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NEWS RELEASE · 23rd October 2012
Terrace RCMP
The Terrace RCMP are warning the public to take ownership of the security of their homes and neighbourhood due to a noticiable rash of break and enters this week.

“There has been a break and enter every day this week since Saturday, October 20th. Often break and enters will happen in clusters like this because a criminal moves into town or a person/s goes active with criminal behavior for various reasons. Thieves are on the most part oppurtunist. Simple security measures like locking doors and closing windows go a long way,” says Cst Andrea Barrett, general duty Terrace Detachment.

A few things to look for:

1. Someone going from door to door ringing doorbells or looking in windows. While there are lots of legitimate reasons to go door to door, there are burglars who use this acceptance as a cover for their true intentions. If they knock and get no answer they can assume that the home is unoccupied. If any of the people go to a back or side yard after ringing or knocking on the door, this is particularly suspect.

2. Someone hanging around a home you know to be empty. Anyone hanging around an empty or vacant house may be a sign of a break and enter in progress.

3. Someone you do not recognize carrying items out of a residence or shed. There are lots of legitimate reasons for someone to be removing items, but you will normally see that the homeowner is there and likely helping. If it is not obvious to you that it is legitimate, you may be witnessing a break, enter and theft in progress.

4. Someone hanging around the neighborhood for no apparent reason. They may be casing out your neighborhood.

5. Unfamiliar vehicle parked at the mailboxes, but they are not getting their mail.

6. Unfamiliar vehicle parked on the street that appears to be out of place or just not normal.

Cpl Mike Dame, general investigative section, says, “Get to know your neighbors and talk about what is going on in the neighborhood. This will help you identify people who don’t live in your neighborhood. If you observe anyone in your neighborhood that is not known to you, be suspicious of why they are there and what they are up to. If you observe vehicles in your neighborhood that are not normally observed by you, take notice and record vehicle description, licence plates and person descriptions.

Take pictures if you can safely. If you’re one of those people on a schedule, your neighbors may be able to keep an eye on your residence for anything suspicious. Lock your doors and windows, use motion lights, and change up your routine. Dogs, alarms, neighborhood watch, and communication are great crime deterrents. If you see anything suspicious, immediately call 911.”
Thieves be gone!
Comment by Maggiejo Johnson on 25th October 2012
Thanks for the advice.

I am a NAZI in getting together with my neighbors about this sort of thing; while educating the neighborhood young 'uns in the interim. Anyone tries breaking into any residence on my schtreet? Yeah...they may 'try' but not succeed.

The neighbors on my street are extremely tight-knit and we most vigilantly look after each other like family. OH! And did I tell you when I'm outta the house there's a pitbull dog loose INSIDE the home?

Yeah...try breaking in thieves. Hope you're reading this. Have fun. But don't charge ME with your medical bills when the nieghbors come over to see what's up with 'da strange new car' on the schtreet...or if the dog mauls you to death upon your intrusion.