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NEWS RELEASE · 1st October 2012
BC Auditor General
Auditor General John Doyle has released his annual fall follow-up report, compiling the results of 16 self-assessments by government organizations. These self-assessments, published unedited and in their entirety, detail progress and plans on implementing 86 of the Auditor General's recommendations.

"This is the ninth follow-up report issued during my term, and cumulative implementation rates since we began this process in 2008 are encouraging," said Doyle. "However, the self-assessed progress in this recent report is less than I would have expected. Frankly, I am disappointed."

Of the 86 recommendations followed-up on in this report, 27 (31 per cent) were self-assessed as fully or substantially implemented, or addressed through alternative action. Of the remaining, 54 (63 per cent) were partially addressed, and five (six per cent) had no action taken. Overall, of 563 recommendations followed-up on since October 2008, 471 (83 per cent) have been fully addressed, while 86 (15 per cent) have been partially implemented and six have had no action taken.

"In addition to the low implementation rates for initial assessments, I am also concerned by the self-assessed progress reported particularly in the area of information technology. The recommendations arising from IT audits often address security gaps, and can be affected by the quick pace of technological change," said Doyle. "I am therefore disappointed to note that only seven of 22 outstanding recommendations in this area have been implemented."

"I will need to consider these results more thoroughly in order to determine the most appropriate and effective course of action in this situation."

On behalf of the Legislature's Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts, the Office of the Auditor General follows up with audited agencies in varying formats, including action plans, agency self-assessments, progress assessments and progress audits.


The Auditor General is a non-partisan, independent Officer of the Legislature who reports directly to the Legislative Assembly. The Auditor General Act empowers the Auditor General and staff (known as the Office of the Auditor General or OAG) to conduct audits, report findings and make recommendations. Please visit for more information on the follow-up process.


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