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CONTRIBUTION · 5th January 2013
Facebook Post Idle No More
Teresa Spence is an elected Indian leader representing the Government of Canada and the Crown of England. Although her struggles are genuine they are not the struggles of the Idle No More Movement.

The Idle No More initiative stands against the elected Indian Chiefs and politicians including AFN head honcho Shawn Atleo and almost every other elected Indian Chief.

They are all as much of the problem as the Canadian Federal and Provincial politicians, and sadly, Teresa Spence is with them, not with the Idle No More movement.

One can be almost certain the Canadian media will spin the success of the Idle No More gathering like water being flushed down a toilet bowl when the political leaders all gather on Victoria Island.

There is a perfect precedent for this and it happened in British Columbia in 1983.

On July 7, 1983, 26 bills were introduced by the newly elected Social Credit government. Like Prime Minister Harpers “Omnibus” Bill, these measures attacked everything British Columbians held as sacred.

British Columbians were outraged and almost every public and private sector union walked off the job. Non-Union workers all joined with them. Moms, dads, grandmothers and children all stood together; chanting and singing on the legislature lawn and in front of all Socred offices. There were tens of thousands marching in the streets against this BC Government attack on decency; Bill Bennett’s own “Omnibus” package. See the list below.

Then, like now, a phony meeting was held. A man who had absolutely nothing to do with the hundreds of thousands of protestors was used by the media, just as will be done with Spence and Atleo next week.

Jack Munro, President of the IWA, had absolutely nothing to do with the protests. His Union was not even onside. He betrayed every British Columbian and the hundreds of thousands who protested against the Bill Bennett “Omnibus” package of Bills.

He met privately with the BC Premier at his home in Kelowna and secretly made a special deal. Without discussing the details with any other Union leader or even any other head of the united movement of Union and non-Union groups, the TV cameras were called in to film these two on Bennett’s deck announcing a deal had been struck, that everyone should go back to work. It was a lie and a betrayal by the media and Munro.

The population is still being betrayed and the media will continue to betray and lie to everyone.

How the Idle No More movement can prevent this subterfuge is anyone’s guess. The first thing should be informing every single person standing together of this historical precedent and the likely plan to use it again to undermine the struggle.

Holding up signs stating; “I support Teresa Spence” along side the “Idle No More” signs is the first step to destroying the unity and the message. The message is not Teresa Spence. It is the corruption and political games her position supports; that is the problem. All those who support Idle No More must ensure no one holds up signs supporting Spence during their rallies. If one wants to hold a rally for Spence that is great and completely acceptable.

What is not acceptable is to confuse the two efforts.

Allowing the Spence issue in will allow the media and the government to flush all our efforts down the drain never to be raised again.

It has happened before. Stephen Harper is counting on everyone to fall for his plan, one we imagine was put in motion weeks ago. It is very likely that Atleo has been talking to Harper and his media people, through intermediaries, and has advised Chief Spence will make it another week. This will allow the protests to be turned to support Spence even more so the flush can be all that more dramatic.

Nothing left to see here folks, we can all take down our signs and go back to work with our tails between our legs.

It is up to us to allow this or not.

Like his fake apology, Harper will be laughing and slapping the backs of his cronies about how they fooled everyone again.

Here is a partial list of the items BC Premier Bennett introduced; like Harper is doing today;

Bill 2 wiped out the right of unionized government employees to negotiate such basic issues as major overtime, scheduling, hours of work, seniority and job security.

Bill 3 gave public employers the right to terminate employees "without cause," regardless of seniority.

Bill 5 eliminated rent controls, closed down the Rentalsman's office that reviewed landlord-tenant disputes and allowed landlords to evict tenants at will.

Bill 6 gave extraordinary control over local school-board budgets to the minister of education.

Bill 8 dissolved the Alcohol and Drug Commission.

Bill 9 declared regional district plans null and void, permitting individual municipalities to ignore regional planning.

Bill 11 extended the government's wage-control program for the public sector indefinitely, allowing wages to be determined by an employer's "ability to pay."

Bill 15 increased the sales tax from 6 to 7 per cent.

Bill 18 reduced pension entitlements for employees who are laid off.

Bill 19 gave the government widespread control over the B.C. Institute of Technology, erasing student, faculty and staff representatives on the BCIT board.

Bill 20 extended government control over community colleges, including course content and budgets.

Bill 21 disbanded a legislative committee that scrutinized Crown corporations.

Bill 23 eliminated mandatory vehicle inspections and closed motor-vehicle testing branches across the province.

Bill 24 allowed doctors to opt out of medicare, while at the same time restricting how much doctors in the system could bill. User fees were increased and opportunities for doctors to "extra bill" were enhanced.

Bill 25 ended the life of the Harbours Board.

Bill 26 wiped out the Employment Standards Board, transferring complaints over labour standards to the courts.

Bill 27 abolished the Human Rights Branch and the Human Rights Commission. Staff were fired immediately, ordered out onto the street, their keys snatched from them before they left. A clause banning "discrimination without reasonable cause" was missing from the new Human Rights Act.

Bill 28 centralized control and authority over borrowing by government and Crown corporations.

Holy Crap Man

And we will allow ourselves to be duped again? What is wrong with people? Idle No More - Eyes Wide Open!
Whoever wrote this article...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 5th January 2013
...well done! Very good points made.