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CONTRIBUTION · 17th December 2012
internet rounder
Random Acts of Kindness

My wife is one of the kindest person I know.
She is registered as disabled but will still go out of her way to help others. Her hobby is Crocheting and she enjoys making blankets. When the blankets are finished they are sent with other items to third world countries.

Sometimes the acts by stranger are really angels in disguise. Last year when we had very little money for food, we received an unexpected blessing. My husband was working at what he thought was a very demeaning job. An older lady walked down a hill waving her arms to get his attention. He went to meet her hoping she wouldn't fall. When he reached her, she handed him some money. He tried to ask why but she just waved him away and headed back up the hill. He shoved the money in his pocket and continued working. It was until the end of the day that he discovered that she had given him $80,00. He stopped at the store on the way home and brought home goodies that we hadn't had in a while. We were blessed and we thank the kind lady everyday.

When I was in the 7th grade, my best friend's father had a massive stroke while 2,000 miles away from home. He was not expected to live long enough for my friend's mother to fly out to be with him... let alone become well enough to make it home. They didn't have health insurance or extra money in the bank. A friend of the family lived near where my friend's father was hospitalized. Not only did she give the mother a free place to sleep and eat, but she also loaned her the car for a month so she could be with her husband in ICU. Meanwhile back home, the mother's work was unable to do anything for her. BUT all her coworkers got together and had a community fundraiser that raised several hundred dollars and enough groceries to feed the children during the time they were without their mom. My friend's father ended up living about 15 more years.

Last weekend, I witnessed a restaurant manager verbally and mentally harass one of his employees. It was so bad that customers waiting for their food said they would never be back and at least one person left before ordering. That night, I went back to the restaurant and spoke to the night shift manager about the situation. (Apparently the harassment was a fairly common occurrence.) Then I got the contact information for the local big wigs. It took a few hours of my time, but I made sure the store manager and regional manager knew 1) how inappropriate it is for a manager to treat employees that way and 2) how wonderful the (harassed) employee is every time I'm there. The night manager thanked me because he said so many people come in there and yell or are rude and forget the people behind the counter are people, too. He's never had a customer come back and stick up for the employees.