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COMMENTARY · 1st November 2012
Don Camsell
Gitxsan Treaty Society - Stop the insanity! Stop the funding now!

Well the 2012 Gitxsan Summit is over and from what I can tell from the little reporting that was done and of course the usual lack of any meeting minutes, the three days might be considered a non-event.

I did find limited information in an Oct 24th Smithers/Interior News article by Jerome Turner.

Jerome reported that a GTS investment in Black Goose was a dud. The GTS sure did lay a dud with this one and there are some Gitxsan citizens that think the Gitxsan Treaty Society may have created a lot more “duds” that we have not been told about.

The details about Del Ga Goka Corporation, Black Goose Holdings, Black Bird Petroleum Corporation and a number of other questionable investments such as Tathacus and Xogen have been hidden from us for years. The GTS just ignored any questions that many have asked!

Neil Sterritt is quite right to ask the penetrating questions he did. Eventually these questions asked in public forums and the answers presented will alert the general population to the mismanagement that is still going on.

Some Gitxsan Chiefs and citizens are close to the issues but there are many who do not know what is going on or in fact have a means of finding out.

Remember that over 50% of Gitxsan citizens live off reserve and outside of traditional Gitxsan territory. It is only through up to date Websites and good reporting that can we keep ourselves informed.

With regard to the specific answers provided at the “Summit” I would say the following:

Jim Angus should know better. As chair of the board of GTS directors he has a responsibility to know exactly what assets the GTS have and the value and state of those assets at any point in time. It is not his duty to manage the investments that is the GTS management team’s responsibility. The BOD should advise and direct the GTS managers and of course be accountable to all Gitxsan citizens.

The response by Ms. Clifton-Percival that “it was before we had the Gitxsan Development Corp” and that “we now have the corporate expertise to do investments” is not only stupid and naive but also scary.

The Gitxsan Development Corp is not responsible for GTS investments, the GTS and their Board of Directors are.

Bev, by this statement, is essentially saying we had no idea of what we were doing with investments in the past!

The Gitxsan Development Corp should be of concern to everyone. From what I can tell there is no effective oversight or management control in place for this organization. I have no reason to trust Rick Connors or his team of Jako, Jim, or Sadie with Gitxsan funds.

Lastly the GTS is an illegal entity. In his 27th of March ruling Judge McEwan said:

40] … The appropriate way for the parties to address these controversies is through a process that permits all the Gitxsan an opportunity to be heard if they wish to be heard, … and acted upon through a transparent process of election or appointment that has the confidence of the people as a whole, …

The requested model has not been presented to the courts, does not have the confidence of the people as a whole, and until it is and Judge McEwan rules on it, the GTS remains an illegal entity.

Therefore if the GTS is an illegal entity, why in the world would the Province continue to provide funds to them?

Stop the insanity! Stop the funding now!

Don Camsell

Genocide through Assimilation
Comment by Ron J Sterritt on 2nd November 2012

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments have embarked on a plan of Genocide through Assimilation. To pretend to be at “Arms length” and not responsible they formed a group called the BC Treaty Commission.

This Commission makes “Salary Loans” to any group purporting to represent a tribe of Indians. The group is turned into a "Society", then they no longer answer to the people. They “negotiate” over a number of years, with the salary capped at a percentage value of the Tribal land and number of Status Indians involved.

The Federal Government redirects “Village Loans” through this group as well. The “Band funds” are ignored and only “Taxpayer money” is used. There appears to be no “Follow up” on the use of these “Loans of Taxpayer money”. The Fraud group generally uses the money for “Investments” (Held in their own names on behalf of the Indians of the Band) or as “Con money” to buy the Chiefs to sign any agreements (Signing Bonuses), or as per-Diem to attend meetings. The Gitxsan Treaty Society “Salary Loan” is over $20 million. The other “Government Loans” of taxpayer money is over $45 million that was supposed to be for the Villages.

The Fraud Treaties made include the loss of “Indian Status” of the Tribal Members. Of course, since they are no longer “Indians”, the fraud groups have “No one” to share the “Investments” with, so it is their private gain.

The reason why they are “Fraud Groups” is that they are not “Elected” by the people to be “Negotiators” or “High Chief Leaders”. They are “Self Appointed”. The formation of a “Society” makes them not have to answer to the people they supposedly represent. This “Society also makes the BC Treaty Commission appear to be not culpable in the total waste of “Taxpayer Money”. This is a Shame on Canada, using “Fake Human Rights” by having these fraud groups either repay the “Government Loans” or “Sign away the Land Base of the tribe and their Status as Indians”. The Nisga, Sliamon , and Towassan tribes have fallen. Some 44 other tribes are now being conned in.

Also, the aboriginals would not be "Taxed like every other Canadian. All the "White Canadian Organizations" have "Core Funding from The Secretary of State's office. This takes care of any of their member needs. The loss of "Aboriginal Status" loses the "Aboriginal Funding" and access to their Land Base for the use of the resources.