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COMMENTARY · 15th December 2012
Merv Ritchie
What makes a Nation a Nation. Is British Columbia a Nation or is it part of the Nation of Canada. This is a critical part of the seditious behaviour of Indian co-conspirators of the final extermination plan of the Canadian Federal Government.

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It became apparent in the Haisla Nation when the Village reserve government of Kitamaat determined to overrule the authority of the true owners of the land, the people and the Hereditary Chiefs. The Village Band council sued their very owner hereditary elders after they exposed the Band Councils fraudulent behaviour. A Councillor openly admitted to the fraud during a public meeting. Secret deals with BC Hydro, Premier Campbell and Alcan were all exposed by the Hereditary Chiefs. The lawsuit against them lasted for years and was paid for by monies provided by the Provincial and Federal Governments.

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While all this was happening the Kitamaat Village Council, under Steve Wilson, the man who made all the secret deals, applied to the Federal Government to change their name to the Haisla Nation Council. INAC approved the request.

This was a blatant seditious move and in any other time, under any other governmental structure, would be called treason, punishable typically by a firing squad.

But today it has served to form a precedent. Now Reserve Village Governments across BC are seeing an opportunity to engender themselves with greater stature.

The traditional form of Government of the Northwest BC Indian Nations; the Haisla, Gitxsan, Tsimshian, Nisga’a, Wet’suwet’en etc, involve a unique matriarchal, matrilineal structure. The leadership is not an elected leadership, rather it is a selected leadership by the elder women of the clans/tribes.

It is this structure of independent governance the White settlers worked so diligently to destroy by abducting and kidnapping the children.

The Canadian government acknowledged the genocidal behaviours of previous generations and finally many Nations are beginning to rebuild and teach their children again. The languages are being re-taught, that which was forbidden and punished for uttering, and the traditions are being re-instated.

The apology of June 2008 was taking place at the same time the Canadian Government was beginning to allow the elected Kitamaat Village Government of Steve Wilson to abscond with the Hereditary authority over all the traditional lands. In 2011 the Indian Registrar wrote;

I am pleased to advise that your current band name change which had been made in the Indian Registry System has also been made in legal instruments where the former band name appeared.

And all of this transpired after a series of frauds and lies exposed the intense corruption within the Haisla Nation.

Although the Court decision is still under appeal by the Hereditary Chiefs the initial decision by the trail Judge exposed the fraud of the entire process. It even seriously threatens the validity of the Delgamuukw decision.

The Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en peoples have suffered the same treason as has recently been exposed by the seditious and fraudulent behaviours of the GTS (Gitxsan Treaty Society) and the exclusive manner of the OW (Office of the Wet’suwet’en Chiefs).

The Tsimshian Nation is now enduring the same with the proposal for the Kitselas Village Council and the Kitsumkalum Village Councils to sign an agreement with the Provincial and Federal Governments excluding the rest of their Nation. Now they too desire to consider themselves independent National Governments. It would all be funny if it wasn’t such a serious affront to decency.

“We are a Tsimshian Village not a nation with treaty-making rights! And, we have our own chiefs and they're called Simoighets NOT ‘chief councillors’." wrote a Tsimshain Matriarch from the reserve village of Kitsumkalum.

Many of these elected Indian representatives are willing to accept money to raise their own personal standard of living without any regard to the Indian peoples and families who have suffered so dramatically for at least three generations.

The Band Councils and those who understand these issues can take back their true power, their Nations true authority, their actual land ownership, without selling out for money, by joining with organizations such as Idle No More.

Indian peoples from across Canada are now standing together as one in an attempt to regain their former glory that which all Europeans admired from the time they were introduced to the common European person. A strength of culture and dignity unparalleled anywhere.
It is revealing to see these new extravagant pins, with the new Nationalistic name, were made in China.
It is revealing to see these new extravagant pins, with the new Nationalistic name, were made in China.
After numerous meetings a general statement was agreed upon
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 16th December 2012
Hereditary Chiefs from the Nations of the Sacred Circle signed a statement composed of these following words. It is a foundational statement on which to build unity within all Nations of the Sacred Circle, The Haisla, Tsimshian, Nisga'a, Haida, Gitxsan, Tahltan, Wet'suwet'en and Tlingit. These are the names of the "Nations" of the Sacred Circle. Nothing secret or subversive here.

The Hereditary Chiefs worked together to produce this basic foundation statement.

We recognize each nation has a distinctive process of Indigenous law and governance.

1) Hereditary governance of each nation is a Crest authority derived through a matrilineal bloodline authorized and approved by those nations’ matriarchs.

2) Each nation has common Crest groups, each distinct, one from the other.

3) Traditional Feasts establish the authority of Clan Chiefs or headmen.

4) Hereditary law was and is suppressed yet remains the only true and legitimate authority.

We will work together to affirm Indigenous authority of each Crest, House and Clan within each respective territory.

Not withstanding historical and current impositions and sanctions, we recognize those who have maintained the cultural traditions.

They continue to strive to unite all Nations and all Hereditary Chiefs to rebuild their traditions, those which were so tragically, and in such a horrific manner, brutally suppressed by the industrialists claiming ownership.
i have always been confused
Comment by chris from away on 16th December 2012
if you looked up a book of statistics from 40 years ago, there were, maybe 40 first nations listed

if you look up the groups listed today in bc alone( in the concept of who is involved in lands claims) there are over 200

with, band councils and village councils and clans and, and, and.... it is small wonder that so many land claims are not yet finalized

if i recall correctly, there was one called 'bob's band or something like that

good money in being a lands claim lawyer in bc...
Comment by Maureen on 16th December 2012
First off matrilineal does not necessarily mean matriarchs choose the chief, just the leadership and title of descent is through the mother not the father. This is an important distinction because the could be sub chiefs (as from specific family lineages) in a galtsa'ap (or community).

It is clear to me that through my research on Odille Morison, the crest was the greatest source of common identity of Aboriginal peoples on the Coast. By this I mean, the barriers and taboos of inter crest marriage for example crossed language and territory and people of the same crest where often considered family.
Who decides on national affiliation (really an european construct) is rather a red herring. Maybe we should just trust the good people of Kalum to choose or protest.