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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd November 2012
Bruce A. Bidgood
City of Terrace will be hosting a Public Input Forum on Chances (Terrace) application to increase (approx. 25%) its number of slot machines or to remove all limits on gaming expansion in its facility. Please attend and make your opinions known.

When: November 22, 2012 ,,, 7 p.m.
Where: Terrace Sportsplex (4544 Greig Avenue, Terrace BC)
Terrace Council gets one brownie point.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 27th November 2012
Give our council some credit for turning down this request by a vote of 4 - 2. Enough is enough. Chances should be grateful they were allowed the opportunity to set up shop in Terrace in the first place. A gambling house has no redeeming societal qualities. To achieve societal credibilities, truth must be shamelessly stretched. The city imposed limits when the slots were allowed into Terrace. Chances should be held to those limits. Period.

Marylin Davies and Brian
Downie will not receive any consideration from me during the next civic election. My values and ethics will not allow it. I wonder where they are from?
Why stop at slot machines
Comment by David on 22nd November 2012
Why stop at slot machines? Think of all the money that could be made for medical equipment in our hospitals by having unscrupolous bottom-feeders like Chances sell crack to the public.
Ms. Davies and Mr. Bidgood:
Comment by Janice Robinson on 22nd November 2012
You all really want us to go out on a cold night, and help Chances expand its noose around the addictive necks of Terrace-area gamblers?


95% of gamblers do so responsibly? Yeah right..
90% of alcohol drinkers and crack users use responsibly too. Keep up the good work...
To be Fair
Comment by Marylin Davies on 22nd November 2012
To be fair the increase in seats will be a net five. They are proposing to withdraw 20 bingo seats and replace them with 25 slots machines.
I'm not a gambler but I don't feel it is my right to tell you what to do with your money. 95% of people gamble responsibility.
Do come out and tell us what you think. Thanks
Register Speakers
Comment by Bruce A. Bidgood on 22nd November 2012
People may register in advance to speak at the Public Input forum on Gaming Expansion by calling Alisa at 260-638-4721.