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COMMENTARY · 11th October 2012
Merv Ritchie
It is so absurd. Those we elect to lead us are such liars. Or maybe they are just brain dead. Here is another headline;


Just like when Canadian/American companies built the railroads they imported Chinese labour to be the fools to carry the explosives into the tunnels. Oops, damn, guess we need another few Chinese.

Last year just under 2000 Chinese workers died in Coal mines. In the previous ten years 50,000 died.

What is wrong with Canadians, our media and our leadership?

And get this.


At the old Cassier mine region the Chinese Minerals Mining Corporation is operating a few underground mine sites. Almost all Chinese labour.

The pictures speak for themselves. Pat Bell refers to these underground mines as requiring a highly trained skill set.

Listen to two CBC radio interviews by clicking on the links below.

BC Almanac October 10, 2012

Daybreak North October 11, 2012

There are so many things that are wrong it is difficult to know where to begin.

The underground miners in Saskatchewan, the potash mines expropriated from USA managed corporations, have emergency safety and survival enclosures should an accident occur. This is what responsible considerate corporations provide. Accidents have occurred recently, a couple in the past few years. Everyone survived. China lost 1973 workers last year.

Cliff Frame, the guy the Japanese fired from Quintette Coal for his arrogance and bad management, started the Westray underground coal mine in Nova Scotia. In 1992 an accident occurred. Just like what Frame started at Quintette Coal, an atrocious safety record, his management caused the loss of 26 miners on May 9th.

Mining can be done reasonably and responsibly. Under political leadership such as Stephan Harper and Christy Clark however, there is nothing even close to resembling reasonable responsibility. They could look to Saskatchewan but to turn to China, almost the worst on the globe? How audacious.

Pat Bellís former Ministry, forestry, has been virtually exposed for being infiltrated by the Chinese government. Bill Bennetts Ministry was exposed in the same manner after Richard Fadden, the Director of CSIS spoke to CBC regarding the infiltration of Canadian Crown Ministers offices.

The pictures attached to this article are taken directly from the website run by the Chinese Corporation previously known as Hawthorn but now run as the Chinese Minerals Mining Corporation. State of the Art?

This underground gold mine is just north of Dease Lake and has a 75 man camp almost completely populated by Chinese laborers. Armed guards are reportedly protecting Canadians from entering the area to see for themselves what the Chinese are doing, or dying from.

Is anyone watching over the conditions?

The same is being reported from the Imperial Metals Red Chris Mine east of Iskut. Employees have been told they will be immediately fired should they be caught taking any pictures or even having their cell phone out of their pocket after they leave the highway.

Are conditions and the situations that bad?

Do Canadians even care?

There is nothing wrong with the Chinese people. It is theirs and our leaders who are the problem!
State of the Art Technology
State of the Art Technology
Highly skilled technicians are required here.
Highly skilled technicians are required here.
No picture takers allowed, armed guards are reportedly protecting Canadians from getting a chance to see for themselves Canada's new mining regulations
No picture takers allowed, armed guards are reportedly protecting Canadians from getting a chance to see for themselves Canada's new mining regulations
The location of the Chinese Mines in BC already staffed by Chinese laborers
The location of the Chinese Mines in BC already staffed by Chinese laborers
Get your Facts straight
Comment by Jason H on 21st October 2012
First I would like to say to whom ever wrote this article to get there facts straight before slandering companies and Mine properties with false information based on no facts. I happened to have been the Mine Manager of Table Top 2011 and have done consulting work 2012 as well have been a part of the property on and off for the last 7 years. The pictures do speak for themselves it is a junior company with older equipment trying to make a go of it. There has not been any Chinese labourerís or even Chinese miners for that matter on the table top (Cusac Property) in any of the 7 years to present that I have been there. There has been a Private Chinese millionaire that bought a Plaster mine 25km north west of the table top that does have Chinese workers that are working for him, but a smart guy like you would have not made that mistake. As well you compare Coal Mines of China to the hard rock mining of Canada, ya thatís right HARD ROCK Mining a whole different Mining Method. I laugh at people like you that dream up garbage to say because there life is so uneventful, HAVE FUN.
Andrew Nikiforuk
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 12th October 2012
Isn't Mr. Nikiforuk supposed to be in Terrace tomorrow, October 13th, at the Longhouse? He is apparently doing a tour to promote his book, "The Energy of Slaves". Maybe someone can verify this and post the time.
Population control?
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 12th October 2012
Perhaps this is the Chinese Governtment's way to to control their 'population'.

You know...send them abroad and then...Ooops....another 700 Chinese died abroad pulling insane work demands?

Okay...everyone together now. The TV's are on:

Oh dear...oh me...oh my! We lost more of our Chinese countryfolk? No way. Really? Oh well...that's what happens in the workforce. So sorry, folks. Now....where were we? We're down 70o? Good. Now, how many more shall we send out? Okay...onwards.

Just saying....
Comment by Paul Repstock on 12th October 2012
Our leaders are not just "Liars", they are also totally corrupt!
How easy to blame the flaws on "infiltration of departments" by foreign agents...Who the hell appointed those foreign agents?? This is just a very thin cover for corruption, by the politicians who are selling us out for thirty pieces of silver. Search ' Andrew Nikiforuk ' on The Tyee'.
Mr. Harper was right, "You won't recognise Canada" when I'm finished. Chances are you might not find it on a map! These wheeling dealing politicians are selling our country to every passerby. We are becoming a resource prostitute like Nigeria. Do you want to try live on $2/Day? The International corporations will own everything worthwhile. And eventually they will start a war on top of Canada...Ground Zero Canada. How does that sound?