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WelcomeBC (, an online portal for immigrant workers and prospective workers in B.C., had a 63% increase in visits in 2011 compared with 2010.
NEWS RELEASE · 14th October 2012
MP Nathan Cullen - Smithers
The news this week that hundreds of Chinese temporary workers will soon begin flooding into northeast BC coal mines to fill skilled labour shortages is a “manufactured crisis,” MP Nathan Cullen said today.

“We’ve known for years that huge skilled labour shortages, up to 15,000 thousand vacancies in the BC mining industry alone, were looming large on the horizon,” Cullen said.

“It’s just ridiculous to be filling potentially thousands of BC mining jobs with foreign workers when unemployment remains stubbornly high in many parts of Canada, including here in our riding.

“Part of the federal government’s promise to thousands of displaced fishing and forestry workers was that they’d be able to transition to jobs like mining through funded training programs.

“That hasn’t happened and we’re now looking at a terrible example of the Canadian government not working for Canadians.”

Cullen said the federal and BC governments must step up regulatory and training efforts to more effectively safeguard the jobs of Canadians. He is urging Ottawa to tie temporary foreign worker approvals to detailed training plans that would prepare Canadians to fill skilled labour shortages.

He made the appeal in letters today to ministers Diane Findley, responsible for the temporary foreign worker program, and Immigration’s Jason Kenney.

“There must be more accountability for federal training dollars and to Canadians,” Cullen said.
wake up
Comment by Bev Barich on 17th October 2012
I think Rick Mercer has it right. he stated in his rant that the MP's just sign the omnibus bills like they are accepting an i-tunes contract. He also said that Canadians just don't care until it is something like changing the words to our national anthem - then they are in an uproar because they can't picture Harper with pencil and paper trying to rhyme his name with Canada. I told people many months ago that this was the plan and now that it is happening they are upset.
More than two years ago we wrote on this China threat
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 15th October 2012
And after we followed up on the lead provided by Richard Fadden, the Director of CSIS, we were threatened by Ministry staff who were isuing threats by their Chinese workers, senior policy analysts etc working in the BC Government.

And again we wrote here

Nothing has changed except the hooks have gotten deeper as no other media dared expose the truth.
And if that was not enough...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 15th October 2012 is an excerpt from a Tom Sandborn article on the Tyee. After the Premier's trade mission to China she sent out a news release which included the following:

""Premier Christy Clark today announced financing worth $1.36 billion for two major investments which will eventually create over 6,700 jobs. 'This investment clearly shows how confident China is in British Columbia's world-class mining resources and strong investment climate,' said Premier Christy Clark. 'These two projects support our BC Jobs Plan and according to the companies will create over 6,700 jobs and other economic benefits for British Columbians.'"

What the provincial leader didn't mention was that most of the direct mining jobs would go to temporary foreign workers brought to mining camps in the northeast of the province from China."
Winds of Change blowing out hope for future
Comment by Diana on 15th October 2012
With the announcement of importing workers for Canadian jobs I am further disillusioned by our governments commitment to Canadians. Who is really running this country and is he/she Canadian or Chinese? or American? or ?? With so many out of work we need to reform our way of delivery to train workers, if Canada cannot keep up. BC needs to fight for BC. Canada for Canada. Stop selling your people and your resources short.
@ Chris from Away
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 15th October 2012
Now if you had actually said something on the issue instead of the usual nonsense you might be taken seriously. Fact is that way back when we had a Select Standing Committee on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment proposed by the WTO. The risk were the same as now. It was being negotiated in secret and when it was exposed it died. I wrote a piece on that for the Terrace Daily years ago.

I was on that committee. Where were you? At least give your real and full name instead of hiding like a coward or put your brain in gear before writing. There was no talk of foreign workers then nor would the government have even considered it.

As for your other comment, I have engaged in offering my opinion here since the TD started. I do it under my name which is easily recognized and therefore subjects me to the kind of comment you make. I don't hide but I also don't suffer fools when they comment on me instead of the issue.

And there's still a few hundred thousand to come...
Comment by Mamakel on 15th October 2012
And you have seen nothing yet ... one factory " About 300,000 Chinese workers currently live in dormitories at Foxconn's Longhua factory complex, " ... " So it was a surprise when Terry Guo, the hard-charging, 61-year-old billionaire CEO of Foxconn, said last July that the Taiwan-based manufacturing giant would add up to one million industrial robots to its assembly lines inside of three years." ... Harper CCCE PMO can't / won't work on Canadian worker issues with a pool like Asian labour to exploit .
where did the experienced people go,,,,,,
Comment by chris from away on 14th October 2012
to helmut giesbrecht
i seems to me that you had some pretty plush appontments in government since 2000.... you could have batted for fishermen or small business over the years,,,, and now you decide to make noise about the state of affairs???
geez, i hope you aren't planning a comeback.....
Leave it alone
Comment by Darryl Tucker on 14th October 2012
If Canada has the natural resources but not the human resources required to "mine" the resource leave it alone until such a time that Canadians are properly trained. It's ridiculous to "strip and ship" what about that great tagline "value add" government and officials like to randomly throw around?
The real issue.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 14th October 2012
The issue here is the speed at which we as Canadians are extracting our natural resources. These resources are finite. Once gone they are gone forever. Why can we not pace the extraction so that Canadian workers have jobs for a lifetime and why flood the market with a particular resource commodity so the price is lower than it should be. We probably have enough miners to do that now. If mining is always a boom of bust cycle - the bust usually determine by low world commodity prices - who wants to get into mining? Who wants to get into training for a job in mining? We will only be supplying jobs for foreign workers and it is bad enough that most of our manufacturing already does that.

What do we manufacture with what is extracted from the mines? Try buying something made in Canada. Sometimes it is better to leave it in the ground and future generations will very possibly be smarter stewards of the natural resources. The kind of economic theory that proposes we sell everything we have to foreign interests at "gold rush" prices borders on the insane.