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NEWS RELEASE · 21st November 2012
Unis’tot’en People
On the evening of November 20th, 2012, Wet’suwet’en Chief Toghestiy intercepted and issued an eagle feather to surveyors from the Can-Am Geomatics company who were working for Apache’s proposed Pacific Trails Pipeline (PTP). In Wet’suwet’en law, an eagle feather is used as a first and only notice of trespass. The surveyors and all other people associated with PTP were ordered to leave the territory and told that they are not ever allowed to return to Unis’tot’en land. As a result of the unsanctioned PTP work in the Unist’ot’en yintah, the road leading into the territory has been closed to all industry activities until further notice.

Watch a video of the warning issued here

Toghestiy stated, “I have invoked the Wet’suwet’en Inuk nu’ot’en (Law) called Bi Kyi Wa’at’en (Responsibility of a husband to respectfully use and protect his wife’s territory) to issue a trespass notice to Pipeline workers on her sovereign territory. My Clan’s territory called Lho Kwa (Clore River) is located behind the Unist’ot’en territory adjacent to the Coastal town of Kitimat and it is our responsibility to protect our territory as well. We will be stopping all proposed pipelines.”

The Wet’suwet’en are made up of five Clans, with territories that they are expected to manage for their future generations. The Unis’tot’en clan has been dead-set against all pipelines slated to cross through their territories, which include PTP, Enbridge’s Northern Gateway, and many others. The Unis’tot’en have established a permanent community along the Widzin Kwa (Morice River) directly in the path of the proposed energy corridor and made their opposition extremely clear.

Freda Huson, spokeswoman for the Unis’tot’en Clan, states: “PTP does not have permission to be on our territory. It’s unceded land. We said “NO!” in their meetings. We’ve written them letters; I’ve sent them emails, saying “absolutely NO!” to their projects. Consider it trespass when you enter our territory without permission. You’ve received your warning. Don’t come back!”

This marks the second time that eagle feathers have been issued to pipeline workers. On August 23rd, 2010, Toghestiy and Hagwilakw of the Likhts’amisyu clan gave Enbridge representatives trespass warnings during a Smithers Town Council meeting where Enbridge attended to attempt to smooth over their recent oil spill on the Kalamazoo River.


Foolish Profiteers - all fakers
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 23rd November 2012
How do you heat your home indeed! The more basic question is this. Do you need pure clean water to survive? Do you need clean earth in which to grow food to survive? Do you need clean air to fill your lungs to live? Yes is the right answer.

So why do you detractors and "I will destroy anything for money" people keep doing what you do? You should be ashamed for the attacks on those attempting only to live a healthy life. And to just use the easy accusation of “welfare bums” is childish and an old tired attack without substance.

Personally I consider all those Shareholders and stock exchange manipulators the real welfare bums. They do nothing to make money, and loads of it, billions. And then those who work for these people are sucking off the teat of it. And further the stock exchange would likely collapse if it was not supported by the money laundering of the drug trade. Those who work for these Stock exchanged companies are complicit in these crimes, the drugs, pollution, destitution and more.

Do some research on your own and discover what your greed is really doing.

We can all live with the planet in peace and harmony, but the quick buck method preferred by all the major transnational corporations is destroying the last land that offers a habitat for all the things the human race needs for survival. If I was an employee of any of these corporations, or of any of the subcontractors supporting these life exterminating activities, I would not be able to look my children or grandchildren in the eyes. In fact I would rather die fighting to protect this last vestige of decent habitat on the planet than allow the same soul destroying destruction, happening all across the globe to happen here, in this Sacred Circle of pure land air and water.

It has already almost been completed but we must find a way to reverse the trend. The otters are gone, the fish are gone, the trees are gone, the matriarchs are all but gone; nothing left but lost souls attempting to scrape together some cash in a feeble attempt to prove their self worth.

As one young woman yelled out at the Defend Our Coast Rally on the lawn of the BC legislature, October 22, "LAND DEFENDERS UNITE!"

Now if we actually united to protect our families and the habitat, that would provide real self worth, no need for a pretty car or truck to hang your vain self sense of integrity on.

One could actually be truly proud of themselves, rather than proud that someone is looking at how neat much stuff they acquired with the fake money they fake "earned" from fake corporations that fake they are concerned about anything more than acquiring more fake money for their fake personalities.
Janice-one question
Comment by Bob Drake on 23rd November 2012
How do you heat your home?
True Fishermen Say No!
Comment by Kitsumkalum Fishermen on 22nd November 2012
The Skeena River is second largest river in British Columbia.

Here is the truth. We had a meeting in Kitsumkalum about these projects, impact will have on our traditional territory.

