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COMMENTARY · 11th November 2012
Merv Ritchie
The horrors were indescribable. The travesty, the loss of life, the senseless slaughter of innocent lives. It was justified by informing the men women and children of the western world it would be the last war ever. My Grandparents were both part of this effort, they too believed in the cause.

Today we can look back and consider the naivety. Yet we can not see the naivety we are accepting today.

All western governments are succumbing to the demands of the financial world, relinquishing their authority and sovereignty to corporations and financial control centers such as the IMF and the World Bank, accepting “Austerity Measures” against all reasonable measures of good governance.

Today civil liberties are sacrificed on some misguided notion of safety bolstered by statements of fear.

As the Remembrance Day events proceed; war planes fly overhead and cannons fire shells. We’ll see displays of armaments and hear the salutes of rifle fire.

This is war we are remembering and honouring, the death machines created to continue the wars. Like the thrill of our children getting to the next level in their mind numbing video games, achievement through the slaughter of any thing that moves.

Canada, France, America, Britain and almost every Commonwealth Country is engaged in the manufacture and sale of these weapons of death. And today we honour those weapons and accept the losses to our freedoms and democracy without as much as whimper, in fact we are openly welcoming the return to dictatorial, “No Freedom” regimes.

Freedom, Democracy, Liberty are just words. Today China, one of, if not the most undemocratic Nation on the globe, has more freedoms in Canada than Canadians themselves.

I honour my grandparents for their thoughtful struggles to keep Canada Free in the War to end all Wars, The Great War.

Today I am ashamed of my Country. And I would leave if I could but only owners and the employees of Transnational Corporations (TNC’s) have the freedom to travel the world completely unrestricted. Citizens, civilians, the slaves (you and I), need to apply for permission. The only thing different today is we accept our loss of freedoms as normal, where years ago it would have been considered fascist or communistic.

As you remember those who died, don’t look back with nostalgia, look back with anger and rage, and take that anger and rage forward into tomorrow. To really honour the dead is to stand up for what they died for; not to perpetuate the idiocy and naivety they fell, (figuratively and literally), as the real victims of.