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CONTRIBUTION · 6th December 2012
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Opposition Parties to Present Petition Tomorrow Calling for Royal Inquiry into Robocall Election Fraud

In a rare example of the opposition parties working together, more than 1500 signatures on a petition submitted by citizen activists Tara Ferrell and Jonathan Allan are being presented by all three opposition parties to the House of Commons Thursday morning.

The petitions call for a Royal Commission to be called alongside any criminal investigation into the apparent election fraud that occurred during the 2011 election campaign by the Conservative Party of Canada.

Stephane Dion of the Liberal Party, Elizabeth May of the Green Party, and Craig Scott of the NDP, will each be presenting a batch of the petitions to parliament, thus forcing the issue of the stolen election to be recognized. No political party was responsible for the drafting of the petition; it was purely a citizen-initiative.

Tara Ferrell, of St. Catharines, orchestrated the collection of signatures on petitions from people across Canada via her website while continuing her battle against brain-cancer.

Jonathan Allan, of Toronto, organized public protests against the voter suppression and election in March of this year, including one in Toronto that had 3000 attendees. They are friends and worked together in this campaign without any partisan support or interference.

Elections Canada’s investigation has revealed a campaign of systematic voter suppression that has undermined the legitimacy of the election results, and in effect the legitimacy of the current Conservative administration in power.

With the submission of these petitions in physical format, they have been certified for official presentation to parliament. Electronic petitions are not technically certifiable by parliament, and therefore they can be easily dismissed.

Mrs. Ferrell and Mr. Allan wanted to offer no recourse for dismissal of the petitions, and therefore painstakingly sought out people in the street to sign the petition. The petition was also made available online to be printed, signed, and mailed to Mrs. Ferrell, who collected them in batches by people who mailed them to her until it was time for submission.

This is a true grassroots endeavour to bring about democratic justice for our tainted election process.

The petitions should be presented in 3 batches beginning tomorrow at around 10:15am."