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REPORTING · 24th November 2012
Terrace Daily News
At approximately 1:30 pm today the electricity was disconnected to hundreds of customers west of Canadian Tire. The cause is under invetigation.
Blame Who?
Comment by James Ippel on 27th November 2012
Well lets begin by blaming the idiot that ran into a power pole causing an outage-or is Hydro responsible for the idiots action.
Maybe blame the stupid bird that sat on the transformer and pecked the wire going from the high tension line to the transformer-or blame Hydro.
It does not take a University Degree to reset your alarm clock or answering maching. If you are having problems-read the instructions, but it seems you have done it so often you should'nt require instructions.
When we have snowfalls that contain heavy ,wet snow, expect power outages. I remember one outage I endured48 hoursbut thinking ahead I have a generator and had heat, light, TV, and was able to make coffee and meals. Kept the fridge and freezer running, and had running water as well. It was just a matter of not trying to run everything at once. When you live in a rural area you should be prepared.

Food for thought, the smart metres are not yet all installed so Hydro is not capable of detecting a power outage in a particuar area. This will come. In the meantime, use your phone--a landline, not a PORTABLE.
Read the book Janice
Comment by Terry on 25th November 2012
Your autonomy as villages across the country can change the playing field for us all . Oil is a dying industry . Our leaders are only looking ahead four years at a time . The First Nations plan to be on their land for thousands of years . If you want power and freedom . Then you must build it . And in the process you will free us all from the grip of the oil companies and hydro . The corporations are the new lords that us serfs must pay tribute to on a daily , weekly , monthly bases . You can change that . If you help yourselves you will help us all . Some one has to be the thin edge of the wedge . Your autonomy gives you the thin edge that is needed . Knowledge is power .
Well.... We should give our heads a shake.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 25th November 2012
Crazy us! Did you really think that we residential consumers were the preferred customers of B.C. Hydro? No. We actually are becoming more like economic pains in their electrical arses.

Same thing with the railroad companies. If you still think that passengers are their number one priority, think again. A car load of toxic coal will travel across Canada faster, and more reliably, than a trainload of burdensome, middle class passengers.

Power out
Comment by Dave B on 24th November 2012
According to Cdn. Tire at the time a vehicle had hit a power pole.
What gets me is the commercials on TV from Hydro - "What to do when the power goes out" - "call BCHydro" but I thought that's why we're paying mega money for the smart meters that will do it for you - OH - maybe they can't report 'cause there's no power??????
Hydro is not going to change
Comment by Terry on 24th November 2012
Buy a generator and read "The third industrial revolution " by Jeremy Rifkin . It's the last book that hydro and harper want you to read .
Comment by Linda on 24th November 2012
Stock up people...I can only imagine what it will be like when winter actually hits!
I've had to change my clocks a few times, lots of surges, and parts of the lake homes were out for 8-10hrs last night. Absolutely crazy what we pay for the crappy service we receive!
Comment by robert on 24th November 2012
Try Living in Jack Pine Flats I've had my power go out for anywhere from 2 to 5 days at a time and I agree Hydro is gouging the public for the service they supply !!!!
Comment by SC on 24th November 2012
The power outage this summer when a bird flew into a transformer, my wife lost a computer and monitor. I wasted my time by calling BC Hydro. Recieved a letter a week later saying it wasn't their fault so they wouldn't help pay. All the stories that have been told to me about people losing tv's, fridges, computers, etc, BC Hydro has not helped any of them.
Enough already BC Hydro!
Comment by C. Arnold on 24th November 2012
This is getting ridiculous. We seem to be having power issues at least weekly and sometimes it's multiple times a week! Not long outages but our answering machine and alarm clocks are always having to be reset. We just reset them two days ago and now again? This has been going on for a few months now at least. I'm not sure what's going on with BC Hydro but this is not normal. It also screws up our pellet stove which is our main source of heat and is going to be a huge problem when it gets colder. I think BC Hydro needs to get it's act together and start providing service worth the fees they are charging us all! Maybe they spent too much on smart meters and are now neglecting the upkeep of the system?