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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd January 2013
Jim Smith
Just moments ago, as I was sitting at my laptop, I heard CTV announce a warning. They advised parents to be especially cautious if young children were watching. Not five seconds passed and I heard gasping noises. I lurched from my table to hit the volume control. Just as I got to it I saw (I couldnít help but look) a body in a white smock struggling as I turned away and the sound went silent.

I am horrified that anyone thought they could bring such horrid, repulsive images into my safe environment, my home, my childrenís safe place.

Showing a death by suicide? A real death; not Hollywood drama, for entertainment? This young Canadian girl the 'authorities' watched and let die.

Why donít they live broadcast the Luka Magnotta dismemberment show, nothing else is left.

I do not want to imprint such images and thoughts into my memory. This CTV broadcast has tarnished me already, even though it was only a split second.

Now I find myself afraid to turn on the News.

Will CBC play the footage of this girl dying? Am I going to be forced into a psychologically changed state; watching a young girl choke to death. What manager or profit venture medium forces me to join the lowest filth of spectacle? Oo is it just because they hold an exclusive licence to deliver cable and satellite news?

Since then my TV screen has been black. I am actually afraid to turn it back on.

More importantly, as I have heard the story, we must consider the people annointed as 'authorities', those who allowed this to happen. I might have cause to be frightened even more.

Just like the guards essentially stated;
"But it wasn't me eh? I was just doing what I was told. My superior told me to just watch."

we can expect the CTV program managers to say;
We got given this can of film from upstairs and they told us to play it. It's not my decision.

Have we all become robots, accepting anything delivered? Doing anything we're told to do?

Now that's frightening. The whole thing is disturbing.
Mental health and media
Comment by David on 22nd January 2013
Some of us are more sensitive than others. When I find myself becoming overly upset over the news, I stop watching it for a while. This is something that psychologists suggest and much better than going on anti-depressants.
This is what we get
Comment by anonymous on 22nd January 2013
This is what society has turned into. Nothing phases us anymore, its disgusting. The seuxuality in all television shows, the lack of boundaries by news stations, and movies most of all, which have turned to rape as a form of entertainment. Everyone is just sitting idly by letting the world turn to crap. Then we wonder why children have no moral ground anymore. Why they dis respect their parents and teachers, well anyone for that matter. They are in a world where when they turn on the television this is all they see, when on the internet they can say whatever they please with no consequence, no matter what damage they incur. Welcome to 2013 what a marvelous place we have created for ourselves!!!
Better believe it's real...
Comment by Janice Robinson on 22nd January 2013
I wondered whether, or not, this video was suitable for the average adult! Never mind the tender, undeveloped mind of a child.... But, the newscasters did warn all viewers, didn't they?

One of my professional roles is that of a therapist trained to respond to critical incidents. I have served the Correctional Service of Canada back in the 1990's.

In June, 1990, I was called to a Critical Incident at Prison for Women (P4W) in Kingston, Ontario. In the span of 3 months, six women had killed various ways. This acutely added to all the traumas experienced by the approximately 100 women incarcerated there. There is minimal privacy in any institution, so these suicides occurred in the presence of several powerless inmates. Not only did these deaths spark post-traumatic stress symptoms in many women.....sending a few into psychosis, but Warden Cassidy also feared it was a "Suicide Contagion" in progress.

Warden Cassidy said our tasks were to find out the reason(s) for all the hopelessness and death, and to stop the contagion. The walls are made of stone, and there was still blood on those walls. It took us two months of hard work, and we managed to co-opt the Inmate Council, the Native Sisterhood, one Elder, and a few inmates. Together, we triumphed over the contagion, and that hell-hole of a prison was closed down permantly.

Premature death is a fact of life in any prison.
When I look at those pictures of all of us at P4W, it brings back a flood of memories, and I pray that we're ALL doing good.

Why wah.
So would you rather?
Comment by John S. on 22nd January 2013
So then would you rather a lack of transparency and not see how our system is flawed allowing these things to happen. You're right it's not Hollywood, it's a reality and it happened. The news should not be your moral compass, they are there to report actual events. The last thing we need is people deciding what realities to filter for us. So if you can't handle seeing nasty reality then maybe don't watch the news and switch over to Hollywood's version, Honey Boo Boo.