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CONTRIBUTION · 11th January 2013
Nicole Lebrasseur

"The Governor-General will host a ceremonial meeting with first nations leaders at Rideau Hall Friday, after the working meeting with members of the government, the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement."

If they are sincere about doing right by their people to finally bring peace within their territories, which one of the Government imposed Band Councils and government imposed Chiefs (unless you are also Hereditary Chief) will finally do right by their people?

They (Band Councils) can not be allowed to do anything until they have the peoples consent and they never have had it since the government band council agency was forced upon the nations...They do not have authority of the majority to agree or sign anything without the peoples consent any more than Harper does or any corporation.

It is time for all Band Councils and Chiefs to discard your government imposed titles and to walk away from a system that was used to divide and to slowly destroy your Nations and your traditional ways like a slow killing cancer.

To do right by your Nations, You would need to return to your traditional ways and to finally place once and for all "final decision making" back into the hands of your people like it used to be and simply be administrators without decision making authority...that should be left to your people and Traditional Councils.

There is nothing to fear, all you need to do is to walk away...The government can not stop the payments or penalize you...if they tried, they would be in breach of International law...

Until then, your request to be dealing Nation to Nation within Treaty honoring, negotiations and implementation with the US and Canadian governments in respecting the Treaties will not work or taken seriously as long as you are presently into an employer to employee relationship with both Governments on both sides of the border as Government agents...

So, I'll ask again...which one of you will be true to your people and do the right thing? until then, nothing will change...

Nicole Lebrasseur
Chief Txsuu (Gitwangak)
Comment by Clifford C.W. Morgan on 2nd April 2013
The Gitxsan Treaty Society as well had no authority to be signing any stages of 1-4 without the consent of the house members. The Band Council is only administrators of the Indian Affairs, and do not have the right to sign agreements on behalf of the band members, chiefs or non-chiefs. Each step of the way, the member of a band must give approvals. It is their traditional lands.