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COMMENTARY · 26th December 2012
Merv Ritchie
In virtually every home of every American there are at least two (usually more) TV sets. These units portray death scenes many times every day. In the case of "games" the sets portray death scenes 24/7/365. The American news generally restricts the death scenes to a few hours each day. However in every case of these death portrayals; real and imagined, the killing is accompanied by feelings of euphoria. It is an experience honoured and celebrated either by actual medals of honour or achievements of the next "level" in a childish "game".

Every one of these killing events is accompanied by bigger armaments, massive shell magazines and cries of anguish. Men and women sit in control rooms operating drones overseas (now even on their own turf) hovering above and spying on the inhabitants below. Without any reservations, just like the Play Stations and Xboxes, they can and do kill thousands upon thousands. Some who are killed are guilty of a potential crime yet most are not, but there is no court room, no Judge or Jury, no reasons are given, just death met.

With great outrage and horror the relatives of the twenty dead babies in Connecticut, along with many Americans, scream out at gun owners and the NRA. It appears those in Connect i cut (like most Americans) cannot connect the dots.

How many mothers and fathers; how many people across the globe have cried out in anguish over the actions of the American Government and the American Military?

From the days following the death of the peace seeking JFK (John Kennedy); with George Bush senior as the head of the CIA to his Vice Presidency then his Presidency and then to his sons Presidency, and now Obama, the American state has been a poisonous ruin of pollution, death and destruction. Everyone knows this everywhere. Most Americans are relatively blind. They think they should be admired for their wanton careless disregard for humanity and civility.

If I lived in America I would be buying up every shell and the largest magazines I could find. If I could find and afford missile and grenade launchers I would stockpile them too.

Until my government stopped killing others across the globe for glib reasons and outrageous, always proven to be false, accusations, I would have to find weapons to protect my family and neighbours from their soulless behaviour. We must ask ourselves, if they can kill others with such callous disregard, why do we feel special? What makes us exempt from their pathological obsession to kill any and everything that stands in their way?

Yes, it is a crime to see twenty beautiful young children die. But it happens under the careful eye of a drone in many Mesopotamian communities on an almost daily basis.

Even the women and children killed by those fighting on the opposite side of the Americans are killing with weaponry primarily supplied by the American arms industry. They are the largest supplier of arms; bar none, to the world.

And then one must ask where the raw resources, the metals and powders come from to manufacture the armaments. Turns out, even my own neck of the woods is in part responsible. The smelter in Kitimat producing aluminum was originally designed specifically for the manufacture of war planes. Today one can be certain aluminum is used in many arms. Maybe not from our plant, but if not, ours is making up for the shortfall required for peaceful uses.

The Americans even supplied the chemicals to make the nerve gas Iraq was claimed to have had. It is how they knew they had it, they sold it to them. Likely the same is true for Syria. Syria used to be friendly for rendition purposes.

The American population can stand in shock and outrage but this is simply the sign of cognitive dissonance. They cannot seem to understand they are reaping what they sow. And that is just what Cognitive dissonance means; cutting the connection to logic and reason.

The Arms Industry is America. It is everything they thrive on. They play "games" killing anything that moves. If they haven't got an enemy to kill, then they invent one. Even magical creations like "Zombies". Kill Kill Kill. Without this their economy would fail more drastically than it is failing today.

Americans might be the most ignorant Nation the planet has ever endured. Even during the height of the Soviet Union Communist Empire every Russian knew their media was controlled by their government. So did everyone else across the globe. Today a clear majority of the American population believe their media is independent. This while everyone else across the globe is well aware of it being nothing but American Government propaganda. Seems even the Ruskies are smarter then the Americans.

Don't get me wrong, Canadians are no different. In fact in my home Province of British Columbia, we have the highest concentration of media ownership on the globe. Pure 100% bullshit, 100% of the time. Most residents of BC do not even know their new drivers licences have Radio Frequency chips embedded in them. The main media doesn't talk about it. Even the politicians running in the last election in my area didn't know it until we pointed it out to them.

The issue is death. Twenty dead children. Innocents. We support it. No matter how it comes and from which direction, it is our very own industries, our comfortable lifestyles, our personal pacifism and our disinterest in those who run our democracies that allow it. Sit on the couch, flick away at the remote, play the "Games" and we are complicit in the Connecticut crime. (Connect da dot crime).

The Indians of Canada have had enough and are asking for and receiving support across the globe. They have watched too many of their children get killed by our government. The have watched too many commit suicide. A movement has begun. It is called Idle No More. From Coast to Coast to Coast, people are getting up off their arses and taking back their Nation, their personal responsibility.

In Canada, in the Federal system, the Provincial system, even in the local municipal government system, our elected representatives must show their vote publically. In this way they are sanctioned and punished if they don't vote the way they are told, or alternatively, awarded with secret benefits if they do vote "properly".

Every vote must be secret, every one. To occupy democracy means to have democracy. Democracy requires a secret ballot. Not just for you and me but for those who we elect too.

