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NEWS RELEASE · 29th December 2012
Press TV
This week the Harper government released its new $20 bill which conspicuously replaces the aboriginal emblem with a depiction of a World War I memorial.

Analysts say that the replacement of an aboriginal motif on Canada's money with one linked to Canada's military history is indicative of the Harper government's impulse to celebrate militarism and downplay the importance of Canada's indigenous peoples.

Analysts observe that the juxtaposition of Canada's Queen with aboriginal art on the old $20 Bill symbolized the Crown-Aboriginal Treaties which nominally recognize certain aboriginal rights and entitlements.

Aboriginal experts accuse the Harper government of disrespecting Crown-Aboriginal treaties by encouraging resource companies to despoil the abundant resources in aboriginal territories.

The Harper government's choice to emphasize war on its new $20 bill only confirms in the minds of many aboriginal peoples that Canada remains an imperialist nation.

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Rpyal Proclamation
Comment by David on 2nd January 2013
Well, of course the Harper government is going to replace the aboriginal art on the $20 bill this year. The year 2013 happens to be the 250 year anniversary of the Royal Proclamation!
Just a thought.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 31st December 2012
Ask anyone, other than the folks who have read this article, what is on any of the paper currency we use and they probably could not tell you what was on them. Someone noticed the change in the new 20's and related it to Harper's preoccupation with all things war like. We have noticed the speed at which the suits send our forces into battle areas. We had the war of 1812 ads as well and the F 35 scandal and one could make a case that there has been a bit of a shift from Canadian forces as peace-keepers to Canada forces as "something else."

I do wonder about the notion that Canada had to get out from Britain apron strings by performing as a fighting force an sending 3598 to be killed and over 7000 to be wounded just to make that point. Could our independence not have been established in a less costly way?

What is on our paper currency does not change how we feel as Canadians or how the world sees us; how we treat the oppressed and downtrodden does.
@Me...If you haven't noticed Canada's FN are in an uproar...
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 31st December 2012
Just because the mainstream media chooses to ignore Harper's Government War on the First Nations and the Environment in Canada does not mean it is not newsworthy.

This kind of bigotry always amazes me in this day and age. There are many news sites that will feed you the kind of droned pablumn you desire.

I wish more media outlets would do their research and discover and report on the true history of Canada's Genocide and Mass Murder's since "Discovery".

Maybe you can send Harper a letter to help speed up the process and you can get back to your regular "programming."

And to Brian: The new $20 are just coming into circulation and what is wrong wtih an Iranian News Channel? If it is not a Canadian or American News Site it doesn't count?

Open your mind's people! There is a whole world out there besides the mainstream jargon!

I for one do not want to kow what the Ikea monkey is doing today, or how much money Canada spent on digging up 12 dogs for a criminal case while there are thousand's of Indian Children buried all over the country that lie unkown in their tortured and unmarked graves. And just so you know, Harper's apology did not make it ok to sweep it under the rug.

So I will let you get back to the news of the NHL and the fight over their multi-million dollar salaries and how poor they are, oh and the "fiscal cliff" in America. That sounds alot like "economic crisis" and "financial meltdown" or "market collapse" don't you think?
Native Terrace daily
Comment by Me on 30th December 2012
It seems that this should be the new name of this site, I used to enjoy reading the diverse articles on here but lately it is 90% about native issues. I believe native issues need to be published but by skewing it so far it takes away credibility from those issues.
what next
Comment by Bryan N on 30th December 2012
The link to "read more" goes to a story from May of 2012. This is news? And then I googled "press tv" and it appears this is a service of Iranian TV. Is this actually what the Terrace Daily finds newsworthy to the citizens of North West BC?

And please, when has the Bank of Canada not changed the images when they change the series of bills? Are those who fought for freedom in WWI not worthy of recognition? Were there not First Nations people that fought? How about a story on how status was lost by those who chose to fight for their country in WWII? Now that was unfair.
Harper Gov't Replaces Aboriginal Emblem on $20 Bill
Comment by Me & U on 30th December 2012
Harper is finallyshowing his true colors now....on what he actually thinks of "first nations" I sure hope that Quebec and Ontairo don't vote for the looser in the next election....when will they wise up?
Mountain out of a mole hill???
Comment by scooby doo on 30th December 2012
I don't know the actual timeline but that native art has been on the 20 for a while now. New bill new picture. I don't really see what the problem is. Maybe they just wanted to pay respect to the sacrifices of the past. Not everything that our elected government does is as a slight or as an emphasis on war. Which is not at all what it has done. It's a memorial. It's not a scene from Platoon. Stop making stories with your own opinions and throw some facts in. Was there no press release? Maybe comments from someone in power? Did you even look??
good grief
Comment by billbraam on 30th December 2012
Ok, this is a new version of the twenty dollar bill. Every new version that comes out has a new theme that celebrates something of Canada. Vimy Ridge is some thing that defined Canada as a nation, a nation of people from every part of Canada. Many soldiers gave their lives at Vimy Ridge, including many First Nations soldiers who valiantly gave their lives in pursuit of freedom.
Another version of the twenty dollar bill will follow at some point with a new theme, stand by, thank you.