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CONTRIBUTION · 6th January 2013

This video clip is worth watching. If you also wondered why Theresa Spence hasn't even begun to waste away after a 26 day hunger strike. If you are at all curious as to where her band's money goes.

Stated monetary facts are expressed on this video clip. Personally, I am quite sympathetic to the first nations but some thing really need to be explained. Step up Theresa.
guyfawkes, I think we've met
Comment by billbraam on 8th January 2013
Thank you for sharing that with me. Just as I am trying to question what is put before me, so are you. That is a good step for us both to realize the real truth out there. We all need to be 'idle-no-more'. Take care, Bill
Sun News Ezra levant Libel Slander
Comment by Guy Fawkes on 7th January 2013
Are you serious?

You cite Sun News as a factual source of news information? Wow does this site attract some stupid people and judging from its recent poll, racist as well.

The Sun News network and the host of its program The Source Ezra Levant is nowhere near a reliable news source.

Mr Levant has been sued dozens of times for libel and slander & has been found GUILTY and has had to offer retractions in print and pay out quite a bit of money to the victims of his malicious and unethical behavior.

He is even being investigated as we speak for hate speech....Hate speech BILL, towards the roma people after an unwarranted and hate filled rant on his program on sun news.

I laugh at you Bill Braam and your link.
Its not evidence, its yet another attempt by a pathetic little troll of a man to incite the ignorant and stupid to attack and vilify a group of people and gullible sheep like you fall for it every single time.

Once again I laugh at you.
CBC story Attawapiskat Court Ruling
Comment by Nancy on 7th January 2013