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COMMENTARY · 27th November 2012
Merv Ritchie
This past week has presented two sides of a potential civil war of ideas regarding Canadian civilization. The sides are being formulated as if they were absolute opposites and issues of nationality and ethnicity are being used to ferment hostility. It may not be long before we face another Oka Crisis or Gustafsen Lake style military conflict. And this will be a fully planned and anticipated hostile event. In fact it even appears as if it is a desired conflict.

Presently the British Columbian and Canadian governments are allowing their intermediaries and lobbyists to incite further hostility by pushing projects, which have been explicitly opposed. The furtherance of these projects, without resolving any of the underlying issues, exposes all of Canadian society to harm; a condition both levels of government have a responsibility to protect against. The failure to address the blatantly obvious is a breech of fiduciary duty.

During the recent National Energy Board (NEB) Joint Review Panel (JRP) hearings on the Enbridge Northern Gateway project, dozens of speakers from across Northern British Columbia have detailed their combined opposition to any projects on any territory without their direct consent. Children as young as 10 and elders who still speak their original language have attended and spoke at these hearings with hundreds of supporters in the audience. Media from across Canada along with numerous government officials have all attended to document this expressed opposition. No one can claim, what is happening today, the roadblock on Wet’suwet’en territory wasn’t anticipated.

In Smithers on January 16, 2012 (Video’s of presentations here) and on January 17, 2012 in Burns Lake (Video’s of presentations here) the Wet’suwet’en Nation and more attended to ensure the Government of Canada was made fully aware of their full opposition to not just Enbridge but to any encroachment on their territory without their full consent.

One week ago today, November 20, 2012, the Wet’suwet’en were finally pushed to take the stand they advised the Canadian Government they would be forced to take. In the same fashion as the Gitxsan and the Tsimshian one hundred years and more earlier, they ordered the surveyors off of their territory.

This is the beginnings of the conflict we predicted the Canadian Government would push when the Terrace Daily published the article Do You Believe The RCMP And Government Will Protect You ?.

And on the third day following this eviction of the surveyors by the Unis’tot’en from their Wet’suwet’en Territory, Roger Harris, an undeclared lobbyist for various entities and former Liberal MLA delivered a presentation at the Regional District Kitimat Stikine (RDKS) on the numerous financial rewards available to industry and local communities from these pipeline projects. See Video Attached Below Following Harris a representative of Spectra Energy described their proposed massive Natural Gas pipeline plans. It is intended to slice through more Wet’suwet’en and Gitxsan territory straight into the middle of Nisga’a territory to end up in Tsimshian territory. Although the final design and route has not been determined it is clear the intent of the initial proposal is to provoke the maximum amount of outrage imaginable. See Video Attached Below

The absurdity of this initial proposal; down the Cranberry Connector following the Nass River and then across the Khutzeymateen/K’tzim-a-Deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary into and onto the ocean floor to Prince Rupert, appears to be designed to determine exactly how much opposition might be discovered.

Following these two gas pipeline presentations at the RDKS was a group representing local governments and industry attempting to develop a corridor for the export of all of Canada’s resources directly through the Northwest called the Northwest Corridor Development Corporation (NCDC). See Video Attached Below

As a small group, (the last remaining vestige of Indians true to their traditional way of life), stand up for the same principles their ancestors did over one hundred years ago, the Government of Stephen Harper dedicated a stained glass window to represent a monument for the atrocities of the Residential School genocide. This is a remarkable gesture of insincerity and recalcitrance on the part of the Government of Canada. The stain on Canadian history by the actions of those employed by the Government to eradicate the Indians cannot be resolved by ignoring the pleas of the last survivors of the race.

Most elected Indian Chiefs do not represent the wishes of the surviving Hereditary families of the Tsimshian, Gitxsan, Wet’suwet’en, Nisga’a, Tahltan or Haisla; those Nations directly impacted by these proposed projects.

Treaty Societies, First Nation Development Corporations, Central Councils and Band Administrations represent primarily the interests of the former jurisdiction of the “Indian Agents”; those whose role it was to subjugate the Indians. All of these organizations/Societies are accepting money to allow corporations and explorers to access territory not under their jurisdiction. The land is owned by the true Matriarchs and those men they select to hold the responsibility to protect their land, the Sm’oogyet (Sim oy get). In most cases these organizations; registered to the Crown through the Societies Act, have accepted monies in the order of tens of millions of dollars. This would be difficult for most people to not accept, let alone a people left destitute and broken for a hundred years. But it must be made clear, they do not represent the true land owners. Read more on Understanding Northwest First Nations here

Today we are witnessing the start of a civil war. A war the Canadian and British Columbian Governments are actively pursuing on behalf of corporate entities from across the globe to take advantage of the people they collectively broke the backs of over one hundred years ago.

Stephen Harper apologized for it but the apology was an empty meaningless gesture. The stained glass however was symbolic. There is a stain on Canadian society and we, as a Nation of apparently compassionate people, must rise up together to stop this war.

As the Canadian Government uses the word “Iconic” to describe historical events or items considered to be truly representative of the Canadian identity we forget to include the truly “Iconic” Canadian brand, the genocide of the Indian Peoples. The Northwest is the last remaining homeland where Indians could potentially regain and rebuild what the Canadians, and British before them, so savagely destroyed.

Why would Canadians today allow this atrocity to continue? Will Spectra Energy, Roger Harris, Enbridge, NCDC and the rest take the lead and demand the Federal Government assist the hereditary families to rebuild what was taken or will they continue to assist and fund the organizations working to destroy the last remaining remnant of the true Indians, the real “Iconic” Canadian identity; that which even Queen Victoria recognized when she issued her Royal Proclamation of 1763 in an effort to stop exactly what Stephen Harper is promoting today.

