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COMMENTARY · 12th January 2013
Merv Ritchie
The Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Corner of British Columbia, the Sacred Circle, have demonstrated a 10,000 year history of decency. The culture of the descendents of Damelahamid, Temlaham, continue to practice a matrilineal, matriarchal culture of governance and leadership. Men continue to lead, but only with the permission of the women.

It is unique and it is successful. It is the culture that welcomed traders with open arms to share in their bounty. Even after continued assaults, this nurturing assembly of matriarchs continue to show incredible patience and tolerance; teaching compassion and respect without any confrontation. These Nations provide an example for the world on how a successful global society might function.

This governance system turns the commonly accepted systems on their heads. It requires a new yet reasoned understanding. Only men lead and only women select the leaders.

All men and all women know men who are boisterous buffoons. Many males exhibit egotistical traits; posturing, bragging and demanding. These type of men win over most other men. Very few women are fooled by these men. Behind closed doors women discuss these men with united understanding. They similarily discuss men who are quiet but firm; men who have an uncommon strength of character.

Women also discuss traits and characteristics of womanly behaviours. They understand their own shortcomings. They share in and have compassion for their own mood and behaviour changes. They know each will have weak and, at times, completely unreasonable moments. They understand they shouldn’t be counted on for 24/7/365 stability. Women will gather and laugh about the crazy antics they pull when enduring a particularly uncomfortable ‘time of the month’, but they all sympathize and nurture each other just as they nurture all of society.

It is this womanly nature, and the demonstrated practice of the Damelahamid culture, which has the ability to resolve much of the world’s problems. Most certainly it will resolve the difficulties of western democracies.

In Damelahamid the Matriarchs of a family clan (or crest) select the male successor to a high hereditary Chief name. This man will then lead their people in all matters. Although the male is generally selected as the eldest nephew of the last holder of the name, this is not always maintained. It is always at the discretion of the women of the clan. The matriarchs select a nephew, a male child from a sister of the last holder of the high ranking title. This is to maintain matrilineal continuity. It is almost always maintained in this fashion unless there is no suitable male to hold this all important position. Since the introduction of drugs and alcohol to the Sacred Circle, this has been an ever more frequent occurrence. Today many men, and some women, are ‘holding’ these high titles until such time as a young man appears who demonstrates the right characteristics. And only the women are allowed to determine who this might be.

This method of governance has proven to be successful even in the most difficult times. The Nations prospered and always demonstrated compassion and respect for all things and all life. Trade was respectful and the meetings between Nations facing conflicts were generally resolved without a war. There were certainly wars, but they were few and far between. Over the course of over 10,000 years the few major conflicts which occurred were memorialized in stories told generation after generation. These stories, such as the story of Medeek, were shared and repeated to ensure these wars did not happen again. Generally all stories of wars and destruction were attributed to periods when abuses of life and creation were evident.

Only women can ensure compassion, understanding and tolerance prosper. Men can be braggarts and boastful buffoons, dragging in other men to participate in their, sometimes, idiotic behaviours. Women see through this.

Wise men listen. Wise women watch. The solution to the present democratic dilemma today is to find a manner in which to find and use the wise men and wise women of our cultures. Damelahamid has the solution.

Only women should be allowed to vote and only men should be allowed to be leaders.

Women will easily be able to recognize the male who is stable, calm, compassionate and understanding yet firm, intelligent and uncompromised. Many men achieve positions of authority by exhibiting traits contrary to these charactaristics. Many men admire the aggressive arrogant male and might even support this type of character. Very few women will.

Women on the other hand understand their own character might not serve them well at particular times of their life and cycles. In private they share their own weaknesses which have caused hardships for themselves and their families. Yet together women present a force of understanding and compassion no man or group of men could ever hope to achieve.

If we were to set up an entirely new system of governance the entire globe could enter this new age on solid ground.

Only women vote for the men who are to represent their people.

The secondary issue is how men vote together on a governance issue in a parliamentary, legislative or senate chamber. These votes must be made by a secret ballot. As the men sit and listen to the arguments of a measure, pro and con, they will come to a conclusion on their own. They will determine what is best for their people; their families. They must not, nor their people, be put in a position of sanction. As the women have selected their male representative, they will know his character. Never should his decision be questioned or put up for display or ridicule.

This new system will be argued against by the men, but is unlikely to be challenged by most women. Men will argue against it as this procedure would effectively remove their ability to control by force and bully tactics. Women will understand this might be the only manner in which to save humanity.

Virtually all men and women of the Sacred Circle know this to be true as their ancestors thrived for thousands of years practicing this method of governance. The peoples of the; Gitxsan, Tsimshian, Wet’suwet’en, Haisla, Haida, Tahltan, Nisga’a and Tlingit, can’t all be wrong. It is time the world looked to the last contacted, yet surviving, cultures of the North American indigenous peoples, those of the Sacred Circle.

It is truly the Kiss Principle “Keep it Simple Sweetheart”. Only women vote for their male leadership and the male leadership vote in the legislative assemblies, by secret ballot only. A Sacred Circle solution.
This concept is intriguing...
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 13th January 2013
but I would like to hear some discussion on how it would play out in a country where policies and decisions are already heavily manipulated by extremely persuasive people who are driven by power and greed of unfathomable lengths. When one considers the powers and means of persuasion displayed by such people as religious leaders and CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations it is hard to imagine that such a system is capable on a much larger basis. Some people would go to any length to gain and retain power. I believe that such a system would have a much higher rate of success when it is part of a deeply ingrained and ancient culture.

This would be an ideal system of governance but it would be impossible to implement in society today, not just because 'men' would argue against it but because our system is already wrought with greed and the quest for power - corruption to the extent that is already present would be impossible to irradicate by such a common sense approach.

One could say that First Nation's culture, which was based on respect and the intuitiveness of women, was far advanced compared to European cultures that relied heavily on caste systems. Unfortunately the more neanderthal-like traits of power and greed beat out respect and balance every time.