James
Comment by Joseph K on 28th September 2012
Merv, come on. The police have to make sure they have their ducks in order before they can apply for a warrant. (easier said than done)

As for all the money in the stock market from drugs. Lets see, have you tried to deposit more that $10,000.00 at a bank. They do ask lots of questions. Same goes for investments. So why is it when they do big drug busts there is alway large sums of money. The fastest way to launder money is at casinos, not your fast food joints.

I have to laugh when you say you were the first to break the news about Edwardson. Please. I have been in Terrace for only 13 years and was quick to learn who were the dealers. Not that I do drugs or hang with those types. But it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who the players are.

I am sure you will have lots to say, which you do. I and for entertainment purposes I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Comment by James Ippel on 27th September 2012
"A Search Warrant" can be obtained in minutes??? Is this figment of your imagination or do you watch to many American Cop shows?? The only time the police in BC could execute a warrant in minutes is when the police had what was called a "JOHN DOE" warrant. They had to fill in the name, address, etc. and if they ever abused this privilage it was withdrawn (only issued to very few officers).
Here you are, a reporter who has lived in Terrace, what?, 10 years , telling the rest of us what a bad town we have.
I would not classify Terrace has a drug haven, but we do have our fair share here. Do you know that the first bust of Liquid Hashish in BC was made in Terrace (going back to the early 70's)? Do you know that Edwardsen is not the largest drug dealer in Terrace? He is a major player, but by no means the biggest. He just overplays his hand every few years and gets caught. The smart one keeps a low profile ALL THE TIME.
You suggest my cranium has insufficient capacity to absorb all of this..
I suggest to you that as a newcomer to Terrace, you might want to check the information for some of your comments a little closer. Some of your sources I equate to the same sources that David Eby used when he slamdunked the Terrace Police as a very abusive Force. One source in particular should have had a backgroung check done and I am sure the comments from this person would not have been used by David Eby or the Terrace Standard.
You may know a lot, but it is only a smathering of what really goes on.
Have a nice day.

Respectfully submitted.
the politics of heroin
Comment by Catherine on 27th September 2012
For all you non believers, Alfred W McCoy has an exceptional expose book called "The Politics of Heroin" CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.

And, don't think that for one minute a 14 year old selling marijuana doesn't make thousands of dollars for the markets as he/she usually launders the money at fast food joints that are traded on the NYSE et al.

We are all complict in this - who of you, who rely on your investments or pensions, want the flow of drugs to stop?
Completely called for
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 26th September 2012
You are way too naive. Are you suggesting political expediency is not happening everywhere? Including Terrace? A search warrant can be obtained in minutes.

Everything is media and optics. It is why the Terrace RCMP wish to devalue our work, we shine a light where they would rather people not see.

Why don't you address the real scale of the drug game. Stop attacking the messenger. Money laundering, the backbone of the drug game, requires the stock market "Wall Street" and the VSE.

This entire situation is apparently much bigger than the capacity of your cranium.

Edwardsen is a peon. He was used for expediency at this specific time. To distract the public and the UBCM.

People now think Terrace is a drug haven. Shame on Hart for using our town this way.

Shame on you for attacking us for exposing truth. Open your flippin' eyes.

Two years ago, August 2010, the Canadian Military arrived at the same time as the Enbridge JRP representatives arrived in Kitimat.

Their excuse was to do exercises with the Rangers. We exposed this and suddenly the Forces sent in a warrant officer to do Media damage control.

No one would have known til we exposed it.

Even the Inspector admitted our expose' cause 48 hours of consternation at DND.

I'll just keep practicing the Ian Bush triple jointed yoga move with my arms and wrists so when they come to get me I can shoot myself in the back of my head too.

Give your head a shake
Uncalled for
Comment by James Ippel on 26th September 2012
You came down real heavy on the Cops, insinuating that you had all the answers and have given them to the police in the past. The way I read you is that Edwardsen was not even on the police radar till you brought it to their attention. Please allow me to enlighten you: Mr Edwardsen has been on police radar from the age of 12 (roughly 37 years) so they certainly knew about him.

This man also retained a Kamloops lawyer known for defending unsavoury characters like him. This was on a 24/7 basis. Edwardsen was found "not guilty" on numerous charges, but most were on a technicality, not on innocence. He has served time for drug related charges as well as for violence. Each time this man went to jail he learned a little more, and was more careful.

You suggest that the arrest of Edwardsen coincided with the UBCM meeting was planned is a real stretch. If you knew the ins and outs of a drug investigation, you would realize that when the iron is hot you strike.

With the absolute BULLSH!T hurdles thrown at the police today in obtaining a search warrant, they must act when they think the time is right, not if it is politically expediant.

A simple search warrant to go into a Bootleggers residence can take hours to prepare. What do you think a warrant for a drug search would take? Not hours my friend-days. Our Justice system protects the rights of the Crimminals, makes sure their Charter of Rights are not comprimized, but does'nt give a tinkers damn about the honest law abiding citizen. The vast majority of Search Warrants are approved by JJPs(Judicial Justice of the Peace) These are people who have unlimited authority (or so it seems) but little legal training, except what they have learned on the job, and courses at the Justice Institute.

In closing, police do not only focus on pot dealers, they also go after the dealers of hard drugs and bust them every opportunity they get, contrary to some of the comments posted here.

Respectfully submitted...........
Stop it, just stop it. Leave our business alone!
Comment by Jim Smith on 25th September 2012
Here’s the troublesome reality. If the cops really revealed their findings and their investigation results, they would show off the delivery notebooks. These notes and books (remember the last “cocaine warehouse” bust?) it would reveal the names of the users; the local politicians, lawyers and business person.

Mr. Edwardsen, though a fool, is not near the top of this game. How about the cab company and their drivers? The pizza delivery guy? The shop owner who can’t turn a profit but remains a lucrative open business?

The smug blind Terrace resident who falls for these media events put on by the RCMP to attract a reaction get what they deserve, more brain dead children.

I agree, this was a staged affair for the media to create a panic for the voting delegates at the UBCM convention. The legalization of pot would destroy the local economy. Those who drive the expensive sleds, ATV’s, boats and Hummers get their income from a place not 9 to 5. A few, yes, but a regular family guy putting kids through school, there are not the jobs here to afford these toys, only drugs provide this rich income.

And those who control this will continue to control it. The RCMP are ensuring the economy continues as it should. Keep pot illegal so the economy of Terrace thrives!

Terrace and the rest of the BC Bud economy. The only real lucrative business to be in.
Give the cops a break
Comment by David on 25th September 2012
I don't blame ordinary police officers for focussing on marijuana offenders. This comes from the top -- the inspectors, the bureaucrats, and the politicians. It's the brass who deserve the name-calling, not the ordinary police officers who have no control over the politics.

By targeting the least dangerous of all drug users, police officers can be sure they will return home to their families alive. They're just human. If you were a police officer, who would you rather bust, violent cocaine users or peaceful marijuana users?
good lawyers
Comment by billbraam on 25th September 2012
As I understand it, good, very good lawyers are employed by suspected drug dealers and they do a very good job in finding ways of keeping their clients out of custody. Conrad Black knows who to call in a pinch, so does a person that sells contraband and has the monetary resources to call his /her own advocate.