Will Canadians ignore the impending war or will they demand a cessation of all activities in the northwest until these issues are properly resolved?
Calm heads
Comment by FedUpWithTraitors on 2nd December 2012
Calm heads will prevail, violence of any kind will play right into there hands. High probability of a "false flag" in any case, hopefully the RCMP gets caught again like they did in Alberta bombings. The best chance of shutting down this act of treason is by maintaining the moral high ground
Comment by Paul Repstock on 2nd December 2012
There is nothing, "Alarmist" about Mr. Ritchie's article.
The idea is a part of a realism that 'brainwashed and subservient' westerners prefer to ignore. Most people now cannot concieve of living without every comfort and assurance. Many would melt-down in panic without their cellphones and latte's. However, there are still people commited to a longer term view. We know where our real survival stems from; and that is not in the shipment of oil and other resources to faraway places.
Trust me, the Harper Government does not have that view. All they see is the short term profits and kickbacks. Mr. Harper's recent rejection (at the UN) of Palestinian statehood and his unequivocal support of Israel shows that he has no interest in human rights.
As for "WAR Zone"; has anyone considered the future possibilities? What happens if these pipelines are built and then the United States starts a war with China? Western Canada would then become Ground Zero for a conflict between these military giants....Until the pipelines are built and opperating they would have no reason to war over us. Do we want to transform BC into an economic prize they can fight over?

Reply to djb - "alarmist"
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 28th November 2012
The preference is for the local industrialists and the governments to do exactly what they do in their own "real" world, 'due diligence'. That means prior to engaging in a project they investigate the true ownership and viability.

This means the government has to go back 150 years and address the issues they avoided addressing by kidnapping children and housing them in virtual death camps. Canada's own Chief Medical Officer of the day (1907), Dr Bryce issued a report detailing the 50% and worse death rate and DIA superintendent Duncan Scott buried the report and had Bryce barred from the civil service. Then he cancelled all medical inspections of the schools and had a law passed making it mandatory for all Indian children to attend these death camps. The RCMP then employed gun boats to seize the children. Sounds a lot like Hitler’s Germany doesn’t it?

Then the banning and forbiddance of the cultural government practices (the potlatch) and the continued genocidal practices ensured these land owners would be almost exterminated.

But they survived and still own their land.

Harpers apology is cold comfort to fools.

We do not want a conflict but Joe Oliver and Harper have been doing many things to encourage it including using language such as "Enemies of the State". This then is easily interpreted as “Terrorists”, which is covered by the new jail em all law, Bill S-7

It is our present government which is being provocative, desirous of a conflict so they can continue this purge of the original inhabitants. We only attempt to bring awareness to the subject and encourage open discussion.

It is up to industry and their employees to ensure the money they are making is clean money, not money earned from the filth of genocide.

Again, I repeat;

The preference is for the local industrialists and the governments to do exactly what they do in their own "real" world, 'due diligence'. That means prior to engaging in a project they investigate the true ownership and viability.

It is imperative that all those standing against these project remain peaceful and non confrontational. Oliver and Harper are counting on someone doing something stupid.

In fact, like many other governments in the past, dictators and democracies, the government may create the situation themselves and just blame it on the protestors so they can take the action they want to take.

Remember the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto, remember the Montreal WTO with their police provocateurs? Yes and the German leadership burned down their own parliament buildings in the 30’s just so they could blame it on the opposition to seize maximum control.

The last thing I want is to say, ‘I told you so’ cause in this upcoming, easily predictable drama, I will have been taken away long beforehand.
Comment by djb on 28th November 2012
While the issues are real, you do nothing to help by using all sorts of dramatic phrases/words. To suggest a para military action would be a planned event is truly irresponsible. Do you really believe the government, any government, wants a physical conflict? It appears you would like to see some conflict , if only just to say you had predicted it.
Trust Enbridge?
Comment by carl shalansky on 28th November 2012
Yes,the Enbridge Gang have an image problem; largely due to the ‘mess’ created in the Michigan-Kalamazoo fiasco.
NEB Hearings are proceeding and may result in ‘technical’ approval—but the public and political ‘negative image’ problem remains .
Al Monaco (new President and CEO)has been quoted recently discussing the ‘possibility’ of moving ship loading to Prince Rupert - tying executive bonuses to safety and security -- replacing old pipelines. CEO action will help the Northern Gateway project . Pretty full page colorful ads are doing little .
Convince the willing members of the Board to ‘have an OPERATIONS SAFETY EPIPHANY’. Publicize where Enbridge’s decision makers will be appearing (local gatherings,major and local media,etc..)to show us that Enbridge ‘operators’ know their stuff— the public will ‘ judge’ the QUALITY of your team.
Show us your NEW ORGANIZATION– I suggest that you include CORPORATE TECHNICAL OFFICER,(CTO ) who will be responsible to keep you and the Board continually apprised of system conditions –and show us how THE BOARD will be held ACCOUNTABLE . Build trust.
Be LEADERS. Don’t just follow good operating and technical standards—SET THE STANDARDS!
Christy Clark and Al Monaco should get their teams together and hammer out a deal—and show us how this pipeline can be built to benefit ALL parties.This shouldn’t be an ‘us against them’ game !
Let’s see some leadership.
Comment by Terry on 28th November 2012
71 percent of us did not vote for him .
Author, Elder Chief, Gitwangak Band
Comment by Clifford C.W. Morgan on 27th November 2012
Genocide!! Plain genocide. Where is the Human Rights Minister on this. Harper is drumming up the signal for genocide. The UN Human Rights already told the world how brutal Harper government is.