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CONTRIBUTION · 7th November 2012
George Forbes
Dear Mr. Eby,

I'm writing to offer my thoughts about the Crown recently deciding not to press charges in the matter of Robert Wright, the man who was seriously and permanently injured several months ago in Terrace RCMP cells- virtually on the occassion of his 47 th birthday.

I believe a jury should have been allowed to make the judgements and interpretations that a few philosophically bereft individuals in the Crown have taken upon themselves. The Crown is quoted as thinking there isn't much liklihood of convicting the RCMP officer against whom the Westminster police recommended charges. How is this disagreement between the investigators and the Crown not a case for a jury to resolve? Is this not a display of utter arrogance, disrespect and disdain for the public (and Mr. Wright) by the Crown ? (For the benefit of Premier Clark to whom I have copied this letter, I should perhaps point out that these are rhetorical questions. There is absolutely no doubt that the Crown- and the government by extension- has an utter disdain for the public. )

So what if a conviction doesn't result from a trial? Has the RCMP squandered so much money defending itself in lawsuits on other matters that the government can't afford trials in which they think the outcome isn't a sure thing? The Crown has said as much, but that is only the spoken part of the equation. The other part is that the Crown has many times shown by it's actions- which speak louder than any RCMP or government words- that it favours the police over the citizens. Period.

Of course there is a serious disconnect here. Of course it stinks to high heaven. We are ill served by the RCMP, and what is even more frightening- the RCMP runs roughshod with the connivance of the courts and the blind eye of the government. Again and again and again.

I for one, and my wife for another, are very grateful that you, Mr. Eby, and the BCCLA is out there on behalf of us all. We would like to offer this suggestion : run for Christie Clark's office - and when you're elected, put in an Attorney General who isn't an easy push over. I'm sure you know what to do with the RCMP.

Best regards,
George Forbes

P.S. Although it has been my intention in this letter to condemn the actions of the RCMP, the Crown and the BC Government throughout the entire province, I cannot resist adding that while the Robert Wright travesty is just one example of many such RCMP and Crown crimes province wide- perhaps the RCMP in Terrace deserves special mention. They are so disgustingly bad I think Inspector Dana Hart should be put in one of his own cells, and let us hope for his sake that he is not non-compliant.
Throughout theProvince
Comment by John Taylor on 9th November 2012
The RCMP have become a legalized "gang". Their methods, are too often, violent. It seems they favor this tactic. Even within, turmoil exists. Accusations of sexism, favoritism, et al. Even Commissioner Paulson was noted in the news using on duty officers at his wedding. (a rooky mistake.) And publicly communicating with a Maple Ridge subordinate; unforgivable.

Shirley Bond is the top cop in B.C. As Attorney General she runs the show in this province.

How the good people of Prince George could elect someone with nothing more than experience on school boards is bewildering.

For Christy Clark to give her the top post in law and order is astonishing.

Minister Bond won't hire more judges but she will hire more RCMP. This, although the crime rate is down.

Our judicial system is in a mess! Even the judges say so. Waiting 3 and 4 Years for trial is ridiculous.

I lost a friend in RCMP custody. Dead! Gone! Why?
Because they can.

Because we do nothing! Just write a few letters.
RCMP Victim Day
Comment by Joe on 8th November 2012
I agree as well, we should have a day to remember those who died at the hands of the RCMP while "in custody"

Spread the word.
Important Idea
Comment by RCMP Victims Day on 8th November 2012
The Comment by Terry is an excellent and important idea! I don't know much about how social media works, but I think Facebook could be used to promote a "REMEMBRANCE Day for RCMP VICTIMS". Merv, what do you say?

Could this be a headline story for you and the beginning of a really meaningful and effective movement? PLEASE DO IT ! This is a way we could all get off the bench and into the game. Why should the mounties and their enablers in the courts have it all their own way?Readers: PLEASE get behind this idea by writing in!
Ian Bush
Comment by Terry on 7th November 2012
Lest we forget . Ian Bush died for an open beer by a magic bullit . His mom and dad will suffer till the day they die . Perhaps we should have a rememberance day for all those that have died at the hands of the RCMP . Let us never forget Ian . snuffed out .His killer walks among us . Call out the names of all of those you can remember or they will for ever be forgotten .
Citizen of BC
Comment by Disgusted with the Mounties on 7th November 2012
Quite a dubious distinction the people of Terrace have: " Home of the Worst Mounties in BC ", and that's really saying something!

I couldn't agree more with the author of this story. The smooth talking Dana Hart should be put into one of his own cells- and I hope he is non-compliant when it happens someday.
Comment by Moe Naguib on 7th November 2012
Your letter gives one much to ponder, how can we regain our faith in Law enforcement, the judicial system and government without the efforts of people like Mr. Eby calling them to task when they perform counter to societies expectation.