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COMMENTARY · 27th October 2012
Merv Ritchie
As the 7.7 quake hit the northwest, the sacred circle of the world, the BC government and the Canadian geographical services failed the media.

Everywhere one turned, there was nothing resembling competency.

As other media attempted to speak to Tidal Wave warnings, (Tsunami is a Japanese word for Tidal Wave) nowhere was there any reliable information.

Momentarily the media will be engaged in a conference call with the local government responders.

This is too late.

We all must be ensured, those we provide tax revenue to, will be readily available and on call.

We, the online media are always present.

Where are those who make the real money?
Comment by FedUpWithTraitors on 28th October 2012
Should be obvious to get to higher ground after feeling a quake, perhaps more sinister is very real possibility that intent not incompetence has been behind failure to warn about tsunamis in the past and our present...
This is possibly even a human triggered quake, maybe a warning to Canada not to put in a pipleine? This is not just a nutty conspiracy theory the know how to do this exists and the type of evil people willing to use such technology absolutely exist.
Enough said time will tell.
Bloggers RULE
Comment by Dale Manson on 28th October 2012
Bloggers RULE ... We are the ones who posted warnings online FIRST ... then the media picked up on it. How come Terrace doesn't have a LIVE chatroom where the people can meet to deal with emergencies in REAL TIME.
More Information??
Comment by Jeff Rueger on 28th October 2012
What do you mean waiting for more information? According to your earlier article (passed off as news) it was them thar Gods what was angry with us poor ol humans being bad ...

If the online media is always available maybe you should develop the expertise to fully understand seismic science and emergency management - then we will never have to worry about a lack of information again.