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COMMENTARY · 30th September 2012
Merv Ritchie
In an unusual personal ad, the local Victoria owned and regionally distributed Black Press Newspaper, the Northern Connector, promoted the enrolment of new club members from Kitimat and Terrace.

Although not openly calling themselves the Hells Angels the ad could not be much clearer. It requests potential new members own a Harley Davidson, stating this is a mandatory requirement. Further it clearly states it is a traditional motorcycle club with a “Full Patch”.

Over the past few decades there have been a variety of motorcycle clubs and the Hells Angels have come out on top as being the most successful. Part of the reason for the success of this club is also clearly identified in the ad looking for new members from Terrace and Kitimat; “…all the traditional rules for such a club.”

There is no enforcement agency in Canada that deserves more respect for having strict rules which are obeyed without deviation than the Hells Angels. The RCMP and the Canadian Military could only dream of having their rules of conduct obeyed with such open sincerity. A full patch member of this club will on his own enforce these rules of conduct, anytime, anywhere. One can be certain, if you see a full patch Hells Angel you know exactly how he will conduct himself.

There will never be abuse of children anywhere near this club. In fact simply swearing, using foul or aggressively language in front of a child will draw such a rebuke one might wish they never had the ability to speak. Foul language is not acceptable behaviour in the clubhouses either.

Members of this club never take actions on their own without specific instructions or orders to do what they do. Unlike certain RCMP members who might, on their own, snap on gloves and beat up someone who they feel needs to be taught a lesson, and then never having to answer for the assault, a Full Patch member would not.

Generally the Hells Angels fall under the designation the RCMP frequently use; criminal gangs. Yet some RCMP officers admire this organization. When Terrace experienced an immature armed robbery, where one coke dealer ripped of another coke dealer after one group sawed off a shotgun and tricked the others into believing it was a full robbery, the robbed person called the RCMP. It is widely understood “criminal gangs” are involved in managing the distribution of cocaine. When the distribution arm became aware of this Terrace idiocy and the attention of the RCMP to their organization, one can be certain they resolved their own problems.

This is part of the rules of associating with the club, no attention.

The young man who conspired the “armed robbery” plan was invited to Vancouver where he endured a drug overdose. In a conversation with local officers after this happened and in answer to questions about the “Boys” the officer smiled with a tone of admiration stating something along the lines of; ‘yeah, they take care of their own business,’ indicating the Angels have a code better than theirs.

When one of the members is taken out, either by an unfortunate encounter or by the membership itself due to a serious indiscretion, the family of the fallen soldier is ensured a secure and safe future. They take care of their own. It is why these people are so widely respected. Yes they are feared too, generally without foundation, unless the frightened person has crossed them. Then there is a reason for the fear.

Our local news stories on the drug dealers and their immature behaviour has attracted comments regarding the Hells Angels. Some state it is a good thing we do not have such a club in the region. Some actually stated they think the local boys and girls selling cocaine is better than having Angels here in charge. With the amount of coke and crack being sold to ten year old children by these small time dealers, Greenville being a centre of dismay as well as Terrace, one must question the value of these statements.

There is no code of ethics here in the North regarding the sales and distribution of drugs. It is a free for all and children are at the losing end.

I for one, the author of this piece, look forward to Full Patch members patrolling the region. The RCMP have failed completely and the local First Nations communities have ignored the pleas of their elders and hereditary system of governance to such an extent hardly a single Indian (the majority of the population) respects their Band Councils (except those being paid by the Band Councils). With the full implementation of such an organization with their full rules of conduct the children of the region will likely live with a future free of peddlers to their elementary schools. At least the suicide count should fall dramatically with their brains remaining clean until they are young adults.

The only question I have is why Black Press would authorize the publication of this notice for Harley Davidson Motorcycle owners to join their Full Patch traditional motorcycle club complete with “all the traditional rules”.

In November of 2008, after the court case regarding the “Armed Robbery” we discovered we were part of the only media organization that covered it. We had recently purchased ad space in the Northern Daily through the Rotary Auction and designed an ad to draw the public’s attention to the story. Black Press refused to host the ad.

With the hosting of this personal classified ad for the club, the refusal to draw publicity to the armed robbery trial opens up an entirely new set of possibilities as to the reasons for not hosting the coke dealing armed robbery ad. Negative publicity is one of the first rules strictly enforced by the Full Patch membership.
You're excused
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 2nd October 2012
We have written and published innumerable articles supportive of the Terrace RCMP. And, when justified, we write critically of the Terrace RCMP.

The same applies to the City of Terrace, sometimes they do great work and at other times they are completely wrong headed.

As we said during one Council meeting encounter when we were criticized for criticizing them, "We are not your bugle boy!"

Media has a duty to report when it is good and when it is bad. It is something the other Terrace Media has not engaged in, in a fair and responsible manner. When something is really bad, they either ignore it or soft peddle it. Like the guy the Terrace RCMP put into a coma, the others barely mentioned it.

Some Terrace RCMP officers, like some Terrace City Councillors and their administration staff, can only remember the negative light shone upon them. They completely ignore or forget the positive light shone their way.

It is a narcissistic psychological condition. The good stuff they forget because when they read it they know it is true so there is no point in remembering it. When it is a negative story they are so offended they cannot come to grips with it so it sticks in their craw forever.

Not all are like this but enough to make this job difficult.

Thanks for your thoughts though.

Search RCMP on our site, you will find more news releases by them and positive stories than negative. Our quick look reveals at least a two to one in the RCMP favour. Your accusation has no foundation.

Simply read the story on the armed robbery, we completely sympathized with the plight of the RCMP officers.

An addendum to the composition
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 1st October 2012
To be fair to the RCMP, when I wrote " The RCMP have failed completely" it was not meant to belittle their efforts. As can be read in the article on the court action regarding the "Armed Robbery", it was specifically the court process which hamstrung the RCMP. Great officers see years of hard work completely wasted. So when I write " The RCMP have failed completely" it is not necessarily their fault. The process is clearly not working.

The hard drug world will always be here. If the RCMP cannot keep these drugs away from the children, then I say let the angels in to bitch slap the local dealers. The RCMP and the angels know who they all are, where they live and how much they distribute.

The common everyday citizen need not be worried. Guys like Davy and the rest who sell to children should be.
Her comes trouble...
Comment by Janice Robinson on 1st October 2012
But not for me. A couple of years ago, while walkin along Lakelse Avenue, I came across a member of the Hells Angels strutting down the street with his vest on. We shared the sidewalk for a couple of blocks that sunny Sunday. Later on, we crossed paths again in the bulk foods section at Save-On (sans vest). I cannot remember what he looked like (ahem...), but the expensive cologne he liberally slashed on that day is unforgettable.

Should we warn them about how rough the local RCMP constabulary can be at times? How come we never hear of criminal bikers or Mafioso winding up black and blue after an over-nighter in cells?

This should get very interesting...
Take care everybody.