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COMMENTARY · 6th October 2012
Merv Ritchie
When you have all stripes of the political spectrum hating you, you know you have treated them all equally. In my world there is no room for dogma. To my detriment I also have little room for ignorance; that is, someone who claims to have knowledge but possesses very little.

Confucius wrote it first and Henry David Thoreau repeated this in his writings. ‘To know that you know what you know, and not to know what you do not know, that is true knowledge’.

Knowledge requires considered thought and critical thinking skills. Today’s general society lacks this ability. Traditional schooling along with almost all major mediums of information, ie; news, entertainment and the internet, survive primarily due to the general public’s inability to think critically. The passive acceptance of life as it is without challenging the leadership of our communities perpetuates this situation.

This all has to do with our ability to reason.


Reason does not mean excuse. Saying, ‘that is the reason I did that’, to excuse the action can be a partially correct concept but only when one is describing the entire thought process, the reasoning, behind the action. Logic is an integral part of reason.

Reason is the ability of comprehending, inferring, or thinking, and the use of logic. It is otherwise known as the intellect.

After many years of writing and reporting on the website, along with editing and approving comments appended to the compositions, I have discovered a society sadly lacking in this ability. Our political leaders may suffer the greatest as we have discovered they avoid reason at all costs.

Community members take great umbrage with the writing style, the grammar or the punctuation regarding the stories posted on the Terrace Daily. Some curse the journalistic style and others question the value of the website labelling it in demeaning terms. Few however address the topics presented with a reasoned discussion or engage in a pure debate. This is common today on almost all internet discussion groups.

The most common retort when someone desires to take issue with the subject being presented is a personal attack on the author. This is generally called an ad hominem attack.

ad hominen an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or unrelated belief of the person presenting the claim

These attacks usually side track the debate into different topics and generally end in foul language between juvenile participants having the reasoned person earlier disengaging.

Political leaders however, and this includes our Prime Minister and the Premiers of BC and Alberta, simply refuse to even acknowledge a reasoned discussion.

We write this to bring attention to the most serious and critical debates currently underway across Canada and specifically concerning the West Coast of BC with the NW Coastal Rainforests, Environment and First Nations peoples. The Premiers and Prime Ministers personally, and through their staff and offices, have refused to even acknowledge a twice sent letter. A note stating, “We have received your letter, thank-you” would have at least been respectful, yet they all refuse even that courtesy.

We wrote directly to these three important leaders in an effort to engage in a ‘reasoned’ debate; to address these serious issues in a thoughtful comprehensive manner. Not as a challenge and not in a lengthy diatribe, but in a ‘reasoned’, logical and intellectual fashion. No response after two attempts to both Premier Redford and Prime Minister Harper and a third attempt with Premier Clark through an email exchange with a communications staffer. Still not even an acknowledgement.

Maybe those who are reading this will follow the link to the first letter below and after reading it, finding it ‘reasonable’, will take a moment to re-email it, re-direct it again to these leaders. The email addresses are at the end of the letter.

If we cannot encourage our leaders to engage in reasoned debate on our societies most important issues we really are in jeopardy.

After five years of encouraging thought and discussion on the issues facing the Northwest Coastal regions of BC, having even our leadership refusing to engage in ‘reasoned’ debate, has our frustration level peaking. Therefore, in an effort to resolve this dilemma, we ask our readers to assist us.

Please take a moment and consider the following letter and the associated links. Maybe with a concerted effort we could at least get a reply addressing the issues. We ask that it be circulated widely.

The local economic development agencies would also do well to consider the issues discussed in the letter. Support for the concepts presented and a resolution of some of the issues addressed might bring a level of prosperity far greater than that envisioned with the resource projects currently on the table. Consider a new shipyard for freighter re-fits and a rail tanker fabrication plant. Consider the Northwest becoming a leader in international developments. Consider all the opposition with the wild protests and demonstrations coming to an end.

Further, a resolution to some of the issues debated would provide security for the proposed projects as well. Ignoring the seriousness of the matter will bring insecurity to the developers and international interests, therefore it is in everyone’s best interests.

Thanks for your time.

And Happy Thanksgiving.

We will take time with our families as you should with yours.

Here is the link.
no hate
Comment by stacey tyers on 7th October 2012
blanket and general statements are sometimes hard to digest. As you very well know, i have no hate for you at all.
my thoughts organized by remember
Comment by blocky bear on 7th October 2012
I don`t suppose there is a fact checker available to confirm your statements. I would however like to echo your missive. There are I am quite sure, an orchestration of Liberals(?) planning the future of River City. Thank you for the articulation. d.b. p.s. thank you Terrace Daily for the forum.
Comment by spottedhorse on 7th October 2012
make yourself the change you want to see in the world
Remember This:
Comment by Remember on 7th October 2012
All the development in the North West was done stealthy by an elite combination business people.

