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COMMENTARY · 2nd December 2012
Merv Ritchie
Recently I have become associated with groups, writers and websites extolling the wrongs of the Israelis’, the Jewish people and the Zionist. And I have about had it up to here with the apparent lack of intelligence. The desire to identify a single source for all the worlds’ problems has these people fingering one group of people, the Jews. This is a travesty on many fronts.

If one wished to isolate a problem on the planet we live on, Earth, it could easily be reduced to the economic system. It is economics, the exchange of currency, bills of trade, which provide virtually everyone with the ability to eat, find shelter and warmth; the basic necessities of survival. Gold and Silver have always, as much as we can glean from recorded history, been the standard exchange for value. During the previous 500 years, and maybe even earlier, the exchange of currency for these precious metals has been controlled by men of the Jewish Faith. The reason behind this is very simple, the Muslims and the Christians considered lending money at interest a primary sin against God. Therefore the role of Banker was relegated to people of the Judaic faith.

Charging interest on anything was considered wrong simply because it was not compassionate. If one person lent another a dozen carrots, the debt should be a dozen carrots; it is what one neighbour does for another. Asking for 13 carrots in return is extortion. It is, and always was, part of Gods Law. Taking advantage of another’s need is not just wrong, it is rude and reprehensible. This is the foundation of Usury being a Sin. Usury is the ancient word for charging interest and is the word used in the Old and New Testament of the Christian faith. This is the foundation of the Jesus story when he charges into a Church area where there were money changers, those charging interest for their services, and destroyed the gathering, upsetting the assembly.

Adding a percentage of any amount, to any debt, creates a hardship somewhere down the line. It is a fact which cannot be avoided.

Read more here from December 2008 'Time to Evaluate All Economic Realities'

One thousand years later, the faith based on the life of Jesus continued with the belief charging interest was wrong. The Jewish people however were continuing with the tradition of charging interest. And this was the time frame when things changed. Money was beginning to be borrowed from the Jewish people, at interest, to fund military campaigns. King John of England and the civil insurrection, which resulted in the signing of the Magna Carta, is the best example of the hardships caused by this process of borrowing to fund wars. Today it is much the same except the financing houses are much different.

In 1215 AD the original text of the Magna Carta specifically addressed the Jewish people and their money lending practices; the attachment of the debt to the surviving family of the debtor. But more importantly it was King John who taxed the people to death attempting to repay the debt the Crown of England owed to the Jewish money lenders for the money they lent to him for his wars on France.

Centuries later a family, who are today known as the Rothschild’s, mastered the art of finance. They developed a system of banking we still use today, it is called fractional reserve. And they incorporate this with charging interest. What this means is the Bank is permitted to lend money they do not have or that they cannot even back up with anything. This non-existent money they charge interest on. Anyone who studies this in any depth needs to admire the masterful design of the system. Today however we have angry people, those unable to grasp the entire picture, using slurs and epitaphs to slander and alienate an entire ethnic and religious group, the Jewish people.

After King John signed the Magna Carta the Pope struck the whole thing down as he determined it was a coerced signing, that due to the pressure applied by the English Barons, the threat of death, it could not be held as a legitimate document. The contents and paragraphs were changed repeatedly until all references to the money lenders were gone. Today we are witnessing the very same issues as were present in 1215, overburdened Nations of debt and families losing their homes, people turning to food banks and soup kitchens for charitable hand outs. The Jews however are not the problem, it is fractional reserve banking, perfected, yes by a man of Jewish faith, but that is as far as it goes.

As difficult as this may be to read, Hitler was an amazing man. He took the Country out of poverty and despair. From a debt load compared to nothing we see even today, and within a few short years became the powerhouse of the world. He even built what remains today the world’s most amazing highway, the Autobahn. He accomplished this without borrowing a single dollar from the money lenders. He designed an internal financial structure where the German’s own money was internally circulated to facilitate growth within the country. The astounding success of this was destroyed by the targeting of the Jewish people for all the wrongs of the world.

Historians debate the causes of the Second World War and how the targeting of and the extermination of the Jewish people began. All of it is a tragedy of proportions most people do not want to consider. Yet today we have people among us who still wish to attribute all the ills, the ‘evils’ of our world to the people who believe in one particular faith or have one particular genetic code.

