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COMMENTARY · 31st October 2012
Terrace Daily News
In a stunning display of breach of duty to inform, BC Minister of Justice, Shirley Bond, dis-engaged with the local and regional media while discussing the 7.7 magnitude Earthquake on October 27.

After a flurry of questions and hurried responses, the line was quickly severed. Media were still asking questions when Minister Bond ran from the telephone line.

A full two hours after the quake and after no local media were able to access reliable information from the government or authoritative organizations, Minister Bond provided nothing of substance, as the first and only emergency response to media.

The only assurance to local residents was a declaration that the “local authorities were responding to warnings in place, from the north tip of Vancouver Island to Cape Decision.” This was as deceptive as it was accurate. No Provincial or Federal authority was responding to anything, not issuing faxes, emails, telephone calls to media, zip, nada; but yes, the locals on Haida Gwaii were responding as they were left, as usual, completely without assistance or information. So it was true, the local authorities were responding, but not to Provincial warnings.

Only four days before the Earthquake Minister Bond issued a Press Release boasting about their new Emergency Preparedness Plan. Poppycock! The entire governmental structure, one supposedly designed to assist and protect the citizens, is completely out of whack.

When the Nuclear Reactors in Japan melted down and exploded last year it was once again, the local authorities of Haida Gwaii who took matters into their own hands, to protect their citizens. The Village of Old Massett, refusing to accept the false and fully inaccurate assurances of Health Canada that there would be no fall out and there was nothing to worry about, set up their own monitoring systems. When they discovered elevated radiation levels Health Canada told them they were reading the results wrong, continuing to lie to Canadians.

As for the Earthquakes Canada is revealed as completely incompetent once again. Not only was the USA much more fully aware of what was happening, the Canadian system is still, today, way out of line with the quality of service the Americans are providing.

Canada only recorded 23 quakes including those smaller than registering a magnitude 4.0 on the Richter Scale. If we deduct the four Canada records as under 4.0 it reveals the Canadian system only recorded 19 greater than 4.0 where as the US Geographical Survey recorded a total of 80, not including the 7.7 rocker which set off the aftershocks.

Here is the list from Canada’s National Earthquake Database as provided by Environment Canada, as of midnight October 30, 2012

The lists provided by the US Geological Survey can be found in earlier postings on this site.

2012/10/30 03:10:38 52.733 -132.883 20.0g 3.1ML 91 km WSW of Sandspit

2012/10/30 03:08:28 52.909 -132.355 20.0g 2.9ML 52 km WSW of Sandspit

2012/10/30 02:55:08 52.222 -132.117 19.2 4.8ML 116 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/30 02:48:58 52.129 -132.321 18.6 5.6ML 129 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 23:24:36 52.513 -132.202 13.9 4.1ML 86 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 18:54:16 52.480 -132.793 20.0g 6.3mb 107 km SW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 14:46:03 50.794 -129.777 10.0g 4.3Mw 166 km W of Pt. Hardy

2012/10/28 14:41:00 52.498 -132.342 18.4 3.9ML 90 km SW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 13:09:12 52.248 -132.168 28.6 4.7ML 114 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 06:16:48 52.190 -131.263 2.8 5.2ML 123 km SSE of Sandspit

2012/10/28 05:47:02 52.217 -131.663 1.0g 4.4ML 115 km S of Sandspit

2012/10/28 05:21:31 52.390 -131.820 30.1 4.3ML 95 km S of Sandspit

2012/10/28 05:15:09 52.188 -132.261 21.4 4.4ML 121 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 04:53:14 52.639 -131.965 1.0g 4.3ML 68 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 04:51:47 52.532 -132.060 12.5 4.3ML 81 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 04:49:10 52.477 -131.881 15.8 4.4ML 86 km S of Sandspit

2012/10/28 04:40:58 52.346 -132.338 10.0g 5.1ML 106 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 04:29:49 52.522 -131.803 20.0g 3.7ML 81 km S of Sandspit

2012/10/28 04:21:52 52.524 -131.847 20.0g 4.0ML 80 km S of Sandspit

2012/10/28 03:52:18 52.324 -132.019 20.0g 4.7ML 104 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 03:38:10 52.514 -132.026 20.0g 4.5ML 83 km SSW of Sandspit

2012/10/28 03:32:39 52.521 -131.785 20.0g 4.2ML 81 km S of Sandspit

2012/10/28 03:04:06 52.555 -132.294 20.0g 7.7Mw 83 km SW of Sandspit