Since the Gordan Campbell 2001 took power. The public has been removed for public forums on development.

After everything is built now the public is forced by will of development to proceed.

So I know the truth and others know the truth. There just to dam scared to speak about it.
With the media being used as chest peace, against the intellectual public. Controlling the media is controlling the voice of our public.

Terrace Daily is a skipping stone in a large pool of crap that is happening in our communities. By hovering past the bull crap we are fed.

1100 Votes to save the Mayor in Terrace BC on Voting Day.

For a population of 20,000 in Terrace BC. The voting turn out is around 20 %. Not even half or a majority. It was the business empire network controlled the vote and saved the mayor, to save there investment jobs. To control the resource development.

( Human Bodies that can think). All work in corporation to sustain power. Once they have that legal sector its easy business.

Now to the average person who don't give a "C.R.A.P". Don't see the power how it works in our town on municipal voting day. If you were organized with 1200 friends you can control the town. That is how powerful it is. The system is no different from a Indian Reserve. Terrace BC is just one big Indian Reserve. That's it. For the people of concern trying to make a difference they are controlled by the media. As a superior network. Well people are waking up and getting organized. Terrace Daily is the spear head of that organization development.

Kitsumkalum - Kitselas there connected to the Mayor the MPS too with development. The two other (reserves) they need each other for corporation development. So the network tied into (Terrace BC Reserve). The Terrace BC Reserve needs the other two Indian Reserves to be in network corporation for Industrial Development. That is why they send professional agents like Roger Harris who is a North West Transmission Line Operator to convince the people its a good deal.

All it is a just business. The people who are farmers, stewards of the land. Are deemed bad people oppression to there communities for employment. They are smarter than others.

Well I tell you this much. With out the Terrace Daily, the educational forum we wouldn't be able to see the mirror on the other side of communication reflection.

True Terrace BC - Farmers, Hunters and Fishermen who enjoy there land for future generations (WAKE UP BECOME UNION), work with everyone even included opposition to the Kitsumkalum - Kitselas Treaties. Cause its all about Big Development that threaten your future.

The Government of Canada has fiduciary responsibility to look after Indian Lands. Indian Lands are shared in peace with farmers, trappers, hunters, fishermen (Original Customs). Once the Indian Tribes want to be corporate (Brainwashed). All is over, the next generation has nothing cause everything is for sale $$$$$$$.

SO WAKE THE F UP....Look at your town see the matrix..Its a controlled capital operation. Walk into Wallmart - Stand in the change room, you feel like a monkey in a cage.


Why not TEUs?
Comment by gemlog on 6th October 2012
Make double walled TEU's (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) and ship them through Rupert. The infrastructure to handle that shape and size is already there. The rails are there and the port is there, ready and very willing. It doesn't hurt that it's far safer and more accessible than Kitimat either.
calm down merv
Comment by chris from away on 6th October 2012
i think you need to unplug for a bit
start with your own ( apparently) immaculate thoughts
lose all the excessive cross references that google or wikepedia seems to drive you to reference

ok. so you know the changes you want to make locally or globally, but referencing other peoples gobbledeegook isn't merv
i suggest walking about the community for seven days to listen..... no opinions uttered from your mouth
don't go looking at the rest of the world for a change....
hey, i'm now in montreal and find your writing kinda unfocussed
how do you think the locals think

personally i would suggest a bit more focus at home for your content

you can go global with your other interests, but don't mangle them....

otherwise, consider tofu turkey
my friends and i made a reasonable facsimile of a turkey out of tofu about 30 years ago
no turkeys or friendships were harmed
still good friends too.....

Happy Thanksgiving Merv
Comment by blocky bear on 6th October 2012
To you and yours! d.b.
I appreciate you Merv!
Comment by blocky bear on 6th October 2012
While sometimes I think you are disciple of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I believe you are a valuable member of the press. Indeed for me you hold out some hope for reasonable thought! Please do not stop offering controversial dialogue! d.b
Terrace daily
Comment by Terry on 6th October 2012
Thank you Merv . If it were not for the terrace daily all we would have is the substandard and what a pathetic neocon rag it is . Merv you are the terrace daily . I hope the td will be strong enough to out live you . None of us are getting any younger .
hate is a strong word...
Comment by alexander pietralla on 6th October 2012

come and see me sometime next week. I am always happy when I can have an exchange based on reasoning. Here is my basic fundamental motivation : behavioural change on a scale that would truly make a difference is a myth. We therefore need to focus on how do we do the necessary things in the wisest and most sustainable way possible. I try to do this by connecting silos, by luring cemented views onto the open field of reasoning and debate. I will show you all we do and work on and would be happy to have your input. Awaiting your call or mail.
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.