The International Projects on our land are providing impact benefit agreements. From Transmission Line (NTL). Which will power up mining camps all over the Skeena River water sheds. We were informed Bill C-38 will destroy (Water Protection) for fish and wild life habitat that sustains life in general on North Coast Pacific.

We learned that (oil pipe lines) Alberta Tar Sands are lethal toxic one spill, can kill an eco system. This is a genocide to human life.

As for the land question?

Canadians pay taxes to Canada Corporation. Yes Canada is a corporation (State Laws). With in Canada Corporation the can sell its Natural Resources to International companies around the world.

Why the (Bands) are being purchased by International Monies. Is global private enterprises (Man Sectors Private Sectors). Who are limiting Partnership purchasing land.

They are coded under Development Corporation Sectors. We have leaders from these departments on Tsimshian Territory already been to China including Gitxan Development Corporations on trade missions, with National Chief Sean Atleo. These trade missions was Natural Resources.

Now relationship between Royal Canadian Mountain Police with Indians of Canada? The relationship is equal to protect Canada's National Sovereignty this includes water, human life. They know and we know its not happening. Canada Harper Government is selling everyone down the tubes. To a new world colony that is not healthy for (White Man - Black Man - Yellow Man - Red Man) with there sister females.

You look at Alberta its disgusting. Genocide to there watershed. There use to it. We in this part of the world is not. We have to much at risk!

So re think, re examine your thoughts. Even you the readers are effected by this.

Do not let emotions control your thoughts on this issue. Let your intelligence brighten your day.

Thank you,

Kitsumkalum Fishermen Say No....
To the Larrys, Bo(o)bs, and Coreys of the Northwest.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 22nd November 2012
Read the ample research available on how these environmentally destructive projects will affect our quality of life. Attend any one of the hearings being held in the north, and open your eyes and ears to the scientific realities offered to your kind by perfectly sane and caring people ( of all colours).

In view of the above, you guys come off as unknowledgeable, disconnected individuals who seek attention and love-pats from individuals you guys admire.

Sadly, I believe the pipelines will somehow happen, no matter what the majority thinks or feels. Just like what goes on in Gaza and the Rain Forest of South America. Just like the chronic thievery of millions of dollars from the Salvation Army, and the ongoing rapes, sales and slavery of children worldwide. All of it contributes to the economies of the world. So, your sick senses of reasoning are somehow correct, and I think you all deserve a big, old slap on the back for expressing your shallow thoughts/reasoning on this important issue.

You guys got it all backwards. (Aw, what's the use?! Can't wait for their predictable reactions. Not!)
No we can't...
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 22nd November 2012
We can have clean water or expensive natural gas, Which do you prefer?
Hi Amy
Comment by Larry Thompson on 21st November 2012
Please don't get me wrong...I like bunnies and trees too but I also like jobs and money. We have one of the most awesome places on earth to live and I do believe that we can have it all.
agree Larry
Comment by Bob Drake on 21st November 2012
Now its Gas pipelines? Most of the FN's have been consulted to death and the Haisla and Gitksan are all on board with this one as are most of the the others along the proposd route.

One postage stamp of a offshoot of a band gets their knickers in a twist and everything is suposed to stop cold?
No wonder nothing ever gets done in this part of the world. No one knows what is and isnt acceptable, even from band to band

I know what i'd do with that eagle feather

I predicted earlier that this would happen and sadly, i was correct. I dont see anyone turning down "Government" funds for pet band projects

Times up
Comment by Corey on 21st November 2012
I agree there are people that live diffrently than the people that are wanting these pipelines.
These will bring Jobs and a boost to the economy in the area.
People that have no problem reciving a welfare cheque or EI for months on a end will not want this pipeline to happen. The goverment will no longer fork over money that the rest of the county had to pay taxes on to these individuals.
The BC goverment needs to step in and make a stand. The prolong of these projects affects thousands of tax payers. If we wait to long these companys will find alternatives to ship are raw materals out of the country.
BY the way Who do these people think they are to be able to threaten some one like that and get away with it. Were are the RCMP on this.
Hi Larry
Comment by Amy Scott on 21st November 2012
You say: "We are just starting to see this area have some life brought back to it."

What is life to you?

I'm pretty sure that many of the people that do not support these projects are also trying to preserve and respect life... the living, breathing, growing, providing, supporting kind of life, as well as a way of life.

Can you relate to, understand, and accept the way many people enjoy, appreciate and see life differently from you?

Enough Already!
Comment by Larry Thompson on 21st November 2012
This is rediculous! We are just starting to see this area have some life brought back to it. If we do not start to show some support for these projects we will lose them ALL!