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CONTRIBUTION · 5th October 2012
Kimberley Wilson
Attn: The Editor
Re: the recent arsons at Cassie Hall School
Dear Sir;

I am a fourteen year old girl trying to make a difference for my school. So I would really love it if you would all please read this so you all realize how important school really is. School helps children and teenagers prepare for the adulthood and become citizens in this world. Cassie Hall Elementary School has changed my life forever. I learned about friendship, love, commitment and so much more through the teachersí dedication to education.

Lately this beautiful school has not been getting the respect it deserves. On August ninth Cassie Hall was the victim of an arson fire around the multipurpose room that caused thousands of dollars of damage to the pipes. The only thing that saved this wonderful school is the sprinkler systems and the fire department shortly after. Thank goodness there was nobody inside at the time.

But when I found out this news it broke my heart. I was so angry I wished I had been there to stop the fire before it got so bad. I am writing this because on September 23rd a nineteen year old man, a fourteen year old girl and a eleven year old girl tried to burn down the equipment in the playground at 6:00pm. This is NOT what any school deserves.

Every day I hear kids and teens say I hate school, or I did not do my homework last night, or really rude stuff to the teachers. Teachers put their hearts and souls out and give up their time to spend it teaching us everything we know and are learning today.

Well you know what? I love school always have, always will. I know if I do my homework every night, study hard, listen and be respectful to my teachers, and use my time wisely, one day I will have a great future and become what I am meant to be.

But if you do not do your homework every night or listen to your teachers and donít try your best then your future may not turn out the way you hoped it would. Imagine you are a young adult, trying to get a job so you can get a place of your own, but you canít find work. Maybe you did not listen in school, never learned respect for others or to do your best; so now you are living on the streets or at your grandparents house or back with your parents.

School is a privilege and how you use it and treat it will either help you or bite you in the future. If you do your homework, study hard, listen and respect your teachers, and try your best it will pay off. If you donít, well then I hope you really loved living with your parents because thatís where you will end up.

Before I end this letter I would like to thank all of my wonderful teachers from Cassie Hall and Skeena Middle school for their hard work in getting me where I am today and making me who I am. All of you are like family to me and have been there when I needed you.

Kimberley Wilson
Comment by Tianna ( big sis) Valdez on 3rd November 2012
I'm proud of you, and your a bright girl ( young lady) I will always support you and love you forever even if I'm older than you by one year.... hugs kisses and many more from me and my sister Mackenzie and the other siblings... xoxoxo Forever!
Well Done!!
Comment by Anita on 11th October 2012
Great writing Kimmy! You have a wonderful appreciation for education. Continue working hard and you WILL become what you are meant to be.
Keep smiling!
Kimmy's letter
Comment by Mrs. Scott on 10th October 2012
I am so proud of you Kimmy! What a beautiful letter.
A great role model
Comment by A proud teacher on 10th October 2012
Kimmy, You have made many of your teachers very proud and you are an absolute pleasure to have in class!!
Extremely proud
Comment by Jessie Venos on 7th October 2012
As a former TRU North Student Council President,
I am extremely proud of my cousin for writing this letter. I see Student Council President in your future
Thank you
Comment by A teacher on 7th October 2012
What a great letter, your parents should be proud!
This is my wonderful young lady.:]
Comment by Anna Dimitrov on 7th October 2012
This is a letter about making a change in this town that we live in and my wonderful daughter that ,I'm so very proud of wrote it very good. She thought of this idea after hearing about the fire in Cassie Hall over the summer.
Thank you all this is my dream!!
Comment by Kimberley Wilson on 6th October 2012
Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments. I am very proud of myself and this school Cassie Hall means the world to me its my dream so thank you all for taking the time to read this letter this has been the best day of this school year Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
I was impressed with your letter.
Comment by Barbara A Emery on 6th October 2012
It is so nice to see students appreciate the effort others have done to educate and support others. I was one of the first teachers in Cassie Hall many years ago when it was built and subsituted there many years later. I am so happy that education is still happening.
Comment by Deborah Dimitrov on 6th October 2012
This young lady is my granddaughter and I could not be prouder of her. Knowing her as I do, I can assure you these are her true feelings. Thankyou for finding her letter as relevant as I did.
Hope for our future
Comment by Janine Wilson on 6th October 2012
Miss Kimberley
Your letter was very well written and reading it gave me hope for today's youth. You are absolutely right, school should be a place of dreams, hope, hard work, learning and respect and unfortunately not to many people see it from your view. Kudos Kid, so proud of you! Study hard!!
Bravo Kimberley!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 6th October 2012
You give us all hope for the future.
Nicely Put
Comment by BJ Jackson on 6th October 2012
Well done. I do hope that parents will share this with their childre,