I trust the guy or gal we elect. At least 75% are going to do the right thing. I trust that if we don't achieve secrecy for them they will be coerced or punished for not doing the bidding of those who created the killing, death and destruction machine.

The required open and public vote of your elected representative is an offense as great as the dead children. At least America isn't a dictatorship yet as it is in Canada with every majority government. Canada is no different than Hitlers Germany with Prime Minister Harper. It is what has spawned the Idle No More Movement. The people have had enough.

It is not going to be easy, there will be plenty of resistance, but it is time. There are far too many dead children, far too much disregard for decency. Idle No More!

Take back your streets, your community, your district, your state, your province, your territory, your country and the world will be a better place.

If you don't throw the TV set out, then at least throw out all the killing games and don't watch the killing channels. It is up to all of us to do it together.

Connect the dots. Do it for twenty innocent lives.
Chris is right
Comment by gemlog on 26th December 2012
Too many topics in one post, but I do understand Merv's frustration.

By far, the most important topic was the USA's imperialism. However, since it's come up as one of the shot-gun scatter topics, here's what I looked up for a personal email earlier today:

This email is in reference to this article by Michael Moore and the conclusions therein in case you tl;dr'd it:

List of countries by intentional homicide rate:

I started poking around for numbers. While the USA murders each other over twice as much as Canada (rate is murders per hundred thousand ppl) at 4.2/100k vs 1.6 in canada both those rates are nothing when compared to, say, Honduras at 91.6/100k!

Plus, we're not all that hot anyhow. Japan's rate is merely 0.3/100k people. Hong Kong is 0.2/100k! An outright love-in compared to most places.
Austria is 0.6, spain 0.8 so it's not religion or the broader culture either.
(click on the head of the rate column to sort by rate, clicking twice reverses the order re ascending or descending)

In general, the better off countries kill each other less frequently - not in terms of the silly GDP metric, but in terms of distribution of wealth.

So I take Moore's point about poverty and not taking care of each other as a cause of the woe's in the USA compared with Canada/UK - but they really aren't all that much different than each other when compared to very poor nations. More social/socialist countries tend to do better - but you need some wealth to begin with, before you can spread it around.

How about who does it with guns? Well, the USA by a mile, but this only shows the developed world:

Cherry picking data to show the desired result.

Better picture of the numbers here:

No surprise: Honduras still wins by gun deaths, way ahead of the USA. The rate is pretty much the same proportionally to the overall murder rates in either country.

Also, violent crimes have been dropping in North America for decades year on year. The sensationalizing of mass murders seems like just another 'thing' to keep the people afraid and beholden to our governments psychologically to allow them to trample over us more in support of corporations.

This guy did a poisson distribution analysis graph of mass killings over 40 years (1982-2012) to see if they were random or not; getting worse or not.

You all know we humans love to find patterns and aren't good at recognizing true randomness. The article doesn't really require any math and is worth the read:

His conclusion is that it was truly random-looking until 2012 - BUT 2012 could simply be an outlier. Perfectly normal in stats to find such anomalies. Unless next year is bad too... and so on. One would expect it if you go with the poverty theory in relation to murders, but mass murders aren't the same as regular murders and that muddies the statistical waters.

In the end I conclude that heavily regulated capitalism and social funding via taxation of safety nets to a certain standard of affordability wrt to the size of the economy is the way to go. So, yeah, I just dug up enough stats to support my previous thinking on the matter ;-)

However, to be fair to myself, I didn't throw out anything contrary as I didn't come across anything contrary.
Comment by Terry on 26th December 2012
The reason Merv is all over the map is because the killing is all over the map . All the weapons are made and sold by the military industrial complex . How much money was used by the NRA to get rid of our long gun registry ? Do you want to see armed drones flying up and down the coming pipelines ? Why are we in Afghanistan ? Are you enjoying the militarization of Canada ? Are you enjoying seeing Canadian troops coming home dead or wounded only to live out their lives in poverty ? That nut murdered 20 kids . How many have our troops killed or helped kill ? Why are we there ? Bin laden is dead so why are we there ? We are there because our leaders are psychopaths . Harper is shitting out turkey while the woman he tryed to destroy is starving to death . Chief Spence is a Canadian hero . The kids that in the streets in Quebec that stood up to Charest and his gang of thieves are Canadian heros . Yet the Canadian msm press deems a psychopathic murdering butcher luka magnutcase story of the year . Can you not smell the rat ?
all over the map
Comment by chris from away on 26th December 2012
i am guessing the merv did not get any friggin' figgy pudding
for x-mess

cool down...... neither did i

you need to pick one subject at a time

children being shot in conecticut...... definitely outrageous and crazy
one minute of madness........
or planned madness

but you cannot connect the dots to 'idlenomore'
they are just a bunch of idle people with new technology.... so they can organize in the blink of an eye
riots in vancouver hockey land
students in montreal wanting free unniversity
sorry merv
you are part of the problem
each of your 'amazinngly connected to the world' stories is just feding off whatever is out there on the www

put on your boots and do some real snooping under the skirts at city hall
then go snoop around victoria
but do no not bring in the world politik
you are not that good