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P.S.A.'S · 23rd November 2012
Merv Ritchie
Tonight the featured actors are numerous. Graham Genge, the former Executive Director of Kermode Tourism and now Community Coordinator for Spectra Energy, is delivering a presentation on their proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project. Roger Harris the former MLA, former Enbridge Aboriginal Relations person and now partner in Harris Palmer Consultants will also be delivering a presentation on the LNG industry in BC.

Not to be out done, two representatives from the Northwest Corridor Development Corporation (NCDC) will be taking the stage in front of the gathered spectators and the Kitimat Stikine Regional District (RDKS) board directors. The motto of this organization is “Advancing Trade Through Transportation!” along with a mission statement of “Northwest Corridor Development Corporation is connecting Canada with Global trading partners through the Northwest Corridor by advancing tourism, trade, and economic development opportunities through multimodal transportation by air, rail, road, and marine." See their website HERE

In an obscure sense of comic relief after these presentations by the largest gas and energy providers and consumers, will be the RDKS’s own “Zero Waste” Program Coordinator, Kim Ward. Kim Ward however will be providing a backdrop to the first item on the agenda, which is the state of the roads the residents of the region enjoy while the largest industrial players in the Nation and indeed the world, take advantage of the territory.

A petition from the residents of Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake and Iskut expresses their dismay and the dangers of the present condition of the local roads. On a brief review of the petition it is clear a majority of the Tahltan residents of Telegraph Creek signed the petition. It is not only the state of the road but how even the Provincial website “Drive BC” all but completely avoids the existence of Highway 51.

It is a tragic comedy with a serious undertone. The doors open at 7 pm.
Seating is limited but their is no admission. Attend in person in the Board Room on the third floor at 4545 Lazelle Avenue, Terrace.

Rehearsals were held earlier today as Roger Harris participated in “In Camera” meetings regarding an undisclosed revenue sharing report. The local Economic Development Commission also met as did the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDI) to debate a consolidation proposal.

More “In Camera” meetings were held as well. The Kitsumkalum and Kitselas Treaty process was discussed with Phil Symington, the Provincial Treaty Negotiator and the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation (MARR). Roger Harris may have participated in this closed door meeting, though we cannot be sure, as Harris Palmer specializes in these relationships. Harris is directly involved with the Kitsumkalum Nation in various aspects. His profile has him is listed as a Director on the Kitsumkalum Economic Development Board and also the president of Kalum Quarry Limited, the rock quarry the CN Rail line was recently constructed across highway 16 to access. The need for this rock is to facilitate the construction of the new Port Facilities for CN and the Port of Prince Rupert, all to facilitate the objectives of the NCDC.

The stage is set and the cameras will roll. At 7 pm it will all be broadcast live, if all goes well, on the Terrace Daily Live Stream Channel. Go to the front page and click on the banner or click on this link at 7 pm The program for the entire affair can be followed by following this link and opening the agenda dated November 2012 Board Agenda -11 - 12
Roger the Dodger Harris
Comment by Janice Robinson on 24th November 2012
Roger used to attend all political meetings out on the Kitsumkalum Reserve. The Indian family currently clinging to political power have done so for at least three generations, and they have a gift for getting sucked towards white politicians who understand the principles of mutual abuse, exploitation, and insincere, cold lying.....Roger fits the bill.

Lately, however, Roger has been noticeably absent from all our meetings. We all know he is nearby, ready to do any necessary, covert dirty work to do with anything treaty, resource give-aways/theft, or pipelines. He has also realized (I think) that these issues are a hot-bed of conflict, anger and bullyism in Tsimshian territory. So, Roger dodges the Tsimshian limelight, and is put to good use in the shadows.

Thirty years from now, nobody will remember Roger Harris....nor any of his Indian political users. And, you know what? They don't care!

We traditional Tsimshian, on the other hand, care a lot about our legacies. A lot.
Vote No
Comment by Kitsumkalum Green Member on 24th November 2012
This organization Roger Harris is dangerous. As kitsumkalum Green Member. We as political party want our community members off reserve to be involved.

The LNG Pipe lines and Tankers are dangerous. There not secured by natural disaster or weather hurricane, earth quake spells in North Coast.
Our last Kitsumkalum meeting two brave public speakers pointed out.

(a) The Bill C 38 legislation how it will destroy all watersheds.

(b) Impact to future human beings on the Skeena River. How they will live with a industrial wasteland.
Basically it's death to life.

The Kitsumkalum Greens are organizing a political Defence system. We do not want our water to be destroyed. We do not want CORPORATION impact bennefit agreements. To accept a bennefit agreement then we accept the damage to our environment. There is no amount of money $ can buy our watershed.

The people who believe in destroying our creeks, watersheds as GODS. Who gives the right to destroy creation life source WaTer. We were educated in school that earth has 4% fresh water & 95 % non fresh water. Theses industries want to use Skeena River Fresh Water sheds to make there money?

So I encourage all kitsumkalum members young and old, the gutsy and a few braves. Start believing in your future generations. If the power is in our court then let's make a positive change.

Thank you,


M26 Kalum Green.
long way down
Comment by Pat#1 on 24th November 2012
I first met Roger when he was an, can $$ and staying ahead of the curve make a man do what he has.

He should take up the long jump for Canada in 2016...never before have I seen a person take so many leaps (not concerning faith! lol)