There is truly only one issue, and it has nothing to do with race, religion or nationality, it is fractional reserve, interest charging banking. Nothing more, nothing less.

Every nationality, every race and every religion has its extremists. The extreme Christian Right believes women should not get an education; abortion a sin; gays a part of the devils handiwork, and all non-believers no better than a mule. The extreme Judaic person, a Zionist and the extreme Muslim an Al Qaida, act and believe in the same manner. Most Muslims are peaceful as are the Jews as are the Christians.

People of the Jewish Faith however have suffered greatly simply because of who they were born to. Targeted and accused of causing all the worlds ills because a small group of very smart Jewish people took advantage of a very stupid enormous bunch of non-Jewish people.

If anyone wants to lay the blame at the feet of anyone else, it is the leaders of our nations who continue to deny the truth about fractional reserve, interest charging Banking. Hitler and those who carried out directives under the name of the German people failed only in targeting Jews and engaging in warfare.

The success of a Nation printing and circulating their own money, not charging interest to their own people was clearly demonstrated. The remarkable achievements were not at the expense of the Jewish people it was in spite of the money lenders. Hitler never borrowed. And nor should anyone else. To blame a religious or racial group, in this case the Jewish people, is to ignore the truth and reality of our world today.

We must take back from the international bankers what is the sovereign right of every independent Nation. Print and circulate our own currency and assist other Nations of the world to do the same whenever and wherever we can.

As the European Union along with America and other nations struggle with their debt loads and their impending “Fiscal Cliff” they refuse to address a financial reality. Attempting to repay a debt, one created under dubious circumstances using notes fashioned without security is an astounding display of ignorance. This ignorance however pales in comparison to those accusing the Jewish People of all on the world’s ills. Lay the blame at the people directly responsible. Who runs the administration of the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements?

Now there would be the correct places to look. Leave the Jewish people, the Muslim people and the Christian people alone. They may be naive but they are not responsible; just as the American people are not responsible for the actions of the American administration. Except that, of course, they haven’t done what the Egyptians’ have done and are doing, evict their leaders from office.

Which reminds me, why is the Harper government still sitting in seats in the Canadian legislature when everyone knows the election was all but fraudulently stolen from democracy?
I disagree
Comment by Gary Mills on 6th December 2012
Of course you are correct concerning the banking situation, but there are other reasons for disliking jews. Of course any reasonable person should understand that not everyone in a group will fit the mould. There are intelligent human beings in every group including jews and amerikans. However because these groups collectively do such harm in the world, they are commonly referred to as a group.
Jews are despised because of israel's crimes against humanity in their ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. They are despised collectively because the majority of jews around the world support this criminal behaviour. So much so that many young jewish men from many different countries around the world join the israeli army to participate in this genocide.
So hating might be a strong word but I think people who are VERY upset at what they see happening in israel and the collective response by the jewish people around the world are NOT "fools and numbskulls" as you suggest. They are decent human beings who are appalled at the inhuman behaviour of israel and the support they receive among jews around the world.
Comment by FedUpWithTraitors on 3rd December 2012
Tis amazing your clarity Merv, dyed in the wool neoconserv here that is ideologically practically your polar opposite. But right is right and wrong is wrong, you have said how both the hard left and the hard right despise you. I would consider it an honour to be despised by both the hard right and hard left at the moment!
And just to illustrate a point
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 2nd December 2012
The purported health of the Canadian Banks and the finances of Canada is due to the Canadian Leaders willingness to do, sell and say anything to appease the wishes of the Internationalists and Bankers. Money and good credit is always available to those who do the bidding of the IMF, the WTO and the BIS.

Neither Mark Carney, nor Minister Jim Flaherty, or Harper can take credit for the financial state of Canada, unless they are willing to accept the state of the affairs of Canada are due to their compliance (and that of former Premier Campbells') to the demands of the International Banks.

If we, as Canadians, for one moment attempted to stop the pillage of the resources of Canada you can bet your life the sudden restriction on capital would bankrupt every home owner and business person.

Then we would happily blame the government of the day and elect a new government that would be flush with cash to help as they revert to appeasing the internationalists again.

A sad tale but true. The financial history of New Zealand and Argentina are but two simple clear examples of what happens when a Nation attempts to be sovereign.